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Character Biographies

Discussion in 'Groups' started by zhuum, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. tallen_clinton

    tallen_clinton Shark Slayer

    Shard Haphazard Singe, full name - Shard Haphazard Shade Fyre Shadow Singe - due to being 3 entity's fused into a single physical form
    22 years of age but was in a comatose like state for 2618 years
    Shard is a half draconic human "black" without wings
    Shard can be considered neutral uninterested in helping or destroying anyone though glimmers of good and raves of evil have lead him "when disturbed by others" to be counted as Chaotic Neutral
    He can usually be found wearing a dark mage cloak and binding chains etched with blue and yellow glowing runes that cover his entire body more like a robe yet thinner and softer "Custom made by the arachne Silk" to be as durable as chain mailed diamond, his eyes are unknown to all but his sisters as the hood keeps them hidden by covering half his face.
    Shard "Commonly called Haphazard" is a Legendary Dark Sorcerer "Not to be confused with Necromancer", dureing his younger years he dealt with several demons both gaining power and knowledge while keeping the contracts and contact to a minimal "As when one tried to breach the contract he proceeded to strangle it to death in front of the others using his own binding chains".

    Shard has been known as one of the most powerful sorcerers in multiple worlds though lacks the will to actually use his power to change anything apart from his lair which remains both passive and well defended from out siders, the most common feeling you will find with other people is confinement as while he uses demon magic, the dark arts, and several other instant massive power outlets, he has not shown open hostility or needless death as most first impressions can come off as down right evil as his aura tends to make people shiver, plants wilt when he starts getting annoyed, and when he gets rarely angry his aura itself has been known to create living shadows under his control, taint the area around him with evil and corruption, and at one point he even summoned a hell hound.

    (Before The Incident)
    Shard used to work in a small now nameless town now lost to history, where his sisters, Crimson & Sainella Rozen lived with him in a small metal worked house, usually working on scrolls he mastered anti magic in a matter of months and proceeded to learn the dark arts selecting the arcane eye beams and cursed flames as his first ever "as he now knows them all and can create new ones on demand", going out by himself as he never liked working with anyone "and as the strong silent type" the missions quests and assignments payed quite high leading up to the point the state military declared him an Elite, though once he found out Shard had them revoke the order and proceeded with freelance work leaving several officials his sister a cook and a small family of mice who were present at the time confused as to why, during the later years Shard preformed several daring feats as his power increased taking on the ghouls and ghosts of the world his next targets becoming the un-dead and necromantic creatures that lurked in the ruins of the old world.
    (The Suspension Blast)
    Tracking a Lich into its lair "the remains of a once great castle" Shard's sisters followed him in backing him up against the legions of the un-dead and golem creations of the necromancer, the ensuring battle lead to a quick defeat by Shard's "hand" as he ripped one of the Lich's arms off and started beating him with it the result not being as amusing as Crimson hoped, backing off the Lich began the incantation of the level 9 spell of Time Stop Shard quickly issuing a counter spell, then it went wrong, his connection with the dark arts led his aura to boost both spells creating a time lock and a magical break both spells combining for a few short seconds in a shimmering golden globe of white sand before it exploded engulfing everyone and suspending them in time.
    Shard was the first to wake 2618 years later the only remembrance was old legends past down by children and elders alike.
    He found Sainella first, a few years older yet maintaining her impish nature as a "new" minor succubus class demon, Crimson herself found to be the new Demon Commander and top of the line, neither of whice he was happy about though he left them alive due to family bond.
    (What really happened)
    Crimson and Sainella were the first to wake finding Shard still frozen in time, heading back home after a single year they continued Shard's work on the dark arts looking for a revival of sorts, finding they could gain the power by becoming demonics both pledged themselves to the under world and gained the power most suited to there characteristics "Sainella working a waiter and Crimson being a leader of a small band of mercenary's" due to a lack of control however both became full demons instead and neither gained the power to revive him, both retreated into the depths of the world guilt ridden and saddened that they had become the thing he had worked so hard to avoid.
    (2618 years later)
    Shard awoke in the city of Mechanism awaking in the apartments third floor of the haunted house where he both found his sisters, scolded them, and now lives a new life with the other residents, the hidden guilt of the time blast still haunts him, not as much as the fact he blames himself for his sisters demon hood though.
    (What changed)
    2618 years living as Fyre Scorchery Singe, an entity created from his subconscious who took an ethereal form, being immortal and powerful, proceeded to live out a new life "which I won't explain here as it will take up to much room", after Shard took control back his magical powers now had 2618 years worth of power and training his mana pool twisted into the infinity symbol "the binding chains keep it in check" and a few smaller things such as being ambidextrous as Fyre was left handed while Shard was right.
    (Oh yeah)
    His shadow is also alive from a side story I wrote "Shade Shadow Singe" who can detach, use his own magic "very potent" and enjoys being laid back though enjoys scaring people.
    (And on that note)
    These characters are trade marked and what ever else people say something like copy right and tm and stuff, anyway, these are from my other 34 full fledged fantasy characters "not the fantasy your thinking of" as I am a book writer and the creator of the book (WIP) Arcane Twilight, I currently have 26 chapters and may quote my characters at my personal whims.
  2. rynardt_sieberhagen

    rynardt_sieberhagen Builder Stabber

    "Some Legends Speak of a Clan of warring people. A clan of Bloodlust and Rage." - Rin

    Turkurz was Born into the harsh Sands of Eden, Trained from birth to fight wars and Regain his clan. Being Red, many called him Thagûrz, Meaning 'Forged in Deceased Blood' As he was born on the day that the Ckeh, download (6).jpg A bird like People that Dwelled the Scorched Deserts, Attacked his homeland. Many orcs were Slaughtered under their Bone Doctors. He was Banished, never to return again...

    When he reached the age of 20, After surviving for 15 years in the desert, the Orc Capital was Destroyed by the Ckeh, and they Started ventruing closer and closer to his Home...
    Turkurz readied his weapons. Two Bloodied and Ragged Axes.
    Though, the Orc Rally of 10 000 passed his house without a notice, He was still wary.

    One Day, whilst hunting Garehka, Lizard type creatures that Burrow deep underground, He smelled Smoke, and Where there is Smoke, there is fire. He looked up to the sky and saw the Towering smoke rising up from the direction of his house. "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x88ic4vjrh4" An Orcish War Horn. He Took his spear and Hurried back to his house, Where he Saw 1000 Orcs Rally, Roaring and Bashing their shields at the Force before them. A Force of Nearly 10 000 Ckeh... Turkurz Snarled, Riding forward on his Bison.

    "Brothers of Azak! I do know we might look like Ants in the Eyes of Them, But to the Spirits, We are like Giants against these Chickens! You may Leave now, Flee, But would you rather, One day in your bed, Think back to this day, When the Mighty Orcs of Eden Rallied with no fear, No Remorse, Glaring and thinking of the Deaths of the Ckeh? The deaths of our Enemies of Bloodied Sand? No! Stand with Me, Turkurz, As Outcast and Uruk, Stand together, To make it a brighter Future, A Brighter Life, In the sands of Eden!" The Orcs Charged, The clank of Battle Battered in Turkurz's Ears. After 4 Hours of Battle, Turkurz saw a Ckeh with a crown ontop of his head. He charged, Screaming in all his might.

    Hours after the Battle has ended, Turkurz Would Stand tall and proud, Because The Ckeh had been Slaughtered, and none of the orcs have sustained any Injuries.
    They all looked at him, all kneeling, But one, Kherak
    "And Why, Would we be such fools to follow one as you? One of Thagûrz? You are a disgrace to Azak himself! A discrace of-" lords_of_war.0.0.jpg
    An orc by the name of Ug, had cleanly chopped off his head, Chuckling. A friendship bonded between the Two, and so, the army made a clan by the name of Athul.

    The Clan deprived suffering and Depression among the Whole of Eden, When they had recruited all the orcs and killed all the races in Eden, They moved to Eve.

    "kulknej, ayh avhe orcuk ro aavhal! kulknej liwo ukurvive, kulknej liwo triumph, kulknej. . . liwo. . . live!"
  3. Darksteel

    Darksteel The see me Boulderin', they hatin'. Donator
    1. Australians United Stand Strong - AUSS - (Invite Only)

    This looks pretty cool, I've been RP-ing one character in particular, so here's his bio:

    Kro-Monok, King of the Skies/Sky King. (CG)
    A young Orc with a fixation for the heavens, he does his best to claim the sky as his own, to the chagrin of the Angels.

    A legend passed down through his family says that Orcs could once fly, until a dark sorcerer stripped them of their wings. Furious at this, Kro-Monok swore that he wouldn't be denied the Sky.
    On his first outing to claim the sky, he met the Angel Aquilla, who, after a large dialogue involving a temporary war with the Elves, promised him the sky if he could retrieve the wings he believes were stolen from him.
    So trusting the old legend, Kro-Monok heads out to find his wings, deep in the bowels of the world, held captive by a dark wizard.

    He claims royal blood, but this claim is dubious. He is no stronger than any other Orc, the only thing that sets him apart is his goal.

    Kro-Monok has short tusks and a fauxhawk, he wears leather breeches when he is forging and crafting, but in combat dons a golden shoulder-spike.
  4. pvt_tod

    pvt_tod Base Burner

    Nice! you kept it short and sweet, that worked well. And on a side note...Thanks for posting! i honestly thought this place was dead for a while... :C

    Yes. 1684 is good