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Congrats to KAG for getting on Steam!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vanguarde, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Vanguarde

    Vanguarde 'Most Hated' 2013

    I have it under very good authority from one of the developers ( Geti ) that in about a month King Arthur's Gold will be Steam bound!
    -snip, please don't disclose common KAG team alt accounts publicly-

    Valve's Steam service is world renown for its excellent service and easy to use interface. Paring King Arthur's Gold 1.0 with STEAM will result in a huge influx of new players and fans!

    I spread the news to video game websites out of sheer glee. I intend to purchase KAG again on Steam for the hell of it, even though I have already purchased a licence to play the alpha. Being a huge fan from the very first day of KAG's release to the general public, this is very exciting. The real money is on Steam and the developers deserve it.

    So a few things!

    1: Are you happy about Steam?
    2: Do you use Steam?
    3: Will you purchase (Or repurchase You won't need to--see Geti's post below! ~Para) KAG on Steam?
    4: Are you concerned about the influx of new players as a result of the impending release on Steam?
    5: Are you excited for the future of KAG the attention Steam will bring it?
    6: Are you excited for the future anti-cheat features that future versions of KAG will implement through Steam?

    As for myself, sadly I won't be able to play the game when it's on Steam because I will be taking part in my 2013 Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike! Last year I completed my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, in about 5 months of hiking. In 2014 I will thru-hike the Continental Divide Trail earning the long distance hikers " Triple Crown".

    But when I get back from my trip this year, I will be just as excited as last year around this time when I parted from the community for a time to complete my hike to see all of the new improvements that future versions of KAG will deliver.

    I leave for my thru-hike of the PCT April 2nd!

    ( for more info on the above hikes, check out: http://www.appalachiantrail.org/ http://www.pcta.org/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continental_Divide_Trail
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  2. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    Whoever is trying to admin away this thread, please refrain from it and put the post back. As inflammatory as Vanguarde aways manages to be, there's no point pretending this is false. Streisand effect and all that. Will post more info soon, just want to get this post in here before the whole thread vanishes.


    We planned to announce this over the next week or two as we geared up public beta release, some of the information has been misinterpreted though.

    I haven't stated that it'll be on steam within a month, just that the announcement was planned to be made within a month. There's still a lot of integration and virtual paperwork to do to actually make the release. We have an App ID though, and the game has been accepted by valve for release.

    This is, fairly obviously, why we've been silent in response to everyone asking us to jump on greenlight; we've actually had the metaphorical "green light" in excess of 8 months now. We just need to get the full version into an appropriate state for release.

    The plan is to get the game ready for public beta, iron out the kinks that turns up, and then release on steam when it's ready. The time frame on this is fairly obviously variable, but the game is coming together nicely at the moment. Once it's polished enough, you guys will get your mitts on it before the rest of the world.

    I'll do a more public announcement over the next week or so since the cat's out of the bag, with something a little more prepared than this post :)

    Re: The set of questions up top, some are problematic:

    3: Will you purchase ( Or repurchase! ) KAG on Steam? - Existing paid users won't have to repurchase the game. As far as we're aware we'll be able to give you guys a key to add the game into steam, though the integration time on that may vary as valve have been quite varied in their response time on various issues.
    6: Are you excited for the future anti-cheat features that future versions of KAG will implement through Steam? - We have plans for our own anti-cheat layer, however VAC would be an extra layer on top of that, and would only affect steam users.
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  3. Vanguarde

    Vanguarde 'Most Hated' 2013

    First off, thanks to Geti for stopping the frankly odd censorship that was trying to be applied to this thread by misguided persons I guess. Censorship sucks, espically for true info.
    I am proud to be the one who was fortunate enough to post this historic thread.

    To clarify questions:

    3: What I meant was I plan on buying the game again on Steam, and not using any key to validate the license I already possess for the current version.
    6: VAC is fantastic.

    I honestly fail to see why my thread on this subject is "inflammatory", its fact what I posted and its confirmed. I could not contain my excitement anymore and decided to make this thread. If in regards to posting the info on the alt, I did so so no one could claim I was lying about this and that I had logs and screenshots to prove it. Thankfully Geti you are professional and had the wisdom to allow this thread to continue as there is no bigger fan of KAG and no one more obsessed about learning everything I can about the game and the team and the members of the community as I am. I simply love KAG and want to help mould and teach the community to mature and be the ambassadors they should be - especially now as the game will soon find an audience on Steam the likes no one has ever seen.

    A mature community that actively rejects hate and slurs is a community that enjoys massive sales as no one chooses not to purchase the game due to feeling uncomfortable and/or rejected by the community due to a few immature, hateful members of a community.

    Steam is playing with the big boys; time to respect your fellow players and give a world class introduction to the soon to be massive influx of new ( and paying! ) players. I am so excited!
  4. VanHuek

    VanHuek KAG Guard Tester

    Wasn't me trying to admin it and this is truly great, public, news as I have been a strong supporter of Steam for a number of years.

    1: Are you happy about Steam?
    Well Answered that above.
    2: Do you use Steam?
    Yes, I have a few hundred games.
    3: Will you purchase ( Or repurchase! ) KAG on Steam?
    Definitely, I will re-purchase it (depending on the price of course)
    4: Are you concerned about the influx of new players as a result of the impending release on Steam?
    I think this will be great and we have numerous 64 player servers set up that I hope will be able to absorb them and also what it will bring for clans with brand new skill and the community I hope picks ups some great people, although us Guards will have to take an extra strain I'm willing to take that on.
    5: Are you excited for the future of KAG the attention Steam will bring it?
    VERY, this is what this game deserves and I hope the amount of scripting/modding done matches the new players so we have a diverse set of tools, specifically with my Sandbox Survival :P A true adventure mode for KAG.
    6: Are you excited for the future anti-cheat features that future versions of KAG will implement through Steam?
    I think this will be very useful although Guards will need more proof as at the moment it is a grand hassle banning people and them just coming back. I wonder if the game will also stay set aside from Steam as well but I also hope KAG gets a brand new UI and a few things are changed, a minimise button is brought in.

    ##Steam Workshop## integration would be very difficult to do but for some things it would work well, even if it wasn't for the game itself but you could just download maps into /base/maps/downloads as that would be neat or texture packs that don't affect the game.
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  5. Vaine

    Vaine Horde Gibber

    Oh no... Not trying to sound hippster here, but if KAG goes mainstream I'll be pretty sad, I like this small community :(, ah well, I suppose it's good for the devs, well done!
  6. Shadreki

    Shadreki ᴋᴀɢ ᴅᴡᴇʟʟᴇʀ Donator

    Meh.. That's just being selfish, I really enjoy playing a well made game in which is also well populated. :)
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  7. Vaine

    Vaine Horde Gibber

    I'm trying not to sound selfish as possible, but what I mean is that it will be harder to meet friends and such :), I'm really happy for the devs and KAG as this could also mean more frequent updates, possibly?
  8. Worm

    Worm Derpship Commander Donator

    The thing I'm interested in, is Workshop for this game...
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  9. rocker2

    rocker2 Ballista Bolt Thrower
    1. PumpkinStars - [Pk#] - Inactive

    Will KAG still be available the way it is now? (Directly through an app, not through a program like Steam.)
  10. PinXviiN

    PinXviiN Bison Rider

    Nah, i only got steam cuz i wanted TF2 and Terraria.
    I hope in the future, that KAG will be avalible on Tablets O.o
  11. Vaine

    Vaine Horde Gibber

    It's honestly a good idea, it will open up KAG to a wider community, and after thinking about it, what could that larger community do with the new scripting build?
  12. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia Forum Sadministrator Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Official Server Admin Tester

    Hmm this is my first time hearing about this. I'm sure Steam will open more opportunities for KAG. Unfortunately, I probably will not "re-purchase" the game since I barely was able to pay for it once. :/
    btw I did not touch any of the posts
  13. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    Surprising that you would tell Vanguarde this... Then again it's also surprising that this news has been under wraps for so long.

    Make sure to write lots of good things on the Steam page, folks. We don't want KAG to have a Cortex Command situation.

    edit: also lol at people complaining that we might lose our cozy little community. that already happened long before you got here.
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  14. BorderKeeper

    BorderKeeper Tree Planter

    Somebody alarm TotalBiscuit when 1.0b comes out :)
    4. I would repurchase if forced, but I wouldnt be happy 'bout it.
    6. I haven't seen cheaters in KAG for a while now.
  15. Bint

    Bint Bison Rider

    Go on Bergice's role-play server, it's like the dark alleyways of KAG.
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  16. Vanguarde

    Vanguarde 'Most Hated' 2013

    Hopefully we can have an option that allows players to enable a filter that blocks out or removes homophobic and racist words and replaces them with ******'s.

    The more freedom that players have to control their experience in game the better. Deranged racist, homophobic players can keep the option off, mature, sane players who reject homophobia and racism can turn the option on. Best of both worlds.

    Vanguarde has been sending form letters to Valve about several games that deserve Steam daily for over a year, KAG was one if the games. I am so happy that it will finally happen!
  17. illu

    illu En Garde! Donator Tester

    Really great news! :) I've always hoped that this would happen sometime. I remember hearing some months/year? ago that you already got your agreement about bringing KAG to a bigger audience but I thought it would happen through some indie publisher and not big-old Valve.
    Of course I'm really looking forward how KAG will evolve the next months and the time after the Steam release. But even more I'm really happy for MM to finally get one of his game to Steam. I've been following his paths now since...hm...I think since early 2004...all his effort creating the awesome game he always dreamed of, struggling with getting the balance between complex game mechanics and reaching a bigger game audience while still making sure to gain some money to pay his daily costs. From Soldat to R to Berserker and Crimson Glory right through Link-Dead. Reading all his devlogs, playing the very first alpha builds, discussing, suggesting and playtesting.
    All in all finally seeing him "succeed" after all these years that I've been following, watching & supporting his ways in the game business, makes me really happy. (Btw, here you can find a nice recap of Michal's past and his game history.)

    Well...enough of the sentimental stuff. King Arthur's Gold is going gold! :migrant:
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  18. BorderKeeper

    BorderKeeper Tree Planter

    Seems like a lot of effort just to ban swear words. To be honest people are not really swearing in KAG. Imagine what would happen if there was a filter added. You would see asterisks everywhere. Same with racism and WWII stuff.

    Sadly I'm not sure what will hapen when KAG will go global. I would say wait it out and if it will go out of control then devs can rig some filter up.
  19. bergice

    bergice Arsonist

    This sounds pretty good, I hope there will be more people playing!

    However, will it work well with the Steam overlay, and will the Alt+Tabbing work bug-free or is this a problem with the irrlicht engine?
  20. Lieber

    Lieber Is Probing Uranus Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    Looks like it's official, nice! I'm excited to see where this is going to go :)

    1: I really like Steam.
    2: Yup, I use it.
    3: I might re-purchase it, to show support to the devs.
    4: A bit, since this time they won't be going on the Classic version to practice.
    5: If it brings more money to the devs, then yes, I am excited.
    6: It will definitely iron out the last speedhackers and cheaters out there, so that's good.