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[CTF] Height

Discussion in 'Maps' started by PhirePuncher, Nov 30, 2012.


So whats your HONEST opinion?

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  1. PhirePuncher

    PhirePuncher Shipwright

    Hiya! So I saw all the cool cats are making the maps... So I thought id give it a try! I've been using This awesome tool by Verrazano! So thank you so much! Without it I wouldn't have done this! :):thumbs_up:
    So the name of the map (If it wasn't obvious.) is called Height. For the lack of a better name... ;) Its a pretty simple map. Nothing too fancy. You basically have 2 towers. One on the Blue's side and one one the Red's side. With a hill thing in the middle (Which has trees, stone, and gold.). You'll want to have builders make a safe way down. Its quite the fall. :skull:

    Also keep in mind that I tried to make everything symmetrical and as even as humanly possible. I couldn't figure out how to use the Mirror tool. Not sure if its implemented in yet or not. But pretty much everything that could be a game changer is correct. Stone and gold in the middle is not even.... At all. But its shouldn't give either team an extreme advantage over the other. So as long as you don't have OCD you should be alright! I've also tested the map so nothing should fall, expload, impload, etc. But if I have looked over something please let me know so I can fix it ASAP!

    I'm also not entirely sure whats the exact size of the map. I certainly hope its big enough. I basically edited the duel.png and turned it into what it is now... If it is too small... Well, i'm not sure what ill do with it:( . But hopefully someone can use it for something!

    As I make more maps ill make a giant thread containing all of them. So i'm not spamming this thread with maps (I have a TON of ideas.). Any of the maps on that thread will be open to everyone and anyone can use them! Don't worry about giving me credit, i'll be sure to make a big 'ole ugly dirt signature somewhere on the map. :B):

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my map! Feedback would be awesome too! (Right click on the map picture and save it. If you want the map that is.)
    New thread guys :)