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Butter's Short Story

Discussion in 'Groups' started by butterscotch, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. Once upon a time, thousands of years ago, there was a dwarf called Goat, he lived in a peaceful kingdom called Englandia, under the rule of King Arthur. As it so happened, Goat was working under King Arthur himself as a gold miner and a personal guard.
    Recently in Englandia, there had been an enormous spout of greifing thrown at Englania's gigantic towers. And people breaking in to the code of the world and changing their base speed. This act was known as Hacking, a capitol offence, worthy of a "ban".
    The king came to the conclusion that the only way to stop this was though force. So he started employing people known as guards to protect the well being of his people. The job of guards was purely to get rid terrorists producing havoc in land. Naturally Goat became a guard, as did most of the high ranking officers in the kings Palace. The king had enough guards employed that for most folk it was a regular thing to see a guard hanging around the normal folk.
    And for a long while this worked, for 2 whole years actually, until Englandia started expanding rapidly in a take over of a new and bigger area. Englandia was now owning far more land so there were far more settlers and the guards had a much larger area to cover.
    This brought large troubles to Englandia and to Goat. Hackers were turning up everywhere, and their were more and more reports of greifed towers. Then one day when things were starting to become to hard to bear, Goat figured out the solution to their massive problem, you see up until now all of those who had migrated from the land of Steam had been un-bannable. King Arthur and his advisor's had discussed it many times and had found no way around it, but Goat, he worked it out, a problem within the code. And with the help of Arthur, he fixed the banning problem they were having and Hackers and Greifers started dispersing like ants. And the Realm of Englandia has been safe ever since.

    The End

    Please critique :)