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Devlog BUILD 3090 - New DLC, Stats, Maps, Resupply Changes, Lots of Fixes and Tweaks!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Furai, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Hello folks!


    This build contains a few months of cumulative changes as well as some bigger developments. Lets dig into the changes!

    Firstly, support for the upcoming community heads pack DLC has been added - keep an eye out for it on steam!
    (Patrons of the appropriate tier can use the pack a little early due to how the packs are unlocked, enjoy)

    This pack was created from the winning heads of the recent contest, congrats to everyone who's heads made it (there's over a hundred individual heads included!) and huge thanks to everyone who entered!

    Stats support has been added. Verra, Furai, and JRGP are working on integrating this with all the official servers, which should happen soon.
    This will provide persistent statistics as per this pitch and may form the basis for further persistent progression systems.

    The Mapcycle for TDM has been updated. CTF changes are coming soon. Big thanks to the map moderation team!

    Resupply now gives the full amount even if you already have materials. If semi-AFK builders become an issue we'll look as limiting resupply for idlers, but as it is the AFKs are automatically kicked anyway. This has been an often-requested change and was fulfilled through community development.

    Other notable community developments include:
    • Accolades have been updated with several tourneys worth of data.
    • Some script format inconsistencies have been fixed (102 files changed!)
    • Turkish in-game translation added
    • Vehicle GUI will now be semi-transparent (big thanks to Andresian for doing the bounty)
    • Shader support for mods (along with more functions for 3D mods)
    • White minimap fix attempt (let us know if you see it after this update)

    Check the changelog for more!

    We hope you enjoy the update,

    [added] stats script that reports kills.
    [added] resupply gives full amount even if you already have some materials (thanks bunnie)
    [added] vehicle gui will be semi-transparent
    [added] team boats will no longer collide (thanks ferrezinhre)
    [added] TDM Map changes (10.09.2019)
    [added] map name now appears in the scoreboard
    [added] turkish translation (thanks mustafatufan)
    [added] community heads pack 1
    [added] community heads steam capsule
    [added] custom head for Shy (congrats)
    [added] custom head for cardboard box (thanks, sorry for the delay!)
    [added] map name is translated (so map names can be localised)
    [fixed] archers and knights able to insta-shoot/slash when exiting crates (thanks epsilon)
    [fixed] drill null pointer
    [modified] accolade cfg updated to include github contributions
    [modified] logs changes, less hp more harvest (thanks ferrezinhre)
    [modified] code cleanup, making stuff more consistant (thanks HKGx)
    [modified] accolades - updated with recent tourneys and some fixes
    [modified] archers refill to 30 arrows instead of having additional arrows now
    [modified] drill yields all materials when mining tiles/blobs
    [modified] lots of minor code formatting changes
    [modified] red barrier networking (should be more reliable)
    [modified] vehicle converting GUI code (rework)
    [modified] removed ".png" from displayed map names
    [added] Driver RemoveShader(string name) can now be used to remove active shaders
    [added] Driver ForceStartShader() &&ForceStopShaders() to make clients stop/start using shaders
    [added] Driver AreShadersAllowed() to check if client has enabled shaders (if not, use ForceStartShader())
    [added] isWindowActive() && isWindowFocused(), so 3D mods can see when KAG is being used or not
    [added] isFullScreen() to see if KAG is fullscreen or not
    [added] Vec2f_lerp && Maths::lerp (named that way to not break existing mods)
    [added] CControls@ getInterpMouseScreenPos so 3D mods can have > 30 ticks mouse updates
    [added] onBan, onUnban, onMute and onUnmute hooks for better logging script side
    [fixed] whitemap attempt v1
    [fixed] instant search will no longer return nothing when you press the x button
    [fixed] audio slider will no longer crash your game if you set your audio to 0, then back up
    [fixed] getCarriedBlob() no longer returns the wrong blob (thanks pirate-rob for reporting this)
    [fixed] AddShader will now find the correct shader (instead of just checking your base folder)
    [fixed] RemoveShader will no longer crash your game
    [fixed] TCPR nextmap or loadmap will no longer crash your server
    [modified] rules link now takes you directly to the forums page
    [modified] coins can no longer go over 32765 (otherwise they would reset to 0)
    [modified] ping bans are now server side (use to be client side), they now correctly ban for 15 mins.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
  2. Vamist

    Vamist THD Team THD Team Tester

    Note to modders: If you find something broken with your mod related to attachments, search for code that looks like this
    blob.getAttachments().getAttachedBlob("attach point");
    and replace it with this
    blob.getAttachments().getAttachmentPointByName("attach point").getOccupied();
  3. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Hotfix released:
    • Added Zav25's patron head
    • Fixed problems with vehicles
    • Fixed crash on !bot command
  4. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Another hotfix:
    • Added Titmau5's head
  5. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Yet another hotfix:
    • Added Torik's head
    • Added GarrettPG11's head