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[DAY-Z] General

Discussion in 'Other games' started by Arkadios, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. Arkadios

    Arkadios الأغنام الأبله Donator

    1: If they point their guns at you too long, you should really kill them. They’re eyeing your baked beans. Don’t let them take your beans.
    2: If they got that box of matches you saw first, which I’m sure you did, look in their bag, and take it. And then drop all of their shit on the ground afterwards.
    3: Don’t stand still in a major city. Ever. Shuffle your ass into a building away from a window, loot quickly, move.
    4. Don’t use the CZ sniper rifle. Whenever you fire, you create a rift in the time/space continuum. Zombies instantly appear, filled with hatred and rage for you, just because you fired that gun. Zombies will despawn from other servers, and respawn all around you in a ten mile radius, just because you fired that gun.
    5. Everyone who uses a CZ is probably a Beaner. Shoot him in the dick, and take his precious baked beans.
    6. Activate your zombie invisibility mode by going prone. Unless you’re crawling under their feet in front of them, they will never see you. Ever.

    Also apart from that post:
    Your Best adventures in Dayz
    How you like to Play/style
    Tips & or tricks
    Steam: ark4dios
  2. Arkadios

    Arkadios الأغنام الأبله Donator

    I myself have gone through batshit insane adventures, on many maps, Chernarus , Namalsk , Tavaina And a few others. I thought I might start with a off with a Namalsk story's. If you have played Day-Z on Namalsk you will know that Namalsk is like, but for those who haven't, id give it a try. It will be the best/worst Day-z experience you will have. Anyway so me and a mate are driving in a V3S on our way to the old hospital (only place in Namalsk you can get medical supplies) when I look out to our left up in the sky, I spot a heli circling around Vorkuta. "Hey what you reckon that helis up too?" , My mate reply's with "idk ae, is it coming our way?" And of course me thinking its just a little bird no threat "yeah nah were all goods, its just circling around", "Oh what type of bird is it? " "I think its a little bird." "Alright all goods man if its just a little bird." As we made our way down the road I hear the heli getting closer, my mate looks around and shouts "FUCK DUDE, THATS NO FUCKING LITTLE BIRD" And me of course clueless, "what?" "DUDE THATS A FUCKING (forgets name of heli, apprently there really fucking rare or something) ", "What?" " YOU KNOW THE ONE WITH FUCKING HUGE GRENADE LAUNCHER ON THE SIDEZ" " Well shit... ;_;" I then realise the heli has is running in a straight line with our VS3 "Alright fuck this" We pull over knocking down a tree, speeding down a hill, my mate yells out "Alright man as soon as the car stops we fucking run alright?!" "yeah yeah yeah I got this" I accidentally scroll out when were going down the hill( ffs...), and fly out of the V3s knocking myself out, and breaking my leg (still alive) the car rolls to a stop, and he guns it out thinking I was still in the car, and was getting out when he was. About when the heli was lining up the shot, Out of nowhere an AS50 rips through the air hitting there engine block causing the heli to loose all power, I catch a glimpse of two gillies ejecting, then my mate comes flying up with the vs3 "alright lets get the fuck out of here" So I roll over and hop in the V3s. Were about 20 meters away before we here shots, the guy who just helped us with the AS50 was killed. And that's when we got the fuck out of there...
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    Is there a officer problem?
  3. Does anyone still play this?
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