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Devlog KAG Build 3479 - Halloween 2020 update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Furai, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Hey folks,

    It's been a while since the last update, so we've got a rather large one for you this Halloween !

    For starters, yes, Halloween! The game has been updated with Halloween textures until the next patch after Halloween, and the yearly event script (gregs, ghosts) should automatically start somewhere tomorrow and last for approximately 8 days. Spoopy.

    Next up: Trap platforms.

    This one is pretty big: trap blocks have been removed and are replaced by trap platforms! They are inspired by trap bridges from KAG Classic (if you've been around for that long). The main difference between trap blocks and trap platforms are that you can pass through your own team's trap platforms at will, as well as the build cost move from stone to wood. All in all this should reduce (accidental) griefing and the platforms should be used more than its predecessor.


    Huh, some love to regular platforms you say? Sure, many of the quirks and glitches with platform damage, item pick-up and player teleporting should be fixed now, and the game handles rotated platforms a bit better.

    Below some other interesting changes highlighted:
    • The KAG menu are a pain in the geti to update, which is why it has never changed much. The menu has been reorganised a bit for a fresh look. Thanks Bunnie!
    • Drills have been tweaked (see full changelog for details) and flora and fauna can now regrow over time. Both thanks to TheCatWizard.
    • You now stick to trees as archer, no longer needing to furiously tap "W"
    • The Quarry, tunnels, and storages are no longer flammable
    • You gain coins from assists now

    Furthermore, long time community member Nananas has joined the KAG Team as an internal contributor to work on the KAG engine, having pushed a lot of fixes and changes he definitely deserves a shout-out! Also thanks to Nananas there are a few new bindings for modders:
    • New CCamera bindings
    • getBlobsFromTile
    • A new DrawIcon binding variant
    • RemoveFrame

    This update was made possible by people like YOU. Thank you everyone who has helped bring this update to the masses, and a big shoutout to Verra, Epsilon, TheCatWizard, Bunnie and Nananas.

    See you on the battlefield!

    Full changelog, as compiled by Verra
    * Sound limiting has been fixed - Sounds should no longer randomly stop playing
    * Engine side platform code has been improved -  Less glitching through platforms
    * Fixed private messages not sending
    * Fixed a bug when animations are played backwards
    * Made builder placement less finicky - You can now place on-top of small scenery, small items and for ladders/doors/platforms you can in certain cases place them on top of vehicles/players other blobs.
    * The builder now has a chopping animation for wood
    * Archers can fletch arrows from trees, logs, and wood material by right clicking on them
    * Archers can stick in trees without tapping w
    * Explosions respect platform direction
    * Platforms are more bomb resistant (but must be placed facing the logical direction to work).
    * Tunnels, Quarries and Storage are no longer flammable
    * Improved flag return animation
    * Boats no longer splash in air
    * Sponges dry over time
    * Buckets can be filled with water bombs and water arrows
    * Fixed a bug where sometimes you spawn selection would get reset
    * Fixed wall running on the back of platforms
    * Fixed a bug where you would see yourself triple slash or double jab
    * Added team colors to all the items in menus
    * Drill, bucket, lantern now ignore fall damage
    * Knights can get wood from logs
    * Knights destroy wooden doors faster
    * Wood and Arrow material stacks decay faster
    * There is a new animation when a team wins in CTF or TTH
    * You can now swap special ammo while holding the flag or other items that can't go in your inventory
    * Made picking up items through platforms more lenient
    * Rewrote outdated tips and improved some
    * Grass, bushes and other flora now have a chance to grow overtime
    * Fixed a bug with music when you're a spectator
    * Fixed seeds placed in the air
    * You now gain coins from assists
    * The main menu has been slightly redesigned
    * Kegs will no longer swap ownership right before exploding
    * Fixed bison super jump
    * Fixed knight slash not getting reset when sitting in vehicles
    * Emotes are now hidden when you hover over them
    * Crouching while touching another player should now resolve correctly
    * Enemy bombs now only collide with you if you're shielding in their direction
    New Bindings:
    * Added several new bindings for CCamera
    * Added getBlobsFromTile
    * Added a new DrawIcon binding variant
    * Added RemoveFrame
    * 25% more heat against dirt
    * Delay between hits is increased by 25% when hitting dirt/stone ore
    * Cooldown speed reduced by 20%
    * Water splashes cool the drill down by 70% instead of 100%
    * Build 3480 fixes a game-crashing bug
  2. Hallic

    Hallic Haxor

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    NinjaCell Haxor