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DragonForceGaming EU and USA (EU: CustomMaps)

Discussion in 'Server Archives' started by hugio88, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. hugio88

    hugio88 I am the king of KAG! Donator

    Hai There :D
    I got a server running right now, it would be nice if you guys joined ::)::thumbs_up:

    Some Information about it!

    Server name: DragonForceGaming CTF!
    Number of slots: EU: 20 USA: 24:skeleton:
    Gamemode: CTF:blue::red:
    Server location: Germany and USA (east coast)
    Global Moderation: On
    Any settings changed: Builders get 300 stone and 500 wood when preparing time is going on!

    I Accept all kinds of custom CTF Maps!!! If you would like your Map added on my Server, then contact me on skype: Woragh
  2. Humblar_Tabulu

    Humblar_Tabulu TURTLE Turtle turtle... Donator

    Is this the DRGN clan by any chance?
    --- Double Post Merged, May 13, 2014, Original Post Date: May 13, 2014 ---
    If your server is DRGN Take The Halls w/ custom maps, then you have an abusive admin (also a known griefer).

    If you have someone named Desire as admin on your server (He has other accounts as well), Then you need to take away his privileges. He is abusive, Trolls people, and Kicks just for someone doing better than him. He is a known griefer, and will kick any Zen or Lk member that joins the server without reason.

    I know of many people who can testify to this abuse, so if you need to, I can give you names.

    If this isn't the server I'm trying to find, then please, don't disregard this message, but keep an eye out for the guy. If anyone knows of any other aliases this guy goes by let me know!

  3. Nand

    Nand Arsonist Tester


    I'm fairly sure these are two different servers but I can definitely back your claims about Desire. TBH I think Desire is just an alternate account for Alsehr.
  4. Humblar_Tabulu

    Humblar_Tabulu TURTLE Turtle turtle... Donator


    It is in fact his other account. He has more supposedly.

    It's funny because Desire (Alsehr) is an admin/owns this server, and will ban or kick you for being better than him. He bans all Lk, and apparently some other clans who enter the server. He is also a known griefer among the community, and now that i think about it, the reason he probably banned me is because he was most likely banned from one of our servers for griefing, and has a hard on for Me. lol

    Oh Well...

    Some servers are better left not played I guess, even though I was having fun with the custom maps.
    But hey, good thing Last Kings Has 2 servers which have decent admin, and people are punished for a reason!