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Build 813

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MM, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. Chaoticredux

    Chaoticredux Shopkeep Stealer

    What happened to multiple size blocks and slanted blocks? The slanted blocks seemed to go hand in hand with the new ballista and catapult.
  2. Oguh

    Oguh Builder Stabber


    How about supressing the branches ? Let's say everything can be researched in any order, maybe with some conditions (like let's say you can't research demolition before having done 2 researches before, that sort of thing). The team would vote for the order in which researches are made only it takes exponentially more time to make more researches. So let's say first research is 30s, then 1 min, then 2 then 4 then 8 and then cap it at 8 min. That way in a long game you will end up having access to all the technology while making your early choices matter. Maybe divide them into tiers. You need X tier 1 researches before being able to research tier 2 etc.

    If you don't like it and want to keep the branches.. Let me think... I would go military => water ammo for one path and fire=> bomb arrow=> demolition for the other and give drill access to everyone since it only cost 60 gold at the old man anyway.
    This sound kind of weak for demolition but the point is that having access to bombs and demolition is wayy too strong. Maybe to even it out you could make knight being able to carry 2 kegs ?

    Like this, one path would have access to bomb jumping and water ammo, good for getting into an enemy's base. The other path would have acces to fire ammo to burn everything and demolition to enter the enemy's base but no bomb jumping which is crazy usefull.

    Right now given these 2 choices I don't know which one I would pick, which is the whole point. They are close.

    Or go all out one path military =>fire => water and the other one military=> bomb arrow=> demolition. Kind of a explosion vs element thing. I like that one too, it sounds even, mostly due to the fact that you can't get water if you don't get fire so one path doesn't counter another path. If one team goes fire and the other too, it's dead even. If one team goes fire and the other goes demolition it's pretty even too.

    Or even military => fire=> water => bomb arrow and military => demolition.

    So yeah couple of ideas to thing about.
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  3. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    Make two special branches out of military supplies, pyro and water ammo. They both are researched shortly after military supplies, while the tech tree is progressing further to the next tech as well (it won't end in water ammo & pyro).

    You can then switch factory production between military supplies / pyrotechnics / water ammo with a gold cost.
  4. SlayerSean

    SlayerSean FYI: it's pronounced "seen"

    I agree with the above. Great ideas, in my opinion, Oguh. Personally, I like this one though:
    Although, I'm probably missing some things here that others may see. I would have likely come up with similar suggestions myself though. Which is why I probably like this one. :P

    Not sure what else could be used as a solution though. The tech tree seems to be bringing up plenty of issues...
  5. eamono

    eamono Arsonist


    I think it should be a "tier" system.

    Tier 1 = Dinghy, Mil Supplies, Drill, Saw
    Tier 2 = Catapult, Water Ammo, Mounted Bow
    Tier 3 = Longboat, Pyrotechnics, bomb arrows
    Tier 4 = Ballista, Warboat, Demolition

    You would need to research at least 2 techs from a tier to get to the next one, this gives people more choices when it comes to tech, not just picking between 3 paths
  6. Oguh

    Oguh Builder Stabber

    I think this is perfect
  7. Tsilliev

    Tsilliev Bison Rider


    I remember the hotels build, we the builders making villiges or big fortresses with 40+ immigrants lol. but I must agree, builders need to be able to build something like a city, and then put extra defense like walls and traps, let's give builders more options. At the hotels build, it was nice to see, that my team had more population from the enemy team, which in turn makes the enemy team to build more, and there is this builder competition, where knights and archers had their competition of who will stay alive.

    Right now its good if you want a fast paced game, but in my opinion, KAG is not only for making kills, its about building, its about my team haves bigger city than the other team which brings this kind of bonuses like faster respawn rate, or more factories, or maybe more guards in the hall or the city walls, (by guards I mean bots, like in the classic kag but maybe bots + real players may not yield good result,),I also heard about peasants again bots as I understand, digging and gathering resources, it sounds nice, having bigger city, which haves more population, which in turn yields more resources and with the resources more development in defense/offense , with bigger population you can also add more special buildings, for this kind of population cap you can build this kind of building,because it encourages builders to build for growth and progress not only for defense/offense.

    But it all depends I think, personally when I am playing KAG, I play a lot as a builder, and I like building,now I can build the factories real quick, and put a wall, after that building bridge for making fast travel path to the enemy and game over :D
    Instead imagine, the enemy having big 50 meters fortress with walls, and imagine when we pawn them with the ballista and kegs and so on, the castle starts to fall, priceless :D, now in my opinion the game feels more TDM oriented but with a builder.

    About the tech tree, what if you add some tech, without factories (factories still present), that ads bonuses for 3 main branches that players must choose from which are Economy, Military and Defence.

    - Builder Cart
    Builder cart which gives x times more space for builder to hold resources
    - Increase population cap, if there is population but this would be usable if more population brings something useful.
    - Environmentalism:
    Higher growth rate from trees
    - Ore Smelting
    x times more stones per hit when you mine as a builder

    - War Cart
    War Cart which gives more space for knights to carry bombs and for archers to carry arrows
    - Conscription:
    Faster respawn rate or maybe builders can build dorms, so the players can respawn x times faster
    - Industrialization:
    More bomb/keg/ballista bomb damage to walls and units
    - Archery
    Bigger range for archers, maybe slightly more damage from arrows
    - Poisonous Arrows (sane as a unit on fire, but decreases movement)
    Takes X amount of hearts for X amount of time and X amount of unit movement
    - Sword Mastery
    More damage from knights while using swords

    - Armor plating (maybe at militray tech?)
    More hitpoints to knight maybe archer as well
    - Defense Architecture
    More durability from stone blocks
    - High Quality Wood / Soaked Wood / Unflammble wood
    There is X% chance that a fire arrow will not make a wooden block to burn
    - Trap Mastery
    X times more durability to stone traps and spikes and maybe more damage from spikes?

    And maybe levels for every tech that gives more bonuses than the old one, for an example, High Quality Wood level 1 gives %15 chance that a fire arrow will not make a wooden block to catch fire, level 2 %25,level 3 %32.

    And this is pretty much with what I came up, I know that the values for dmg or hitpoints or block hitpoints must be adjusted real time and for a current team, which may not be possible, but who knows.
    So actually, your team must vote which way to go, or which branch to go first, without excluding the other tech, but the other tech will take more and more time to research or mine gold to research it, so take the economy and builders will be able to build defences and such much faster, take the militray, you will have big advantage versus the other team, take the defence you will decrease the advantage of the enemy team..
    Um, I feel as I should put this into the suggestion thread? I started like how the current build is and went into another world xD
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  8. SlayerSean

    SlayerSean FYI: it's pronounced "seen"

    I like the sound of this idea too. Perhaps you can only select two of the possible tech options so that you cannot get all of them? Also makes you think about your priorities still. Once two have been selected and researched, all others on that level close off, and the next level opens up? Then, to get the ones you chose to leave, you use gold (as current). Whether it be the trader or by adding that into the tech tree, so you can buy them from there (or use gold to research it bit by bit? For example, 50 gold will add a little bit towards finishing it?).
  9. eamono

    eamono Arsonist

    that's about what I was thinking :)

    I think it would also make sense to add in a few more techs so there can be 4 on each tier, but that might just be my OCD.
    </br>--- merged: Jul 19, 2013 2:24 AM ---</br>
    Oops, I think I just accidently stole Monsteri's idea, sorry bout' that :)
  10. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    Not completely, since my tier suggestion doesn't have fixed tiers like yours does. I like being able to choose your own tech more.
  11. m0zzila

    m0zzila Tree Planter

    Thats exactly what KAB needs! Like literally, this would make the game so much better. Its the little details that make a game something special and enjoyable. With this features you go a bit more in depth, and thats what every good game has.
    I hope you devs take this suggestion to your hearts, althought its a chunk of work but defenitly worth it, if you want KAB to be a bigger deal. And I hope you aim for KAB to be big :)
  12. Tsilliev

    Tsilliev Bison Rider


    My idea is when someone played classic, and comes to play the beta he will be amazed to see, how much new things are introduced in the game, at least that was my experience when I bought the beta and played for the first time, few months ago with the farming build.

    Those new techs, some of them may be introduced as factories, like the poison arrows, or a funny looking cart ready to be picked up from a builder at a cart factory lol
    The more diversity the better in my opinion but of course in a balanced way.
    </br>--- merged: Jul 20, 2013 1:35 PM ---</br>

    For the current tech tree, this sounds very good although the team with the fire will not need water if the other team haves bombs, while the bombing team haves buckets of water already available, but actually water bombs do some damage so I guess its ok.
  13. m0zzila

    m0zzila Tree Planter

    Seems like everything has frozen at the moment.
    Amount of regular playing beta testers is shrinking, Could we get some informational updates dear dev's? Like, did you like how the halls system turned out yet? What do you think regarding the ideas & suggestions that your customers brought to you?
  14. genobee

    genobee Builder Stabber

    I blame Steam sales. Most people are exercising futile attempt to reduce their backlog while following it up with even more backlog.
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