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Character Biographies

Discussion in 'Groups' started by zhuum, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. zhuum

    zhuum Builder Stabber
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    This thread is finally here where you can post your character(s)'s bios.

    So you can finally be known throughout the land as your name will be in the books or scrolls of History of Lands of Eve. If anyone is new to creating page for their character they can use two different approaches to this matter. You can either:

    1. Make free-flow text, such found in books describing your character and its history in short. I'll bring in an example below quite soon enough.


    2. Use predefined characteristics to fill in, these go as followed:

    Character's name: (self explanatory)
    Age: (self explanatory, however, if you choose to make your character immortal, include here how he/she managed to get it)
    Race: (self explanatory)
    Alignment: (look up on d&d character alignments)
    Looks/Common attire:(briefly describe your character, its bodybuild, hair, face, and clothing they wear)
    Short history:(from one's birth to their current place in short words, bringing up key points of their life)

    quite simple, eh?

    One thing that should be kept in mind, this thread here is more to serve as discussion base for characters, so posting your bios here will not give your characters any more value or privileges other than their current reputation.
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 27, 2015, Original Post Date: Feb 27, 2015 ---

    Elder Zhuum, as he is now called is an old elf from times when gods walked on the very land of Eve on regular basis. Elf Zhuum came to be tall figure - with fair hair, "mean" look on his face alongside with glimmering yellow elven eyes, and strong hands. The world Zhuum grew up was full of war, every day was struggle to survive another day as an elf, many times the elders of his time shoved swords into his hands to do their bidding for his village. At first Zhuum was just another frightened boy elf on the battlefield, but as time went on he grew into tall and battle hardened elfling with strong views of conservative elven way - hating orcs and all those that may endanger the elven species.

    On following era of "peace" Zhuum laid his sword down and picked up hammer for he chose to build new homes and houses for all his kin. Soon enough, his skills got better so even angels from high heaven came down to admire his work. Zhuum became good friends with the angels above and he was often asked to come above to heavens to build villages for all the angel kind. it was during that time when he was chosen to be one of the four sky guardians for one special angel. Dragon armour they wore so Zhuum decided to make his first dragon mark for shrine of the special angel. So was the dragon mark and dragon surname chosen for him.

    Long came the period of "silence", old friends died, yet Zhuum lived his meagre elven life on. Elves carried on and soon even the guardian of the skies died out, even Zhuum forgot that title for long time. Though he kept on living and working if only it would serve the elves. During this era Zhuum grew in knowledge and soon found out he did the tasks Elders did for him when he was still an youngling, thus he started to call himself Elder Zhuum. There came a time when another elf from another place, they called Queen rose to power. A small civil war of sorts broke out between the elves, yet soon enouh even that faded into the abyss that was eternity.

    On one quiet day's dusk, many new angels descended from the heaven, greeting the elves with their funny "smiles". Zhuum already was agitated from last war he had to fight for elven for an angel had helped the opponents to win, so he did not greet the angels with warmth. To that Zhuum had to witness the most horrible day of his life... In an instant he was put inside an cage of unbreakable stone and in the next moment his mind was crushed and heart broken as he saw how the angels, manically laughing, started to rain wooden spikes over his village.

    Enraged and broken, Zhuum bid his soul for his creator and vowed to take revenge on those who defiled the elves. So when he was once released from that bedrock prison, he roared out a dragon's roar and took his hand on the angels. One by one, he started to kill them off, every last one of them. Once the blood debt was paid he was transformed fully to his soul's image, a Dragon-Elf, bound to be the sentinel of elves to end of time. For his revenge on angels he was granted truly immortal soul and full dragon's form. Thus the Elder Zhuum's image stuck.

    "Rule Elves for they are true keepers of nature and rulers of this realm
    " -Elder
  2. pmattep99

    pmattep99 Drill Rusher
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    Name: Spirit, little and cute essence of Eve.
    Age: Immortal, Born from the Heart and feelings of mortals and not.
    Race: This creature can be found in 4 different forms...
    The Love, The Rage, The Hope and The Normality...
    Someone said there's an other mistery form... However... Noom has feelings too.
    Looks: Spirit is a little sweetness, he is high like a bush of flowers, his color change with his form, he can be red... purple... green and blue!
    Short History: One day, The god of Eve chose to group all feelings from the heart of everyone to create Spirit and play with him in the heaven but unfortunately, Spirit fell from the sky, going in the earth and starting his journey.
  3. Krabe

    Krabe Horde Gibber

    Name: October the strange undead girl
    Age: Dead since 13 years
    Race: Dwarf/Undead
    Look: Rotte green Skin, bleached Hair, one arm missing, one Eye missing, houles in the neck and
    a realy strange injury on the stomache.
    Short History: Surprisingly, the first accident didnt kill her. But then she stept again and Died for good.
    She awoke again, revived by an Necromancer, witch she TO killed by accident. Strange strange accidents...
  4. PinXviiN

    PinXviiN Bison Rider

    The Dragon Slayers were one of the first clans to ever appear on Eve. The clan's members, dragon slayers were always neutral. They did not seek allies nor enemies, they never chose a side in the wars. They didn't care who you were and what you were doing. As long as you got the coin and a contract, they did their jobs without questions. They didn't kill only dragons, but also any other winged creature or dragon-kind, as they were trained to slay them.
    They were one of the most famous yet feared clan in the world, but lately the members have been decreasing quickly. The new leaders were cowards and gathered enemies faster than allies. Soon the clan got shattered and the members scattered around the world. The clan got ressurected but it gained reputation and members very slowly... This needed to be changed.

    So Pinxviin Aroble was born. He had loving father and mother and a sister. Sadly his parents died at the age of 6 so his grandfather took care of them. Since his grandfather was a dragon slayer, he started training and teaching Pinxviin to be a good warrior, just like his ancestors. Pinxviin was a quick learner, so he became skilled with all types of meele and ranged weapons. He became swift and strong, and soon was able to be a real dragon slayer.

    At the age of 17 he slayed his first dragon. It was the common type, with low intelligence. It was the dragon slayers' tradition to drink the blood of their first dragon kill, in order to have the dragon blood running through your veins. After drinking, dragon slayers usually gain the ability to breathe fire, be stronger both physically and mentally and live twice as long as a normal human. If the dragon is another type, like a frost-breather, then they will be able to breathe frost.
    Pinxviin "survived" the tradition and was finally a real dragon slayer.

    He continued to venture through the world doing contracts and other bounties and quests. Pinxviin found few who he dearly loved and finally got married and had 2 daughters and one son. He got a bit famous but soon that didn't matter at all.

    Since Pinxviin was working for his king, being a royal dragon slayer, a tyrant replaced his king's place. Pinxviin immediately quit his job when his new "king" was nothing but a madman. That angered the king and sent his army to destroy Pinxviin's hometown. Pinxviin's family escaped and a lot of other civilians but when the king's men were attacking his hometown, orcs decided to join in. It was a brutal battle between men and orcs, the town was in ruins the next day when Pinxviin's woke up from unconsciousness. He was taken as a prisoner by the orcs and spent 8 months in a brutal, agressive orc prison. Till one day he saw his chance and took over the orcs' prison with the prisoners. Pinxviin retrieved his items and went into the free lands of Eve, searching for his long-lost family.

    Since Pinxviin didn't know where to begin, he started visiting villages, towns, doing quests, contracts for information. He met and made lots of friends and allies. He helped his dear king get back his throne, a nordling find his sister, a dwarf make his home safe again and much more. He became famous, a living legend, but in some kingdoms complete opposite... Sadly.

    He soon found out that the Dragon Goddess, Tecjel, has been corrupted and caused thousands of dragons to go insane, crazy. They started burning kingdoms, going amok and pretty much suicide. Pinxviin, being a dragon slayer had to stop this madness by killing the goddess, in which he succesfully did. However, Pinxviin didn't get any reward for this, because the gods were angry. He was silent about this god-slaying, in order not to anger the gods.

    Eventually Pinxviin found his daughter and son, but he found no sign of his other daughter nor wife which made him angry and annoyed. But he did not give up and continues his search hoping to find them for once...

    TL;DR: Pinx is a dragon slayer and lost his family, slayed a god and other stuff.

    I will still need to change some things so it won't look confusing. I already took a huge event from his life just to make it look better, less confusing and then it would some way fit in the server's lore. I guess I will soon change some things anyway since I get new ideas every week.

    Also, this is how I imagine he would look like:
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2015
  5. Grimpyx

    Grimpyx Catapult Fodder

    As one of the few half-breeds left in the realm, this one is crossed between man and bird. His head pictures an eagle, senses alike. His body is tall as the elf's but strong as the human's.

    Nyu was born into an inferior family, house Daedreliahn, in the village Valohmar. The house was rich and most of the coins was spent on the their mansion's and Valohmar's maintenance. House Daedreliahn was loved by the village because of their donations to the village and everyone worked together to expand and live peacefully. One day, bandits raided the village. The villagers together with Lord Daedreliahn always defeated the bandits one way or another, but this time it was different. The orc bandits wore a symbol mankind never seen before and they were ruthless. They lit evertything on fire, as if they just wanted destruction, and hung the body parts of their victims around their necks to later roast them over the burning village. The villagers feared for the Daedreliahns and begged the Lord to take his family to the nearest city. The Lord worried too for his family and did as the villagers said, while they covered their retreat with their bodies.

    The Daedreliahn house wanted to restart their life as independent people, not as dogs of the realm. They traveled far away from civilization to build a huge tower, since they loved the sky. The tower was going to be a build of stone, and into the mines all members of the family went. Nyu, which was seventeen at the time, went alone into the mines with only a lantern, a bag and a pickaxe. He went deeper to find the hardest stone he could find and he sure did. He went into a cave, almost shaped like a corridor, and started mining stone. The stone was too tough for his pickaxe. It broke and let off a loud noice and he sighed deeply. He started wandering towards the surface when he heard footsteps behind him. He raised his broken pickaxe slamming it into the head of a walking corpse, crushing it. It fell to the ground and soon the terrified Nyu noticed more of them lurking in the shadows all around him. He started running as fast as he could away from the monsters only to discover that he was lost. Hungry and tired, he searched for a way out.

    Nyu noticed foliage leading through a cave. The foliage increased as he walked it and soon he noticed a glimpse of light. He was overwhelmed with happiness and tried to hurry. He followed the light and went outside. It was day, the sun was shining but there was no people around. Nyu, who was exhausted, couldn't walk anymore. His vision was failing as was his balance. He decided to rest and desperately tried to stay awake.
    Someone, or something, attacked him from behind and struck him unconscious.
  6. SJD360

    SJD360 Bison Rider

    Dr. Aleksander Percival Ozi (Or just Dr. Ozi for short.)
    "Before all this, I used to run a Carnival." - Dr. Ozi

    Age: 29 years of age.

    Race: Human/Shadowbeast Hybrid

    Alignment/Affiliation: Council of the Damned

    Aleksander is not originally from Eve, possibly infact not even from this solar system; his original home is on the distant planet Arkus, a planet teeming with life, magic and chaos. It is unknown to how Dr. Ozi was transported across dimensions, through time and space and onto Eve, he himself theorizes that a portal he was entering through went haywire and dissipated him into this entirely new world.

    (Warning: The following block of text you might be about to read may contain a few unnerving things you may find disturbing.)


    Dr. Ozi wears a mask, a mask not of any material; it is but a smile he constantly keeps on his face to shroud the constant inner turmoil and torment he's endured throughout his life, his childhood mostly. At a very young age of approximately seven or eight, he witnessed his mother brutally slaughtered, and then raped before his very eyes as these peculiar people invaded his household. At the same time, he saw his father, named Walder, being viciously tortured to the point of near death, being horribly mutilated; cutting off his fingers, dismembering him and gouging his left eye. Hours had passed since those horrible events happened and he came out of hiding, not knowing that the invaders were still in the house... having nowhere to run he was stabbed 17 times before his father, still in a terrible state, managed to fend off and kill those that wanted to see them dead. Fortunately Walder managed to get his son to an emergency medic, barely saving Aleks from his fatal wounds. With his beloved mother now deceased, he and his father decided to migrate to a distant and remote land in order to get as far away as possible from the life-scarring events that happened on that day, and to get away from those that seeked their demise...

    Walder and Aleks managed to build a small community which quickly grew, it seems Walder's reputation and status before he was forced out of his previous home attracted new followers, a reputation that Aleksander could not comprehend at such a young age. Over the few years Walder began to grow cold and contemptuous, often beating Aleksander in a fit of rage, but the more scornful he became his paranoia ascended at the same pace. Walder began to forcefully train his son into becoming an unstoppable force of death and destruction, sometimes comitting unspeakable and unquestionably evil experiments on his own son, only for his own personal gain and protection, the only reason Aleksander didn't try to stop it or put up any resistance was because of the deep fear he held in his heart; the fear that he may be cast out to die, or worse. However, the experiments were a success, it became obvious that Aleksander's skill in Shadowmancy had increased drastically, manipulating the shadows around him to obliterate those, or anything for that matter, that stood in his way; but the more Aleksander trained in this aspect he had no information of, the more he became to realize what his father was and who these people that had come out of nowhere were. Cultists, fanatics, all of them, his father the kingpin of it all. These 'Doctors' that he kept on hearing about over the years, they weren't real doctors, they weren't medical, surgical or anything, the title 'Doctor' to these people was a mantle, a status to bear, for they were the true harbingers of death; to be truthful it's rather ironic, Doctors are people that were originally designed to do whatever they can to heal the sick and injured, but in this case it was quite the opposite; they instead carried death with them, and dealt it out to those they came across, innocent or not, man, woman or child. They did not care.

    At this point Aleks was 15 years old, and he had finally become a human weapon, under constant watch from the Doctors, but not for protection, they were watching Aleksander to make sure he doesn't plot anything against them or attempts an escape. They were right to be paranoid he may escape, because he eventually did; Aleks grew sick of being their prize experiment, their tool for destruction, he didn't want to become the Herald of the Apocalypse, and so he ran away, far away. Over a matter of months he travelled across the Eternal Sea and onto a thriving continent called 'Aeolus', and it was there he created a new name for himself. Dr. Ozi. At the age of 16 he procured a small team of acrobatics, fire-eaters, entertainers and a variety of other people, and created himself a travelling circus which rapidly thrived and expanded, eventually it gained an extremely high amount of popularity. Aleks named this huge event the 'Carnival of Shadows'. Aleks decided to set up their Carnival around a mile outside of Xerrath, the largest Warlock-based city in Aeolus, the city being the home for the Council of the Damned, and Aleks saw the people within the Council (Aydin, Kiara, Xelhobin, Geros, Lithoth and Arkaedus.) as his heroes, he admired them greatly, and essentially worshipped them, even wanting to join the Council as the Master of Shadowmancy. Apparently the word got out about the Carnival of Shadows and the entire Council decided to show up; leading to Dr. Ozi to question if he was dreaming, he realized that he had to put in his best effort to impress the Council. The Carnival itself started later than usual, several hours late infact, all to make the preparations as perfect as they can be, and as soon as the Carnival opened people were already amazed by the astounding show that Ozi and his workers had put up. Ozi fortunately was able to personally meet each of the Council members, even earning a kiss on the cheek from Kiara. Eventually the Carnival reached it's end, but not before it's final display. Hundreds of people gathered in an arena-type seating in the open, with Aleksander stood in the middle he displayed a gargantuan light show; manipulating the night sky into creating astral and shadow entities, colossal dragons and other winged beasts soaring through the sky; even those that didn't attend to the Carnival grounds could see it from miles away. A feat like this would usually take around 70 or so Shadowmancers to assemble, but given Aleksander's past empowerments it's no surprise. After the show was over and those that had attended were leaving, the Council decided to stay behind to have a talk with Aleksander, but it was cut short when the area came under assault from a large group of Paladins, the attack itself was random, and gave no warning. After a while the Paladins had either been killed, defeated or had ran off, and only two Paladins remained... however, they were different from the others, too much so... It was revealed that these 'Paladins' were not as they seemed, they were wielding the same power as Dr. Ozi. They were two Doctors in the guise of Paladins, it was presumed that they had been sent by Walder to kill him, or worse, capture him and bring him back home. In an unwarned strike the Doctors temporarily paralysed them and ripped the Council of their magic, rendering them pretty much useless. And in a face-off with these two Doctors, Aleks barely managed to come out as victorious, suffering various wounds, but there was a vital piece of detail that Ozi forgot about the Doctors... they do not live; they do not die, they are outside the cycle. In believing that they were both dead, one of the Doctors that he didn't decapitate returned to life and impaled him through the chest, narrowly missing his heart. Fortunately the paralysis and such had worn off at this point and the Council managed to finish off the reanimated Doctor.

    A matter of weeks later Aleks woke up in a darkened room, but he later discovered this was the royal quarters within Xerrath, the heavily decorated room he was staying in was right next to those within the Council, within the gargantuan central tower of Xerrath. After witnessing the power Aleks wielded, Aydin, the primary leader of the Council of the Damned, assigned Ozi to Commander of the Royal Guards, making him the youngest ever person to be in a position like that, only at the age of 16. Soon after gaining this position Ozi designed a "shadow", so to speak, that stretched throughout the entire city, it watched over every citizen, protected them and so forth, but it did so much more than that, this gained him the title of 'The Shadow of Xerrath'.

    Later Life

    Over the later years Xelhobin, who was the current Master of Shadowmancy, decided to step down from his position, and thus was replaced by Dr. Ozi. This was his dream ever since he originally found out about the Council, and at the age of 23 his dream was fufiled. Later that same year the Xerrath Academy was finally constructed, it's purpose was obvious; to train newcomers to become Warlocks and other dark casters, and Ozi assigned himself to become one of the primary teachers there, teaching aspiring Warlocks in the arts of Shadowmancy. Two years passed and a new batch of students had arrived, one of which in particular caught his eye; Anaiese Grey, an undead girl 19 years of age, the two socialized very little, mainly because their timetables were very different and each were occupied most of the time, that and the fact that Ozi is rather terrible at talking with women he had certain intentions with. After hearing that Anaiese had been gravely injured seemingly intentionally during a duel, Ozi managed to get a substitute teacher to take his place temporarily in order to help Anaiese in recovery. She had been struck on the shoulder, chest, right leg, and had also been exposed to an extremely dark magic called 'Mortis', which doesn't react well to the undead. Aleksander tried to spend as much time with her as he could in order to remove the Mortis from her body, which was infact successful. Over the next few months Ozi helped Anaiese's recovery to walking once again, and over those months the two began to fall in love; a silent kiss sparked the beginning of their romantic relationship... though not many people take too well to a human/undead couple, though she is still technically human originally. A year had passed since Anaiese originally came to Xerrath Academy, where she had also decided to follow in the footsteps of her partner and learn the ways of Shadowmancy (Originally Destruction/Pyromancy), but a few months after switching the second God War had erupted; Old Gods across the planet waged war against each other, laying waste to the land. An old evil had arisen once again, an evil that was thought to be long dead, the same evil that Ozi's father, Walder, and his countless followers, devoted their lives to. The Scorned Ones, the bane of the world, launched an assault against Xerrath. Ozi was called back immediately to join the battle, and he did so... however everything wasn't going in their favour, Kiara had been killed in battle, and in her last act of resistance she essentially overloaded herself with magic, causing a cataclysmic explosion that seemed to vaporize everything it touched.. unfortunately Ozi was caught in the middle of that blast, and his left arm, partially his chest and face had been seared into nothingness. In a dire attempt to restore his missing limb and flesh he travelled towards Xerrath Academy and into the lab in order to concoct himself artificial flesh; however instead of that, the results were far more darker, and much more powerful; the amalgam itself was a goopy liquid flowing with dark and light, but once he applied it to himself it resulted in the flesh that he once lost being replaced by shadows darker than the abyss itself. He seemed to be rejuvinated by this empowerment. The Scorned Ones fled back to a distant and broken continent called "Sornatis", and it was there where Aydin, Ozi and the remainder of the Council travelled to fight a war that would determine the fate of the planet.

    (There's much more to Ozi's story, so much more, just not going to reveal it just yet.)

    Just a quick note, the name 'Dr. Ozi' was gained from the dubstep duo called Dr. Ozi; my version of Dr. Ozi and THAT Dr. Ozi have no correlations with eachother, merely the name... and the Carnival part.. that's an obvious reference. If you already know who the real Dr. Ozi is and are a fan of their glorious music, I salute you. :P
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3XQv6R-PkA (Just incase you want an example.)
  7. ingra

    ingra Horde Gibber
    1. Active Forum Users

    Ingra was created centuries ago by Noom, kept alive until the day of his defeat by his magic. It is not known if he's part of the mortal kind.
    Race: Humanoid creature.
    Looks/Common attire: Dressed in black robes. Pitch black skin with a white strip in his left part of the head. (work in progress)

    Ingra is a creature from the depths, it is said that he was an experiment, created by Noom at his dungeon that served as a vessel to his Soul, so he could finally escape that wretched place.

    One day all changed...

    A group of mercenaries composed of a dragon-like Elf, a tiny bearded man, a green creature and a pale thing defeated mighty Noom! Ingra's world took a 180ยบ turn. He had no objective, no point in life whatsoever... He found his way out of that cave and headed up, reaching a marvellous place, full of life, where the air felt warm around his body... He felt so captivated by those feelings that he then decided he'd experience all the surface life has to offer.

    Ingra now roams the surface world to fulfil its curiosity.
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  8. king-george

    king-george Bison Rider Staff Alumni Tester

    The Gentleman

    "I'm so posh" - The Gentleman

    Name: He doesn't actually have one, but his code name is The Gentleman. If someone talks to him, they they refer him as Young man, Bloke and sometimes Mate.

    Age: He doesn't age, as he's one of the Nus Protectors.

    Race: Unknown

    Looks/Common attire: The Gentleman is a handsome looking bloke, who on the outside looks like a human. He is actually an immortal creature inside, but he can be killed.

    Short history:
    The Gentleman wasn't actually born, but created by Nus to protect Eve. He was soon after sent onto Eve.

    He is respected among people, and is usually invited to tea.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015
  9. orange_otter_01

    orange_otter_01 Drill Rusher

    Siris blade breaker is a young Elven farm boy. He worked with the chickens until the day he became blind. Then his father kicked him off the farm because
    he was no longer any use to him. He decided to take up archery. Surprisingly, he was quite good at it, since he had become blind his sense of hearing and smell had increased, making archery easy. He lived his life taking on scouting jobs or hunting pests, that is, until the Elven queen offered him a place in a platoon of scouts. Siris graciously accepted and was promoted to a Lt (or second in command) within a matter of weeks. The only reason he didn't get promoted to a captain is because he had one serious handicap; whenever he went on a mission he had to have the terrain explained to him and he would have to know his troops by the feel of their skin or hair.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2015
  10. SJD360

    SJD360 Bison Rider

    So umm.. how'd be become blind? Did he just wake up one day and say. "Well, I'm blind now, oh well.")
  11. orange_otter_01

    orange_otter_01 Drill Rusher

    Find out ingame
  12. pvt_tod

    pvt_tod Shipwright

    Cyne Elerdel is a growing young elven man of 46 (young in elven years) going through what the elves call "the age of understanding" he is an alchemist, cartographer, and explorer. he has grown up loving the arts of nature and the world and taken curiosity in doing theses subjects.
    he has recently set up a small potion brewery where he sells his potions to any wandering travellers.
    he lost his parents at a young age to a fierce and powerful dragon by the name of Tezoth. he one day believes that he shall slay this dragon and get his revenge for the decimation of his beloved mother and father as well as the other elves who joined the fight to defend them.. the attack lasted only a matter of minutes... his mother and father were strong and powerful warriors but alas they fell to Tezoth leaving Cyne as an orphan with a oversized scar streaking along his back.

    Cyne has an ancient bloodline tie to an old and past Elder. this Elder having magical atributes has passed some of these on through the bloodline to Cyne and he practices alone not telling anyone of his secret and ancient powers. he is worried should anyone learn about them and the reactions they may uptake against him (E.G. banishment, other stuff like that)

    //any good? please tell me.
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  13. zhuum

    zhuum Builder Stabber
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    Pretty nice :D
  14. pvt_tod

    pvt_tod Shipwright

    THANKS!!!! 252525252525252525252525:yes:
  15. PinXviiN

    PinXviiN Bison Rider

    (This is my second main character, I need to think more about his backstory)

    Character's name: Rilend Ksathel
    Nickname: Watcher of Lands
    Age: Somewhere 4570 years old. He is immortal, because he is an angel/son of one of the gods
    Race: Half-angel, Half-bird
    Alignment: Lawful neutral
    Looks/Common attire:
    (Yes it says lizardman, but Rilend is an angel and has wings, but not that long tail)
    Short history: Rilend is a son of God(des) of Nature. Since he was born in a immortal family, he became an immortal himself too. His childhood was age of training. He was trained to be a monster-hunter, not those weak, poor monsters who can barely scratch anyone, but those huge, powerful, immortal monsters, who seek to destroy or conquer the world. Since those monsters were immortal, and only other immortals or angels can truly destroy their souls, mortals were having hard time fighting against them.

    At age of 14, Rilend had to leave his family, because his new, anonymous master, said: "Monster-hunters, like you, should focus on the task and save the lands any way possible. If you, however, found a distraction, that doesn't make you focus on your task anymore, but love or friendship instead, you will leave the world to its doom. But this also means, that you shall no longer be taking part of any angel wars. Focus on your task, and you shall be rewarded... Soon." However, that did not mean he would follow it forever.

    When he was 24, he found out what "true love" meant. He fell in love with a beatiful human girl, who he brought flowers sung a song every weekend. This however, caused alot of trouble. He soon started losing his sense to find immortal monsters and magic powers, because his mind was not clear, and he got distracted. A year later after he found his first love, a huge mountain, where mighty dwarven faction lived, got swallowed by gigantic immortal dragonkin-snake. Rilend became stressed and angry because he got punished for this. He immediately left his love, who he never met again.

    4500 years passed. During that time, Rilend became more and more popular. He finally became high-ranked angel, who now started hunting immortal humanoids too, since the world got more and more populated. It was his job to keep the world safe place for the mortals. Though, he still was working alone, which often made his task harder, but it was for the best. He never took part of any wars, but when it was against an immortal monster, it was his time to shine.

    He also started talking more and more with mortals, because he found out, that a simple conversation doesn't distract him as much as love does. But, this also meant that his dark secrets about his past of what he had done and who his master is slowly and slowly revealed, but not fully. Will he find someone who he will tell all his secrets? Will he find someone or something that will overcome his powers? This will soon be found out, since he knows that his time of change is near...
  16. zhuum

    zhuum Builder Stabber
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    Very well made to be interesting. Nice:thumbs_up:
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    :skeleton:cant wait for undeads:skeleton:
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    GG man *applauds* gg, never knew that's how you became a dragon this was epic
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    how does one use spoilers?
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    Could you not multi-post? If you want to say something new, just edit your last post. And read the forum guides that are out there.
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    The Cursed One

    John Salo was once a soldier in the Elven military, he fought many wars, he made friends, Jack and Ithurdrill. One day Periphelion, Lord of the dead, attacked, infecting Ithurdrill and Jack, John didn't want to fight them, so he tried to bring them back from the dead, he tried to talk them into remembering their old lives, and coming back, to their old lives, but sadly,The gods did not like this, they were mad that John did not kill the undead on sight, so they cursed him, His curse, to always serve the undead, to do anything they tell him, and all he dreamt of was his friends turning undead,:skeleton: a cruel fate, and so he lived....or died, since he also, in a while, died, and got revived, to relive his nightmare.
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    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    Leonas was a half-demon, born of a dog demon and born of a mortal (kind of like inuyasha) but instead of him BEING full dog, he had the ability to turn into one, and in his mortal form, he still has the powers of a dog, but sadly, the behaviors of a dog, and ALL of them...
    *cough* dogspeeonthings *cough*
    In Leonasses early year, his mother (an Elf) was killed in a raid on noom, when the undead had just begun to rise back up to power, they were not prepared for the all-powerful undead...
    His father, (being a demon) was killed by the angels, and Nus, (before he lost his power) being a demon and all,
    So, little Leonas is born, raised, and both his parents (one of them being an immortal being)
    So, you are noom, an evil necromancer, hell bent on destroying the world,
    What is your best shot? Gee, IDK maybe a human with the senses and speed of a dog and the power of magic, maybe y'know, THAT would be a little useful,
    Noom found him in a village as he was burning it down, and brought him back to, (what Cliffor/Leonas says is called) "The Kennel"
    NOTHING is known about the kennel, but to this day Leonas STILL believes that he is a dog, he knows english, but he is postive he is a dog, and whenever anyone mentions war, weapons, animals, Leonas will go off and (literally) dig a hole somewhere,
    even with all this happening, he talks about noom as a father figure, reffering to him as "papa- noom'' and when people say they want to kill him, he begins to act...
    This, (is what is assumed) to be Sanoel, This, is Leonas, but the opposite,
    Leonas is jolly, creepy because he mentions sometime mentions F-d up shit in the happiest ways, he acts like a dog, and he acts more like a beagle, an energetic little pup,
    Sanoel it the COMPLETE opposite,
    Sanoel comes out when anyone mentions anything considered "grown up" Leonas is kept at bay by treating him like a dog, or a child, Sanoel is the part of him that is a real man,
    and it is the demon part of him... Sanoel is vicious, creepily enough, all-knowing, and he doesnt act like a dog...
    but his sense are so hightened that he can smell noom himself from his lair (although that may be due to the fact that he spent years with noom, but that is beside the point,
    Sanoel is an incredible ruler, he has created kingdoms and has destroyed entire races,
    but he never, ever, shows emotion,
    he is blank, never showing it, he could be murdering a mother with her child in her arms holding a puppy, and not bat an eye,
    this is no doubt the demonic bit of him,
    but it could also be due to the fact that when "Sanoel" comes out, he mentions things about how 'those who arent obedient were punished, harshly'
    that is all he has said, considering after this he usually goes back to his quarters,
    Sanoel is often reffered to as multiple names including:"Sovngarde","Lord Bark" (most people who give a dog/elf this name are sent to the dungeon to have an iron rod burnt on their forhead, then on their hips) "FireStarter" and the name he reffers to himself as is, "1210028"
    Now clifford...
    he is the only thing that can make this depressing block of text change, very much,
    Clifford, IS a dog,
    Clifford is a rotweiler, who is very energetic and INCREDIBLY smart for a rotweiler (probably do to the fact that he is also
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