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[denied] UndulatingTitLord

Discussion in 'Archive' started by UndulatingTitLord, Aug 20, 2015.

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  1. fraser741

    fraser741 Shipwright

    Again was not griefing you just like to abuse your power. And Like I said you will see the results of your actions one day my friend.
    I would take it to a pm but wormy would just leave like the girl admin abuser he is.
  2. Snake19

    Snake19 RIP Staff Alumni Donator
    1. [AG#] - Ancient Gear

  3. bunnie

    bunnie Haxor Tester

  4. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

  5. Blue_Tiger

    Blue_Tiger Bison Rider Tester

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  6. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    that doesnt make it irrelevant and it adds to the other more recent greifing claims.
  7. Asu

    Asu THD Team THD Team Forum Moderator


    You are known for griefing (RA proved it and he probably still has the screenshots to prove it and he's not the kind of guy false accusating people and creating false evidence, you know). You've been insulting, threatening, using rules at your advantage (i.e. breaking all common sense rules that does not apply to PMs, which was close to harassing as well) and trolling (still don't try to tell me ATGA is serious) so much people on this community I wouldn't even have excepted you to apply.

    Some of you tell people can change, and I perfectly do know that. But he hasn't showed he did yet. And judging by his behavior like a week ago, he definitively hasn't. It would be a terrible mistake to trust him right now.
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  8. Bammboo

    Bammboo Ballista Bolt Thrower

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  9. UndulatingTitLord

    UndulatingTitLord Óðinn Donator

    I agree with Dargona, please stay on topic here. I am taking this seriously and I don't need people throwing things off away from my application.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 6, 2015, Original Post Date: Sep 6, 2015 ---
    In all fairness I am apply to be one now. That means the person I am now, the player I am now and overall with he intentions of what I promise to do. The job of an admin: fair, just, problem resolving and most of all rule abiding when conducting yourself both their and even to the forums. I am not worried how long I have to wait to prove it, it is understandable for you all to bring up the past as that past full of claims is recent, but I know what I would be. As do my friends who I ask not to post (fraser did it anyway to defend me). I ask them not to post as they are bias as friends, I want opinions from all the people from the rest of the community no matter how brutal.
  10. link6155

    link6155 Bison Rider Staff Alumni Tester
    1. SharSharShar - [SHARK]

    People are basing their opinions on what they've been reading about UndulatingTitLord, that's just ridiculous. We've gave Swine a chance (who was one of the biggest jackass on KAG), I think we need to reconsider what we're saying here. People change and that's a fact, no one stays the same person for their whole life, either we get more mature or we get more immature. Unless you got some concrete proof that he is still immature and hasn't change, your point is invalid. If you got something to say about him, say it in a constructive way rather than blatantly yelling at the top of your lungs about how he was a griefer or a troll.
  11. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    No, people are basing their opinions on what they read from HIM on the forum. In what way is that ridiculous? If someone hasnt shown they are mature in any way then they shouldnt apply PERIOD. The point is only invalid if it is concerning the present. The points made that he was greifing, teamkilling, and everything else,in the past, is valid and if there isnt any evidence of maturity(unless you count his effort in his application) then you have to decide your opinion of him on the past.
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  12. link6155

    link6155 Bison Rider Staff Alumni Tester
    1. SharSharShar - [SHARK]

    Not everything people say is true. When it comes to the applications here, people should be basing their judgement on what they know about them, not what others have said. If everyone just based their opinion on other people's opinion, what's the point? It just becomes bashing and there's no substance to that.

    True, but if it's the past people need to state that. The past is the past, UndulatingTitLord can't just change his action, but he can change what he will do in the future.

    Whatever the outcome is, hopefully he'll come out as a better person from this. We all have done things we've regret and the only thing you can do about it is to prevent it from happening again.
  13. UndulatingTitLord

    UndulatingTitLord Óðinn Donator

    Thank you @link6155

    It is good to have someone explain that opinions about things should be your own, not others, not rumors, not what you have heard, but what you know for certain.

    I know no-matter what I already am coming out a better person on at very least these forums and KAG. Dealing with all these people that seem to hate me I don't even know has made me realize how important even a rumor is (even though a rumor should have no value in society it does). Even if my application fails, which I suspect sadly it will, I am to earn it still. And what I have learned here, and learned about other members has taught me a lot.
  14. Asu

    Asu THD Team THD Team Forum Moderator

    He haven't changed, that's the detail
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  15. UndulatingTitLord

    UndulatingTitLord Óðinn Donator

    How would you know asu? I barly even know you other than when you have argued with much I have ever done just because it does not aline with your personal opinion or feelings.
  16. Asu

    Asu THD Team THD Team Forum Moderator

    By the fact you griefed and @RadioActive caught you near one or two months ago?
  17. EhRa

    EhRa Ooooooof Staff Alumni Donator
    1. KRPG

    Also, I've had multiple times where you and fraser have spammed the chats, excessive swearing, abusing (if that's the right word). Ill try to find a log, when I have the time and feel like digging through them.
  18. Asu

    Asu THD Team THD Team Forum Moderator

    I do have one where @fraser741 spammed. Edit : dated from 15/07/09
      20: [12:58:47] Munto (fraser741) has joined Red Team
      21: [12:58:47] fraser741 connected as Munto
      22  [12:58:47] jiller plays (tatu124) has joined Blue Team
      23  [12:58:47] tatu124 connected as jiller plays
      27  [12:58:47] [LabZ] Asu (AsuMagic) has joined Red Team
      28  [12:58:56] <kill bjossi19> impissed guys help me or ill spam
      29: [12:58:58] <{SAP}Munto> I like to spam jabs
      30: [12:59:00] <{SAP}Munto> in your mum
      31  [12:59:04] <kill bjossi19> +
      32  [12:59:06] <kill bjossi19> y
      39  [12:59:36] <[LabZ] Asu> * uh *
      40  [12:59:42] <[LabZ] Asu> * keep this here in case *
      41: [12:59:43] <{SAP}Munto> in your mum
      42  [12:59:54] <[LabZ] Asu> get rekt, bjossi
      43  [12:59:56] <kill bjossi19> pen koffi plzz
      45  [13:00:01] <kill bjossi19> a
      46  [13:00:06] <RUN! Penkoffi> bjossi get the fuck out of there
      47: [13:00:07] <{SAP}Munto> I like to spam jabs
      48  [13:00:09] <kill bjossi19> fine ill sucide
      49: [13:00:10] <{SAP}Munto> in your mum
      50  [13:00:10] N00B9 connected as N00B
      51  [13:00:12] N00B (N00B9) has joined Red Team
      55  [13:00:40] <RUN! Penkoffi> yeah
      56  [13:00:44] <[LabZ] Asu> we bet?
      57: [13:00:58] <{SAP}Munto> I like to spam jabs
      58: [13:01:19] <{SAP}Munto> in your mum
      59  [13:01:32] <RUN! Penkoffi> fuckiong rat
      60: [13:01:33] <limbo12> Munto, shut up.
      61: [13:01:40] <{SAP}Munto> I like to spam jabs
      62: [13:01:42] <{SAP}Munto> in your mum
      63  [13:01:45] Blue Team's flag has been picked up by AsuMagic!
      64: [13:01:52] <kill bjossi19> kick munto for spam
      65  [13:01:54] <limbo12> I also like spam in yours.
      66: [13:02:07] <{SAP}Munto> In what my dick slit
      67: [13:02:10] <[LabZ] Asu> munto YOU were spamming
      68  [13:02:11] BlakJak99 connected as BlakJak
      69  [13:02:12] BlakJak (BlakJak99) has joined Red Team
      72  [13:02:24] <[LabZ] Asu> you ain't capping that
      73  [13:02:36] bjossi19 left the game
      74: [13:02:37] <{SAP}Munto> ok I know the world is close to ending coz of my spam
      75: [13:02:42] <{SAP}Munto> in your mum
      76  [13:02:55]  * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
      77  [13:02:55]  * Remember, swapping to the smaller team makes you a better person!
      79  [13:03:09] GnomeMG connected as GnomeMG | D Lookin
      80  [13:03:10] GnomeMG | D Lookin (GnomeMG) has joined Blue Team
      81: [13:03:13] <{SAP}Munto> In what my dick slit
      82  [13:03:31] Luiz96 connected as LOIDE
      83  [13:03:32] <[LabZ] Asu> get rket
      92  [13:03:49] <[LabZ] Asu> * zombieland *
      93  [13:03:50] <[LabZ] Asu> * follow me *
      94: [13:04:00] <{SAP}Munto> In what my dick slit
      95: [13:04:04] <{SAP}Munto> in your mum
      96  [13:04:06] <[LabZ] Asu> * aw *
      97  [13:04:09] <Zombieland Citizen> ops :D
      104  [13:04:27] --- BlakJak99 Voted Against ---
      105  [13:04:40] Justice_tw connected as Justice tw
      106: [13:04:41] <{SAP}Munto> Oh coz I am only the best player you have
      107  [13:04:41] Justice tw (Justice_tw) has joined Blue Team
      108  [13:04:42] CapitanForceX connected as Damocle
      112  [13:04:46] <FoxTheFurry ~X~ Andy> fuck
      113  [13:04:48] --- Xaimani Voted In Favour ---
      114: [13:04:48] <{SAP}Munto> in your mum
      115  [13:04:51] --- Vote cancelled by admin AsuMagic ---
      116: [13:04:51] <{SAP}Munto> In what my dick slit
      117  [13:04:51] MistakenMist5 connected as Pie
      118  [13:04:54] <NR GnomeMG | D Lookin> ez keg
      119  [13:04:55] Pie (MistakenMist5) has joined Blue Team
      120: [13:04:55] <[LabZ] Asu> Munto, stop spamming
      121  [13:04:59] <Damocle> Yo!
      122  [13:05:02] zeebiezoo connected
      146  [13:06:13] Blue Team's flag has been picked up by CapitanForceX!
      147  [13:06:13] <[LabZ] Asu> geti would not enjoy ehe
      148: [13:06:16] <{SAP}Munto> my dick slit
      149: [13:06:21] <{SAP}Munto> in your mum
      150  [13:06:21] Blue Team's flag has been returned!
      151  [13:06:24] limbo12 left the game
      156  [13:06:39] <daskew> MEN WE CAN DO DIS
      157  [13:06:39] Mariuslabomba connected
      158: [13:06:39] <[LabZ] Asu> muted 10 minutes Munto, stop spamming
      159  [13:06:40] <sinitreo> <3 this game
      160  [13:06:41] Mariuslabomba has joined Red Team
      161  [13:06:41] <[LabZ] Asu> ahah
      162: [13:06:46] <{SAP}Munto> [Player muted on this server]
      163  [13:06:51] limbo12 connected
      164  [13:06:52] limbo12 has joined Blue Team
      183  [13:07:52] Killy07 connected
      184  [13:07:54] Killy07 has joined Blue Team
      185: [13:07:55] <{SAP}Munto> [Player muted on this server]
      186  [13:08:01] <RUN! Penkoffi> fucking rat
      187  [13:08:07] <Zombieland Citizen> fuckn noob :D
      217  [13:08:55] Blue Team's flag has been returned!
      218  [13:08:59] <sinitreo> uh?
      219: [13:08:59] <{SAP}Munto> [Player muted on this server]
      220  [13:09:02] <sinitreo> I'm not
      221  [13:09:14] <Pie> y cannot i builldd
    (sublime text research in my logs for matching "munto", does not include his other usernames. I don't have ones for undulating, maybe @Leo can provide some? at least if he cares about it)
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2015
  19. Dargona1018

    Dargona1018 Ballista Bolt Thrower

    That's the thing, though.
    We aren't.
    A large portion of the active members on the forums have come upon one of Undulating's "past" moments, and then, in curiosity, looked at his stuff. Just browsing his and fraser's profiles sorta speaks for themselves.
    I don't understand how you have such little faith in us having opinions of our own.

    Also, Asu, if it doesn't include Undulating, don't bother posting it.
    Sure, fraser and undulating seem to be partners in crime, but there's no reason to post something only showing fraser.
  20. link6155

    link6155 Bison Rider Staff Alumni Tester
    1. SharSharShar - [SHARK]

    A "-1" doesn't mean anything if you don't have proof to back it up. When it comes to discussion thread, opinions always end up polarized. Once people make up their mind about someone, everyone else follows.
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