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Drivable vehicles too fast?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Solomon-Grundy, Aug 16, 2013.

Mods: Rainbows
  1. Solomon-Grundy

    Solomon-Grundy Shopkeep Stealer

    Nearly every time I deploy a catapult or ballista, within 10 seconds, some genius (sarcasm) gets in the driver seat and drives it off a freaking cliff. Almost every freakin' time. I think part of this is that there's no label about which "seat" you're getting into, and also that people just wanna drive the hot rod around. I think it'd help if the movement speed was slowed WAAAAAYYYYY down. It's a wooden catapult/ballista moved manually, not a car.
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  2. LostPix

    LostPix Base Burner

    Siege machines have this weird acceleration that suddenly makes them go really fast and really silly suspension that keeps flipping them around all the time on terrain, instead it should make the ground rumble and break trees on the way as it slowly advances to battleground while devouring everything on its way, they feel like some mine carts or cars as you described especially ballista seeing how big and fat it looks.
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  3. Monsteri

    Monsteri Slower Than Light Tester

    Yep, they should be way slower and just do some terrain destruction instead of oddly bobbling around. They don't atm feel heavy at all, contrary to how they look.
  4. Invaders

    Invaders Shark Slayer

    I can't tell you how many games I've joined where the first hall has like 3 ballistas bouncing on trampolines for 'defence'.
  5. Vermilicious

    Vermilicious Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Oh yes, I absolutely agree.
    It must, however, be possible to traverse uneven terrain in some matter, so a little bobbing will be hard to avoid I think. Tricky.
  6. Boea

    Boea Such Beta

    What? What? I'm kinda glad that they stopped doing this!

    Anyways, as with most entities, their terrain collision is mostly dictated by a circle, so it does make them cumbersome at times.
    I don't know what's worse, getting an unnatural fear of driving them on uneven terrain, or discovering what Indiana Jones felt with the boulder trap.
Mods: Rainbows