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Devlog KAG Build 2885 - Emote binds, mapcycle changes and synced trees

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Furai, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator


    So I'm here yet again, slowly getting hang of it. Maybe next time I'll add some nice gif or image? Who knows. I'll go wild and crowd will go mild, at most. :)

    • Emote binds should be fixed now.
    • #mapcycle results are in! We run a biweekly CTF mapcycle poll on Discord in #mapcycle channel, if you want to be notified when a poll goes live, type !role mapcycle in any channel.
    • Trees should now properly sync across clients. No more different height trees.
    • Additional keybinds.
    • More Patreon heads.
    • Various security and QoL fixes.

    Thanks to everyone who worked hard on this release! All your contributions are highly appreciated!


    [added] Azazyl's custom patreon head
    [modified] merged JayP9 sections in accolades
    [added] keybinds to trading post
    [added] '0' key as tenth keybind
    [added] more restrictions for who you can report
    [modified] jayp head 1px offset
    [added] JayP head
    [fixed] Wrong "nobuild zone" position
    [fixed] trees recreating growth incorrectly on join, synced growth time
    [fixed] trees desyncing
    [fixed] missing semicolons in ctf map file
    [modified] #mapcycle results
    [fixed] outdated function
    [added] send servername to bot for discord message
    [modified] move Nevrotik's head to Patreon section in accolade_data.cfg
    [fixed] found Toblerone's missing accolades
    [fixed] patreon tier icon displaying wrong tier or invisible icon for tier 4
    [modified] Extended red name toggle to work for any special coloured name
    [modified] Moderation accolade is always visible for ex-admins
    [modified] Moderation accolades show with red name, fixed Sarius6 typo and gave Atheon Github badge
    [fixed] merge conflict on EmoteHotkeys.as
    [removed] !suicide/!killme commands
    [fixed] console spam from EmoteBinding.cfg by always writing it to cache if it doesn't exist
    [fixed] emote bindings not being read.
    [added] shop keybinds without using shift key
    [modified] made the scroll edges smaller so it's harder to accidentally scroll
    [modified] door-drill correlation
    [added] scoreboard scrolling
    [added] Cape reward to accolades
    [fixed] an exploit allowing a user to get admin
    [added] build info for displaying a message in game depending on the build (test/release)
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
  2. magestic_12

    magestic_12 Shark Slayer

    I already miss !killme
    Blubahub and Verrazano like this.
  3. Verrazano

    Verrazano Flat Chested Haggy Old Souless Witchy Witch Witch THD Team Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester
    1. Practitioners of War Extreme Revolution - POWER

    Shout out to @epsilon for all the tiny fixes and shop keybinds and to @Shy for closing a big security hole!
    Vamist, Blubahub and epsilon like this.
  4. Blubahub

    Blubahub Shark Slayer Tester
    1. [MxA] Community

    Nice, can't wait to see my shark head in-game on JayP! :heart:

    EDIT: I wish you kept the !killme (or !suicide) command though...
  5. JaytleBee

    JaytleBee Ballista Bolt Thrower
    1. [Server] Sandbox Reborn

    Why was !killme removed?
    Blubahub likes this.
  6. Biurza

    Biurza E X T R A T H I C C Staff Alumni Mapping Moderator Donator Tester
    1. MIST
    2. Active Forum Users

    kinda useless?
  7. epsilon

    epsilon Assonist THD Team Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    It couldn’t use the same cool down as the suicide button
    Blubahub and JaytleBee like this.
  8. Blubahub

    Blubahub Shark Slayer Tester
    1. [MxA] Community

    You cannot use tick-based checks. I.e., only execute !killme if 30 ticks aka 1 second has passed (or something)?