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Donald (TheDirtySwine)

Discussion in 'Reports for Abusive Players/Cheaters' started by ffsff, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. ffsff

    ffsff Bison Rider

    Server: KAG Official TTH EU No. 3

    Time: 8:19 - 8:30 CDT (about 3 hours ago)

    Chat Logs
    [20:19:01] TheDirtySwine connected as Donald
    [20:19:03] Donald (TheDirtySwine) has joined Red Team
    [20:19:09] <radical Donald> i hate niggers
    [20:19:14] <radical Donald> oops wrong chat
    [20:20:24] <radical Anonymuse> fucking retard
    [20:20:31] <The Koolaid Man> join me
    [20:20:37] <The Koolaid Man> to take the holy land
    [20:20:42] <Primal Fear> * start pulling *
    [20:20:50] Eil0nwy left the game
    [20:20:59]  * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [20:20:59] caveman1983 left the game
    [20:21:18] Donald (TheDirtySwine) has joined Blue Team
    [20:21:50] Anonymuse left the game
    [20:21:58]  * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [20:21:58]  * Balancing Zubolo to Red Team
    [20:21:58] Bisquik Mystic (Zubolo) has joined Red Team
    [20:23:14] Zubolo left the game
    [20:23:28] caveman1983 connected as bodybags
    [20:23:31] bodybags (caveman1983) has joined Red Team
    [20:23:52] <radical Donald> RELIGION OF PEACE
    [20:23:58] <radical Donald> RELIGION OF PEACE
    [20:23:58] <radical Donald> RELIGION OF PEACE
    [20:23:59] <radical Donald> RELIGION OF PEACE
    [20:24:04] <radical Donald> WHO TF GRIEFED
    [20:24:10] <radical Donald> GODAMN RACIST WHITE PEOPLE
    [20:24:33] <radical Chukka> yo load this into the cata
    [20:24:44] <radical Donald> fuick wrong button
    [20:24:45] <General Tekuta-sama> HAHAHAHAHAHA
    [20:24:56] <mak777 1 IQ> who the fuck destroyed our tower
    [20:25:05] <jacob.exe> dirtyswine, stop
    [20:25:07] <radical Donald> probably mak777
    [20:25:16] <mak777 1 IQ> are you brainless ?
    [20:25:22] <jacob.exe> I have a recording of that
    [20:25:24] Supplies will drop at your halls.
    [20:25:38] <radical Donald> of mak destroying our base
    [20:25:39] <radical Donald> ??
    [20:25:41] <radical Donald> thank god
    [20:25:44] <mak777 1 IQ> well you should open your fucking eyes because it wasn't me
    [20:25:46] <radical Donald> griefers need to be stopped
    [20:26:04] <jacob.exe> I believe it was actually you donald
    [20:26:10] <radical Donald> WHAT?!!!
    [20:26:13] <radical Donald> I WOULD NEVER GRIEF
    [20:26:15] <radical Donald> IT WAS MAK
    [20:26:21] <radical Donald> YO GIVE KEG
    [20:26:34] KnightEagle connected
    [20:26:36] KnightEagle has joined Blue Team
    [20:26:47] <mak777 1 IQ> i got catapulted
    [20:26:53] <mak777 1 IQ> how tf could i keg our own tower
    [20:26:56] <radical Donald> NICE GRIEF MAK
    [20:27:16] <jacob.exe> donald
    [20:27:22] <radical Donald> fuck
    [20:27:25] <jacob.exe> stop
    [20:27:26] <mak777 1 IQ> oke i recorded it all
    [20:27:33] <mak777 1 IQ> nice job donald
    [20:27:47] <mak777 1 IQ> prepare to get reported
    [20:27:52] <radical Donald> no u
    [20:28:00] Anonymuse connected
    [20:28:02] Anonymuse has joined Red Team
    [20:28:04] <radical Donald> who tf keep griefing?!?!!?!
    [20:28:08] <mak777 1 IQ> I
    [20:28:09] <radical Anonymuse> hey guys i'm an undercover guard, what's happening?
    [20:28:16] <jacob.exe> 1 IO, tell me when you report him
    [20:28:22] <jacob.exe> I will add my pov to it
    [20:28:31] --- A vote was started by msr83 ---
    [20:28:32] --- msr83 Voted In Favour ---
    [20:28:33] --- ffsff Voted In Favour ---
    [20:28:33] --- TheDirtySwine Voted Against ---
    [20:28:34] --- PrimalFear7 Voted In Favour ---
    [20:28:38] <radical Donald> why kick?
    [20:28:42] <radical Donald> mak is griefer
    [20:28:48] tomboylioness left the game
    [20:28:48] <mak777 1 IQ> because you keep griffing
    [20:28:52] --- Chukka Voted Against ---
    [20:28:52] <mak777 1 IQ> an annoying everyone
    [20:29:00] --- Vote failed: 3 vs 2 (out of 8) ---
    [20:29:04] <mak777 1 IQ> if you don't leav ima report you with the video
    [20:29:31] <radical Donald> NO PLEASE
    [20:29:32] <radical Donald> DONT REPORT
    [20:29:36] <radical Anonymuse> ez
    [20:29:36] <Thot Slayer> gg
    [20:29:36] <mak777 1 IQ> i will
    [20:29:36] <radical Anonymuse> ez
    [20:29:36] <radical Donald> I WOULDNT EVER GRIEF
    [20:29:37] <radical Anonymuse> ez
    [20:29:39] <Flueric> gg
    [20:29:41] <mak777 1 IQ> you did
    [20:29:44] <mak777 1 IQ> i filmed it
    [20:29:45] <mak777 1 IQ> tywice
    [20:29:47] <The Koolaid Man> boat bois
    [20:29:47] Primal Fear (PrimalFear7) is now spectating
    [20:29:54]  * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [20:29:58] Map: Jungle
    [20:29:58] <jacob.exe> did you actually record him?
    [20:29:58]  * Scrambling the teams...
    [20:29:59] <radical Donald> i bomb jumped poorly by accident
    [20:30:03] Supplies will drop at your halls.
    [20:30:04] Crunchwrapsupreme left the game
    [20:30:06] <mak777 1 IQ> Yes i recorded it
    [20:30:06] Horror left the game
    [20:30:09] <radical Anonymuse> i wish i could depopulate this server
    [20:30:11] <mak777 1 IQ> he kegged our own base twice
    [20:30:13] <radical Donald> it was an honest mistake
    [20:30:16] Anonymuse left the game
    [20:30:16] <jacob.exe> I did too
    [20:30:17] Chukka left the game
    [20:30:20] <radical Donald> i thought it was red
    [20:30:22] <VirtualGamer450> wo record?
    [20:30:26] TheDirtySwine left the game
    Reason: Griefing

    Comments: TheDirtySwine griefed the team's hall multiple times and then proceeded to blame other players.

    Attached Files:

  2. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Banned/flagged globally for 5 days. Thanks for reporting.