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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FinDude, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. FinDude

    FinDude KAG Guard Tester

    Main complaint: discrepancy between blastwave sprites and actual damage.
    The explosion sprite needs to stop when it no longer deals damage.

    I'm not sure which would be better gameplaywise, punching through blocks and dealing damage, or not. Perhaps make the explosion lose much of the damage it deals when punching through a block, but still carrying on. Stronger blocks would require more power. Eventually, when reinforced blocks are added, maybe blastwaves should only destroy blocks, not deal partial damage.

    Having a secondary blast wave on the 8 surrounding tiles of the bomb would make it easier to deal damage to what you want. It's a bit guesswork right now. I don't think it would even need to hurt players. Pushback perhaps?

    Having the radial blast deal damage to both foreground and background tiles would be great. I think just enough damage to break a dirt tile could work.
    I think the direct blastwaves could deal minor background damage too.

    The damages need to be fine-tuned in live testing.

    Oh, and it would be super cool to have some sort of deflection effect when the blastwave hits a soldier's shield.
    I think it would be nice to be able to shield your teammates from explosion damage.
  2. bilbs

    bilbs Guest

    It's usually been pretty clear to me whether or not a bomb is about to do me harm, but I can see where some confusion arises.
    I think the problem might be with how the sprites are handled. If you take a look at the explosion sprite sheet.
    There could be a problem with cutting it off, etc.

    Maybe apply some knock-back to the blast radius?
    A shield could stop it.
    It would add new use to bombs
    Knocking workers into spike pits?
  3. Rockyz

    Rockyz Guest

    FinDude Add Me :)
    also great server Btw!