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Cube World

Discussion in 'Other games' started by Fate, Jan 14, 2013.

Mods: BlueLuigi
  1. xRPEx

    xRPEx Shopkeep Stealer

    It is kinda simple, and gets boring after a while, but once you first play it is a TON of fun.
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  2. Wonkyth

    Wonkyth More precious than carbuncles! Donator Tester

    When it's more content-complete, it'll have more staying power. But for now, yeah, not much to do.
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  3. PinXviiN

    PinXviiN Haxor

    There actully is, if you make yourself some challanges :P
    Ex: 1. Get to level 10
    2. Go and defeat a boss
    3. Tame more than 10 pets
    4. Learn Gliding and sailing
    5. Complete a dungeon
    6. Get all 4 classes to level 50
    7. Collect 10 diamonds
    Etc etc etc...

    You have to keep the game interesting yourself! That's what I do with KAG too. Since it's kinda boring for me, I keep myself intrested .
  4. i guess you're right, i'll go and beat minesweeper with my eyes closed!
  5. xAtticusxx

    xAtticusxx Bison Rider

    I bought this game a few months ago. I had a lot of trouble running it but it was fun. They are currently having problems with intel users. Haha
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  6. Fate

    Fate Studying seashells

    How surprising. Intel gets the short end of the stick 30% of the time every time.
  7. 101i

    101i Haxor Forum Moderator Tester

    It's been around 2 years, a big content patch will be released soon.
  8. PinXviiN

    PinXviiN Haxor

    About damn time. I was thinking what happened to the developers. :rektlord:
  9. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator Donator Tester


    It's funny you still believe that.

    That bastard came out last January claiming he would finally be updating in a week. Guess what? Still no fucking update. He was a year late for a promised update that was already months late, give it up. Even if a patch does come out, it will be trash.
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  10. LemSpike

    LemSpike Builder Stabber

    I have some version I got from a friend who brought it (I think). My morals about piracy have changed since than, so I'm gonna get around to actually purchasing it . . . eventually.

    Great game tho
  11. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    I would advise you to save your money unless the he releases a patch. In all likelihood he had the ideas but not the skill to break through, and is living off of the (significant) money he made on the game, but has not released a patch in nearly two years, not even a small one. If the game was, to compensate this, made quite cheap, that would be one thing, however the game is far from complete, and without any release at all, not a good sign that it will end up anywhere. If it had recent patches it could have easily became as big as Terraria or Starbound perhaps, but sadly, he didn't even stick around as long as the Terraria devs before their first 'leave'.
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  12. LazarusTheGreat

    LazarusTheGreat Haxor Donator
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

  13. Adrianza

    Adrianza Shark Slayer
    1. Zen Laboratories

    But, cube world dont was actualized a time ago, and that make the developters lost people::(::rektlord:
  14. Sytoplasma

    Sytoplasma Haxor

    Druids of mana is really nice and sets a great tone. Aside from that WOLLAY'S BACK FROM THE DEAD HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!


    I'm sorry, I just got so hyped for this game way back when, but I can't run it right now nor do I own it.
  15. Sytoplasma

    Sytoplasma Haxor

    Wouldn't it just be so awesome if we got an antagonist in the form of the Steel Empire?
  16. Sytoplasma

    Sytoplasma Haxor

    I'm just making speculations based on the images provided with the music.
  17. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    Honestly at this point even if he finishes it (he still hasn't fixed his initial problem which as he had stated was pretty deep in the core of his work, I believe was a problem with the the way he did/chose the engine) it'll still have that problem, or he's doing all this work for almost no reason as he still hasn't released a version that has fixed that problem meaning the problem either still lingers (2+ years later), he's redone but is trying to get a large content dump to dump all at once (pitiful choice but people do it all the time), or he's doing useless work now that he'll have to work twice as hard later on to convert after changing, or is basically wasting time if he doesn't have the issue fixed since it affects more than 20% of people who bought it.

    To behonest the only reason I didn't refund at the time was because I wasn't nVidia, and I was hoping he would actually follow through given he did the first time even though it had that huge game breaking bug, and was still alpha so there was much more as well. Now I'm not saying an alpha shouldn't have bugs even ones that big, but it's 2 years later and no change so.... :P

    In fact, he had stated 9~ months ago now that he was releasing an update soon, that update still hasn't made it here... 9 months later.

    At first you can see it as discouraging but when two whole years pass and you can't release even a small update on a promised 'alpha' that was very highly talked about, it's a fail. The chances of him releasing something that will have people actually caring, or basically un-tarnishing his name are like one in a million.
  18. link6155

    link6155 Haxor Staff Alumni Tester Official Server Admin
    1. SharSharShar - [SHARK]

    Glad I didn't buy this game seeing that it's deadware now. I tried the game on a friend's computer and to be completely honest, the game was not what I expected. I know it's a work in progress but I don't see it growing, especially that the developer has not said anything.

    The developers also showed off Plasma, a vector drawing program similar to inkscape, illustrator, sketch, etc. It looks rather promising, but like Cube World there has been no progress.
  19. Sytoplasma

    Sytoplasma Haxor

    Honestly, I'm probably never going to give up on Cube World. If Wollay releasees it ten years from now, I may still buy it, and I may even have a computer that can run it!
  20. Gofio

    Gofio Gunwobbler x3

    I will wait till 2020. If the game isn't a repetition of the same quests and objectives by then, I'll buy five copies. If it is, I give up.
    The music is awesome btw.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 9, 2015, Original Post Date: Oct 9, 2015 ---
    ...and the unholy pact is pretty damn good as well.
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Mods: BlueLuigi