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BUILD 1337 - Back on Track

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Geti, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Ponis

    Ponis Arsonist

  2. RadioActive

    RadioActive Guest

    I'm not sure if this is a bug but..
    Everytime I open the server browser, option to show Non-Vanilla servers is turned off. It just doesn't happen after the first opening of the server browser (right after KAG start). To reproduce this 'bug' you have to join any server, leave it and then go back to server browser.
  3. swagbot

    swagbot Shopkeep Stealer

    Then you need to step up your stomp game. Take a page out of Pharphis' book and lure a knight to the base of a tree, scurry up it, and stomp his ass while he's staring up at you drooling. I mean, the water arrows aren't exactly useless you know. Stun the knight with water while you're in the tree to ensure your stomp. Or maybe you could get more accustomed to boulders? There's plenty of alternates to close-combat for archerVknight (keep in mind that the grappling hook still puts the archer miles above the knight in terms of maneuverability), you just have to be willing to step outside of your (boring) usual tactics (shotgunning and quickly grappling out of range, repeat ad nauseam [ergo the nerf]).

    First of all, it's not their only way of killing someone. I kill plenty of archers with my pickaxe (if they're dumb enough to try and scale my tower while i'm atop it) and even the occasional hurt knight. But if all else fails you have the drill; yes the cooldown time isn't the best, but that's partially to keep the builder class more centered around support, just like the archer class should be. With that being said, i'd rather not see a builder on my team run out onto the battlefield to 1v1 a knight and either end up 1) dying to the knight and losing all the stone on him or 2) wasting 90+ stone trying to kill the knight with panicked spikedrops. In other words, it's a very unforgiving tactic, not only for the player using it, but for the whole team. This nerf will make some builders play more conservatively, like they should. Yes, there's plenty of signs to indicate that a player is trying to spikedrop you on the battlefield (as opposed to from the comfort of their fort), but it's not a question of whether the spikedrop is OP, so the predictability of the tactic has no relevance.

    idk man the update was great all-in-all, just need to fix the tramps and mac problems.
  4. Verzuvius

    Verzuvius Shark Slayer

    As archer can't run as fast as before (:QQ:), why not increase the stun range? Or buff something else. But still, awesome update! :heart:MERRY CHRISTMAS!:heart:

    I finally understand! Geti is santa! :heart::heart::heart:
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  5. Guro



    Looks fine as archer/knight though, which I'll be playing more now that my precious spike-cheese has been nerfed a little.

    Update: :thumbs_up:
  6. blackjoker77777

    blackjoker77777 Bison Rider Tester
    1. Zen Laboratories

    I got the same problem in my KAG, also switching between servers makes the Non-Vanilla servers turned off too.
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 24, 2014, Original Post Date: Dec 24, 2014 ---
    LOL nice new head Guro XD
  7. Medieval

    Medieval Bison Rider

    Will Smooth shader be fixed in the next update?
  8. Leo

    Leo Bison Rider

    I think that players can not vote for map change. Only admins can. Also why I can not see player's names in server list anymore ?
  9. RadioActive

    RadioActive Guest

    Just started one..
  10. Leo

    Leo Bison Rider

    That's the spirit Geti. Democracy sucks, power to the admins :thumbs_up:
  11. jarrydthysse

    jarrydthysse Bison Rider
    1. Trueblue [TB]

    Would be nice to rotate tramps
    Haste likes this.
  12. Blue_Tiger

    Blue_Tiger Bison Rider Tester

    "Take a book our of a guys game and pussy in a tree". Boulders? No fucking way, I won't sink so low. Shotgunning and pussying away isn't an entertaining tactic. Getting just in range of slash but not of jab, shooting tonnes of arrows at them, and running before the slash is. But you can't do that much anymore.

    Yes, but do you kill full health knights with your luckaxe? I've never really used a drill for killing. You mean, the same way archers run into battle shooting bomb arrows, even missing enemy archers, and knights putting kegs in the sea? Wasting mats in pubs goes for all classes. In actual games, builders will only really get kills if they are smart, and only attempt it like that too.
  13. 8x

    8x Elimination Et Choix Traduisant la Realité Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    On the server browser the minimaps show no water; and sometimes the sounds don't appear, specially the bow charge (though that happened before as well I think). I can't wait to see local mp as a reality, we'll be making specific maps for it for sure :>

    I do miss spike-drop instakills, but I understand everybody thought it was op. We will surely need more than 2 days to have a better general view of the gameplay now though, hah, gameplay and tactics are pretty much the same imo.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2014
  14. Snake19

    Snake19 RIP Staff Alumni Donator
    1. [AG#] - Ancient Gear


    NO NO NO! have already discussed in another thread : https://forum.kag2d.com/threads/1239-boulders-op-pls-nerf.22237/
    The boulder did not need to be nerf!
    Nerf it in TDM if you want, but NOT in CTF.
    My god if we listen to all the people who get killed by something the whole game would be nerf.

    An archer with a boulder kills a team ahaha we will have heard everything :')
    blackjoker77777 likes this.
  15. that's my problem? every time we finished to know the changes and we know used this, there is a new update and she change everything one more time. (knight with the spam and the jump and the shield) (archer with the shotgun)(builder with the spike) You add them to remove the spikes just after it's like add the grap for archer and in the next update remove the grap or remove the shotgun it's the same.

    you think they will fall from the sky? really ?

    As I said, I have NEVER spoken in this topic!
    Snake19 likes this.
  16. AJFaas

    AJFaas Base Burner
    1. supr sekrit cln [skrt]

    Im a long time player. And spikes were too powerful. You could dodge them, yes. But they would cause for too many accidental deaths aswell. Just another tool that would give panicked players some free kills. Builders are supposed to be protected by Knights and archers, not by backwall.
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 24, 2014, Original Post Date: Dec 24, 2014 ---
    boulders do need a nerf. Dont get me wrong I barely get killed by one. But when I do; its luck or an accident. And in my opinion, Luck, accidents and chance dont fit in a game where you have 4 hearts max and die because of one mistake, mostly.
    Verzuvius, 101i and Fuzzle like this.
  17. 101i

    101i Haxor Forum Moderator Tester

    Maybe you to use the games intentional mechanics instead of the broken ones, as if it wasn't obvious how broken spikes were.

    No, but where the fuck are we suppose to get them if you pro clan war experienced knights are wasting their time arguing over patch notes!

    Gah, I was thinking of your pal @Fuzzle, accept my apology dear friend!
  18. AJFaas

    AJFaas Base Burner
    1. supr sekrit cln [skrt]

    maybe this update will tone down the archers a bit. So you can get free game again. I think i heard many good archers complain that there were just too many archers before this update.
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  19. 101i

    101i Haxor Forum Moderator Tester

    Not only that, but a good archer could easily kite a good knight forever in TDM.
    swagbot likes this.
  20. AJFaas

    AJFaas Base Burner
    1. supr sekrit cln [skrt]

    Im not sure how you didnt notice that you were using an overpowered class to begin with. If you had any sense you wouldve know it had to end eventually.