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Build 1233 - Builders and Archers

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Geti, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    Another balance and fix build, this time addressing builders and archers much more than knights.


    Be wary of falling spikes!

    • RepairingBuilders can now repair damaged blocks for the cost of a full block, which helps avoid structures collapsing and makes maintenance much more convenient. Doesn't work on doors/platforms/traps/spikes etc yet - just solid wood/stone blocks.
    • SpikesSpikes now pass cleanly through 1 wide holes, and shouldn't get "stuck" on background walls any more.
    • Buggy Hitting
      A few more bugs have been fixed in builder hitting - there are a few more that will be getting attention in the next build, but most notably you should be able to attack enemy structures through team-mates again (no more asking knights "please move i cant hit the door")
    • One Hit Kill Mines
      Builders can now more easily defuse mines without mishap to allow offensive mines to be sensibly countered without interfering with their utility elsewhere.

    • Triple Shot Changed
      The triple shot is no longer an inaccurate streaming 3 shots, instead it's a 3 shot "shotgun". Charge times are the same.
      This serves 2 purposes:
      • a little easier to use in support and CQC, as there's more tolerance missing with a cone of shots than 3 relatively straight shots.
      • Reducing tower spam, as the enforced cone of fire means that firing mindlessly from a tower is hopelessly inefficient - firing at groups still works but you need to focus your single shots if you want to snipe, not just mindlessly overcharge.
    • No "pierced" sprites
      We felt that this was just unneeded clutter and took the opportunity to remove the "stuck in arrows" - they were hurting FPS and sometimes obscured the team of various units (not to mention had crazy results with siege engines and boats)
    • Can climb arrows in all structures
      Arrows should stick into all structures in such a way that you can use them as arrow ladders, this includes platforms, traps and doors.
    • Only real knight relevant change is very slightly slower jabs - they may be able to be slowed more but they're almost back to the previous build rates currently, going to move slowly on this one.
    Fixes and Tweaks
    • Clantags displayed differently
      They'll show up in chat and on mouse hover, but not in the scoreboard; this is an experiment to see if it helps player identification, we might need a separate column in the scoreboard for clantag, feedback here is welcome, leave it in the forum thread. Clantags are also accessible by script for modders now.
    • Arrows hit mines again (this was a bug).
    • Flag blocks building in slightly smaller space.
    • Fixed water stunning teamies on direct hit.
    • A lot of stuff doesn't decay or decays much more slowly.
    • "Recent Damage" is tracked a little longer - no more missing kills for fire arrows.
    • Pickup priority tweaks - still not perfect by any stretch but should be more predictable now at least, as it's based on your position instead of a weird combination of cursor and player.
    Have Fun!

  2. TheDirtySwine

    TheDirtySwine Bison Rider Staff Alumni Donator

    Wonderful build! Hope I can try it soon!
  3. Verzuvius

    Verzuvius Shark Slayer

    There are no EU servers?

    EDIT: Good update! (I like all updates!)
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2014
  4. Shadowor

    Shadowor Shark Slayer

    Thank god, nice bug fixes. Time to make my ladders and burst them in the head behind the tower :bow:
    I guess servers needs to update too, so you have to wait for them to show up.
  5. startselect3

    startselect3 Arsonist

    wow, decreasing jab spam?! omg geti thank you <3 ill be playing kag a lot more now
  6. BillyWeedman

    BillyWeedman Bison Rider

    I read the changelog, seems interesting, gonna try out this new build today. Good job devs
  7. Noburu likes this.
  8. Verzuvius

    Verzuvius Shark Slayer

    When will you fix TTH?
  9. TheDirtySwine

    TheDirtySwine Bison Rider Staff Alumni Donator

    Wow I tested the new archer and I really love how effective legolas shot is at close range! I think this should stay in the game; however, I fear that it's going to be incredibly difficult for any class to get into close range of a somewhat skilled archer. I'm not sure how we could change this... maybe revert the cost of bombs back down to 20? Still a fantastic build!
  10. Leo

    Leo Bison Rider

    "A lot of stuff doesn't decay or decays much more slowly", ehmm... does this mean more blobs for the server to handle or what ???
    RadioActive and Fuzzle like this.
  11. Fuzzle

    Fuzzle Grand Grumbler

    Rest in peace, tunnels. Give drills my regards. "Gold need to have a use!"
    "We want structures to have more of a purpose" .. "Let's make it impossible to gather stone!" .. Hmm?
    No reason to be knight; archers and builders rule. Eventhough "Build 1233 - builders and archers" fit quite well I would've named it "Build 1233 - stalemates only".
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2014
    Stevedog, Sir_Walter, Snake19 and 4 others like this.
  12. revert to b190 so everybody's happy
  13. DatNobby

    DatNobby Bison Rider

    revert to build 30 pls
    Solaris likes this.
  14. Mazey

    Mazey Haxor Global Moderator Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Donator Official Server Admin

    @Geti re "Doesn't work on doors/platforms/traps/spikes etc yet"
    Not yet, so it will? Not sure if good idea, wasn't in classic too
  15. TheDirtySwine

    TheDirtySwine Bison Rider Staff Alumni Donator

    I agree. I think replacing doors and platforms could be a pain in the ass for a battle builder trying to get in. Idc about spikes or trap doors tho
    Bint and Mazey like this.
  16. Brownies

    Brownies Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Nice Update, Love Legolas Shot Omg
  17. Asu

    Asu THD Team THD Team Forum Moderator

    AWESOME update.
    Most balancing problems are now fixed... Though, mines seems to be a bit overnerfed and pointless now.
    Haven't tried archer shotgun legolas, but... Isn't it too op..? Haven't tried this already, but wouldn't it be easy for archers to rek knights?
    RadioActive likes this.
  18. TheDirtySwine

    TheDirtySwine Bison Rider Staff Alumni Donator

    At close range yes. I tried it for about 5 minutes this morning and I could get in slashing range of knights and still shred through their shield.
  19. Shadowor

    Shadowor Shark Slayer

    It serves it's purpose right. Effective at close range, but very inaccurate at long range, you gotta use your 1 shots for that. It is true that now you shoot faster with charged shots, maybe it should take more time to charge up. Personally I think this triple shot is good, not a buff but a change in the class.
  20. franek123

    franek123 The architect of the royal castle. Donator Tester

    Spikes op plox dnt fix.