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Windows Bug - Player kicked, and kicks both players playing from IP address.

Discussion in 'Help' started by Subduco, Nov 26, 2022.

Mods: makmoud98, Mazey
  1. Subduco

    Subduco Catapult Fodder

    Good day,

    Not sure if there is an official bug forum I am supposed to post this to, if so, resident power-hungry board moderator, please move there, I cannot find it, thanks.

    So anyhow, I am playing the game tonight, and having fun with my son, and unfortunately I attracted the ire of everyone's favorite autist builder CaptinCook, and I get kicked out of the game for the apparent sin of not playing the game exactly like that basement dwelling simp lord thinks it should be played. (BTW huge shout out to Hortler for not cancelling the vote, I mean, I understand, just let players get kicked for nothing, I mean the game is flush with players anyhow! ::P:)

    So uh, yeah, back to the bug. After CaptinCook's cohort started the vote, and the insanely huge aggregate, overwhelming majority of 3 simp lord's thought I was worthy of being sent to the nether for 30 minutes for the incredible dubious crime of being in the other teams base trying to get their flag in a game of capture the flag (yes, I know, how dare I!), I got kicked out of this 2d monstrosity back to my desktop, and it also kicked my son out as well.

    So, this is a bug I already reported before, and obviously, the top notch bug team is still working on figuring out if more then one flesh body in a household is actually brain damaged enough to play this game, how to only kick the username that was unfortunate enough to rile up the autist simp lords. So, there you have it, my bug report. Have a nice day everyone!

    [00:54:28] Hortler (Known) has joined Red Team
    [00:54:33] <CaptinCook> * our flag *
    [00:54:34] <CaptinCook> * our flag *
    [00:54:35] <CaptinCook> * our flag *
    [00:54:36] <CaptinCook> * our lfa *
    [00:54:38] <Bored Adult> gg
    [00:54:40] Red Team's flag has been returned!
    [00:54:40] <CaptinCook> * our flag *
    [00:54:40] Blue Team's flag has been captured by letoleto2010!
    [00:54:45] <SUB RaaZombie> NO
    [00:54:57] Red Team's flag has been captured by Chyota!
    [00:55:00] <SUB RaaZombie> FOLLOW
    [00:55:03] energytim connected
    [00:55:03] <dujka97> * Hie flag always good *
    [00:55:06] energytim has joined Blue Team
    [00:55:09] Blue Team's flag has been captured by RaaZombie!
    [00:56:24] Limbo_King left the game
    [00:56:41] <Bored Adult> you fucking
    [00:56:42] <Bored Adult> glitching
    [00:56:44] <Bored Adult> little fuckwit
    [00:56:46] <Bored Adult> neck yourself
    [00:56:48] Limbo_King connected as Quitman
    [00:56:48] <Bored Adult> you fucking faggot
    [00:56:50] Quitman (Limbo_King) has joined Red Team
    [00:57:07] <CaptinCook> lol
    [00:57:25] <Bored Adult> [Player muted on this server]
    [00:59:13] <CaptinCook> * lost forward base *
    [00:59:14] <CaptinCook> * gg *
    [00:59:25] <przemek12431243> lol
    [00:59:33] Limbo_King left the game
    [00:59:45] Limbo_King connected as Quitman
    [00:59:47] Quitman (Limbo_King) has joined Red Team
    [01:01:10] energytim left the game
    [01:01:37] BaitForNoobCZ left the game
    [01:02:25] BaitForNoobCZ connected as Cap'n Crunch
    [01:02:29] Cap'n Crunch (BaitForNoobCZ) has joined Blue Team
    [01:02:34] <bimbo Cap'n Crunch> ive been hacked
    [01:02:52] Limbo_King left the game
    [01:03:00] Cap'n Crunch (BaitForNoobCZ) has joined Red Team
    [01:03:02] Limbo_King connected as Quitman
    [01:03:04] Quitman (Limbo_King) has joined Red Team
    [01:03:43] <CaptinCook> * subduco brain afk *
    [01:04:09] <CaptinCook> * our flag *
    [01:04:10] <dujka97> * 2 v 1 kill him7 *
    [01:04:13] --- A vote was started by BobTehHobo ---
    [01:04:26] Kadabolk connected as L@L@
    [01:04:30] L@L@ (Kadabolk) has joined Blue Team
    [01:04:43] RaaZombie left the game
    [01:04:43] --- Vote passed: 3 vs 1 (out of 7) ---
    [01:04:43] Votekick passed! Subduco will be kicked out.
Mods: makmoud98, Mazey