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Read this first! Clans: Section Rules

Discussion in 'Clans' started by FuzzyBlueBaron, Aug 1, 2014.

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  1. FuzzyBlueBaron

    FuzzyBlueBaron Warm, Caring, Benign, Good and Kind Philanthrope Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    Rules for this section are slightly different to the rules for the rest of the forums. Follow them and everything will be peachy. :teabag:

    There are five sections to this subforum: Upstart/New, Social/Casual, Competitive, Dead/Inactive, and Competitive KAG. Each section has a description (explaining how that section works) under its title that can be viewed upon entering that section (I highly recommend reading them; they're pretty self-explanatory, really). NB: new threads can only be created in the Upstart/New section; so, if you're wanting to make a thread for your clan, that's where you should go!

    Apart from that:
    1. You may make only ONE thread in this entire section. There is no need for one person to make a bunch of different clan threads. If you want to make a new thread, you'll have to ask for a moderator to delete your old one first.
    2. No clan 'leader', 'owner', 'president', etc. (specifically: the OP of the clan thread and anyone else listed as a clan leader) is permitted to maintain, or be affiliated with the maintenance of, an additional clan or clan thread. If you are part of a clan A's leadership it is assumed that your devotion to running clan A means you do not have time to also be a part of clan B. Clan threads that list leaders who are already affiliated with another clan in a leadership capacity will be deleted without warning.

    3. You may edit your own thread's prefix. Prefixes are those icons before a thread title, like the "Read this first!" bit in this thread. For the clan section there are two prefixes: "Open (recruiting)" and "Closed (full)". These make it easy for any new person looking to join a clan to view at a glance which ones they can apply to. Please use where appropriate.

    4. Standard posting rules will not apply (although this does not mean this section will not be unmoderated). Instead the rules for posts run:

    4.1 No Flaming (obviously). This only applies to personal attacks on a single person's character. However, clans as a whole is fair game. This means you can talk shit about others clans in your clan thread and you can even tell a clan to their face (i.e. in their own thread) that they suck, etc. ---However: if a flame war occurs and a moderator has to step in then you may be told to pull you head in/go cool off somewhere else.

    4.2 No massive amounts of spam. Spam in this case is defined as several frequent posts by the same people over and over again (bumping) and actual spam (same posts again and again). Single word posts like +1, <reaction image>, #swag, and so on are all allowed.

    4.3 Posting illegal stuff is still banned. Porn, links to hacks, and illegal activities all fall under this. Fairly simple rule. Violators will not be looked upon with mercy.

    4.3.1 NB: the forum-wide "keep it PG-13" clause also applies to the Clans section; however, because this is a section designed for people let their hair down, enforcement of this rule will normally be more lenient than other parts of the forum. Unless, ofc, you start taking liberties with that lenience--in which case we will crash your party like a ton of hot bricks. <3

    4.3.2 Off-topic will not be moderated, but unrelated content might be deleted per request of the clan owner (This rule does not apply for Competitive KAG).
    5. Since posting rules in this section are greatly relaxed post counts and likes will not increase in this forum (just like in Spamcan).

    6. All thread titles will need to follow the following format:
    [Open/Closed prefix, as talked about above] ClanTag - ClanName (or) ClanTag - ClanDescription
    • Example1: #JPEG# - Jealous People Enjoy Gagging
    • Example2: {PNG} - A clan for people who cannot compress
    • Basically, just put your clan tag, a space, a hyphen (one of these: - ), another space, and then something to help distinguish your clan.
    7. Threads themselves should have at least a members list and rules/requirements on how to apply. The rest can be whatever you want as long is doesn't break any of the other rules.

    8. All clan threads must begin in the New/Upstart section. Once at least 4 people are in a clan (and have posted in the thread) then the clan may ask for their thread to be moved to another section (either 'Social/Casual' or 'Competitive').
    • Clans that show no activity in their thread for at least two months will have their threads get moved to Dead/Inactive. Threads can be moved back into the active subforums by request, but will have to stay in New/Upstart until the required criteria (seen above, No. #8) are fulfilled again.
    9. Non-English speaking clans must have their main page in English; however, subsequent posts may be in a different language.

    10. If you want your clan to be moved, feel free to ask @Auburn, @AmestriStephen, @Skinney or @mcrifel.​
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 30, 2017
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