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Devlog KAG Build 2760 - Balance Tweaks, Recognition, Maps, and Modding Enhancements

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Geti, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    Hey Folks!

    This build brings a wide host of changes! Many of them are the result of community development or community voting. If you'd like to be involved with either, please join the official discord server, and check the #democracy and #development channels!

    The knight cursor now indicates your slash charge status, same as the archer cursor. This is a community voted and community developed feature paid for by our bounty program.

    There was some discussion about exactly when the sprite should go away. It was decided that for now, the modified sprite should stay until you return to a "normal" state; as this gives more information to the player than the cursor returning to normal as soon as the attack starts. This is still up for discussion, and the alternative has been implemented in a ready-to-switch way.

    Thanks to Andresian for implementing this change! You can see a preview from him on youtube here.

    The in-game accolades system has been further extended!
    There are now badges for tournaments, badges for community, github, and mapmaking contribution, and indication badges for how long a player has been playing, as well as a cake for their "KAG Birthday" each year.


    As part of the accolades system, there are also 3 month (per-win) custom heads available to "significant" tournament winners. We hope that this drives some tournament participation. The community is more or less in charge of what "significant" means - if you want to be part of that discussion, jump on the discord and hit up the other community organisers.

    Other important changes this build, in no particular order:
    • Extra 1 tile "no build" area at the top of the map as a result of a community vote. This means that saw jumping will be a serious problem again, and will probably have to have some alternative countermeasures proposed.
    • Four CTF maps have been removed, and some new ones will be added soon (they're currently being voted on).
    • Dinghy costs 150 wood, no coins (thanks Shy).
    • More useful timekeeping and rendering functions for modders
    • More guidance on github for making issues and pull requests
    • More russian translations and community visible templates for steam translators.

    Special thanks to everyone from the community involved with proposing, discussing, deciding, developing, and testing the features in this build!

    Have Fun!

    Full Changelog:

    [added] knight cursor charge sprite (thanks Andresian!)
    [modified] extra no build 1 tile lower as result of #democracy vote
    [modified] dinghy cost (thanks Shy)
    [added] registration time to player delta, so it's accessible on both server and client (thanks Furai/MM for bouncing ideas)
    [added] Galen head (<3)
    [removed] leftover debug print in votecore (thanks Potatobird for the report)
    [added] chickens can be stored in inventory (thanks Blubahub)
    [added] accolade-alike badge rendering in scoreboard, based on registration time
    [added] new accolades (thanks bunnie)
        added blue_tiger head, updated homek head
    [added] notes for adding accolades to cfg file
    [fixed] a few inconsistencies in the accolade data file
    [added] new accolades badges
    [renamed] Medals_.png -> Badges.png
    [modified] gamblersden map; smaller gambling area, less arrow-spam friendly
    [removed] 4 ctf maps (thanks potatobird)
    - monsterictf1
    - monsterictf2
    - punk123_cryingdemon
    - ej_bluesunset
    [modified] contributing help docs, a little extra info/formatting
    [added] issues and pull request templates (thanks vik)
    [added] code of conduct (thanks vik)
    [added] scriptrender transform functions and backface cull functions
    [updated] scriptrenderexample with screenspace example and docs for transform functions
    [fixed] missing AK_EAT bind
    [modified] time functions take/give signed int now (avoids overflow surprises)
    [added] input-time versions of time_month/year/monthdate/yeardate
    [added] steam store content file for translators (thanks Diprog for nagging)
    [updated] russian translation (thanks Diprog)
        Update steam_content_ru.txt
        Russian: translated Steam content.
        Russian: emotes, edits, removed duplicates.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
  2. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Nice! :)
  3. The badges idea is a nice one..!