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Deadline Announcement + Water and Wood almost here!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Geti, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Downburst

    Downburst Mindblown Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    No you can always go 6 tiles to your left/right. And additional one for every 4 tiles you went up. bridge.PNG
  2. Miauw62

    Miauw62 Shipwright

    Ah, thats good.
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  3. Ivy

    Ivy Shopkeep Stealer

    This is a very nice improvement. New maps look like ports, bridges seem to form the docks. Really enjoyable to watch. I appreciate the opportunity to build wooden walls. They are inexpensive, and convenient for a rapid build. Now the stone is much more valuable and should not be wasted unnecessarily.
    Water was a good idea, and in addition, a real advantage for archers ^^. A good occasion for new strategies.

    You did a good job, that's fine. ;)
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  4. Sir_Edward

    Sir_Edward Builder Stabber

    Here is my only question, since i payed 10 bucks for the damn thing, and i cant complain anyhow... will there be DLC's to this to expand the gameplay? I really wanted the Overworld thing.

    also, i thing that it is mandatory that you add:

    -New Classes
    -New Items (as you said you were planning)
    -More engaging combat features. (wood, fire, and water are great things to have, as well as shield bash.)

    otherwise, what you will have done is added some superficial works on an original creation, and made us pay for it.

    happy deving,
  5. AnRK

    AnRK Shark Slayer

    Dude, this ground has been covered plenty of times but, this is what seems to be around about consensus from the people who have acted reasonably.

    • The guys have already busted their balls making what we've got so far, in no way do I feel shortchanged for my £6 pounds whatever it is, I've played this game an absolute shitload and I've paid alot more for games that haven't been anywhere near as good.
    • Technically from a legal stand point they're allowed to change what they're gonna do with the game at any point, they're still aiming to do quite alot
    • There's an absolute fucktonne of sprites for various things, and they're planning on making modding easier too. Considering there's already plenty modded into the game as is, there's alot of scope for people to do what they want with their servers. Hopefully there'll be everything from mega arcadey servers with machinegun archers and unlimited bombs and whatever, and then more complex ones with different classes and mutliple servers linked together to "make" bigger maps.
    • I don't really get how they've "slapped some etc etc etc" when this is their game, it's not like they've got someone elses' game and given us a zombie mode and some water and made us pay. The fact there's a free to play mode doesn't make premium a rip off for a lack of features, even though there's clearly gonna be alot, and with modding too f2p players will be missing out on ALOT, also the fact there's a f2p version at all is just down to the devs wanting people to play the game and that's pretty cool.
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  6. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    I think there's a misconception here. It's not illegal for you to criticize, it's just that there's a negative kneejerk reaction to it around here as people have been being real dicks about it. You are perfectly wlecome to say you're disappointed, or that there are things you don't like. You can even say that you regret buying the game- these things are important bits of information for the devs. Just don't say it in an inflammatory/accusatory/dickish way.
  7. AnRK

    AnRK Shark Slayer

    Yeah sorry for rising to it a bit, just when people make shopping lists of things that have to be in the game it's a tad annoying, obviously it's fine for people to be disappointed or pissed off or whatever, it's just demanding certain things that have to be in the game isn't really needed.
  8. ArpiG

    ArpiG Shopkeep Stealer


    I will buy the game hopefully next month but,if I don't,I just wanna know.

    Wood will only be for full version?
  9. AnRK

    AnRK Shark Slayer

    It's already in the full version now ;) and yes, it's premium only.