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Application US CodeRedAlert (Nega-Blazerino)

Discussion in 'For Admin on Official KAG Servers' started by CodeRedAlert, Feb 24, 2019.

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  1. CodeRedAlert

    CodeRedAlert Arsonist Tester

    Which continent are you from?: North America

    How often do you play?: All the time

    What times are you usually available?: Eastern Central Time

    Do you have any experience with being an admin on KAG?: No, but I do receive their commands most of the time

    Do you have any recommendations from notable people, such as moderators, server owners or current Official KAG Server Admins?: Heck no

    Why should you become an admin and what makes you a good admin?: I find it often when I play I encounter many people who openly flame, grief team structures and break many rules that if I had some amount of power I could put a stop to.
    What makes me a good admin is I think like the bad people since I am a bad person, there wouldn't be anyone more skilled at it than I am.

    Any other information you think might be relevant?: My application is most likely to be denied due to how people view me, however if I was granted something small like chat moderation ingame and that's it, I could show you how much of an asset I can be to the KAG team.
    Other information is I'm a royal support for the games patreon, I'm four years of age in playing this game, I'm considered best knight by myself, and I have over 1,300 hours.

    What is your Discord username and tag?: CodeRedAlert#0456
  2. bunnie

    bunnie Haxor Tester

    toxic a lot, always does banter, arrogant, wouldn't be a good oksa.
    Erfan, Blubahub and CodeRedAlert like this.
  3. Blackiceball

    Blackiceball Shopkeep Stealer Staff Alumni

    im sure everyone should be considered although they may seem unfit theres definitely a chance that they may be the best fit, although their personality or phrasing of their comments may seem inappropriate everyone should be considered.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
    Sarius6 and CodeRedAlert like this.
  4. EhRa

    EhRa Ooooooof Staff Alumni Donator
    1. KRPG

    Been warned before by admins about using racial slurs. Witnessed him building said slur in wood blocks after being muted.
    Don't think someone who does that is suited for an admin role when there are others more suited
    Blubahub, bunnie, FunATuns and 4 others like this.
  5. Guitarman

    Guitarman Haxor Tester Official Server Admin

    Toxic, does a lot of shit-talking, never seen him take the initiative to teach somebody who needs help. Honestly just don't think he would make for a very good admin.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
    Blubahub, CodeRedAlert and bunnie like this.
  6. Tern

    Tern Quickfish Donator Official Server Admin
    1. Zen - [Zen] - (Invite Only)

    Toxic, immature, irresponsible, and young.

  7. The_Owl_King

    The_Owl_King Arsonist Official Server Admin

    Openly shit-talks people. Probably not the best choice for oksa
    Blubahub and CodeRedAlert like this.
  8. [​IMG]
    You're contradicting yourself saying in one post that contributing to the community and being active gives you no better chances of receiving the role, but in the next post you're saying that a contributing member "deserves a position". (4 minutes apart btw)
    Based off of these comments, and my experience with you ingame, I wouldn't say that you're suited for the role.
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Not open for further replies.