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Discussion in 'Reports for Abusive Players/Cheaters' started by SlayerSean, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. SlayerSean

    SlayerSean FYI: it's pronounced "seen"

    Server: KAG Official CTF AUS

    Time: 1 day (about 23 hours) ago

    (excuse my excessive language...)

    [14:10:00] Blue Team's flag has been picked up by SlayerSean!
    [14:10:32] <Seanharrs> tfw i told everyone to trap the tunnel 20 minutes ago
    [14:10:43] <Seanharrs> eps
    [14:10:44] <Seanharrs> dont be
    [14:10:45] <Seanharrs> ta fuck
    [14:10:48] <Seanharrs> YOU FUCK
    [14:10:54] <AUSS Stevedog> SUCK DICK SEAN
    [14:10:54] Blue Team's flag has been returned due to teamwork!
    [14:10:55] Red Team's flag has been captured by Stevedog!
    [14:10:55] --- A vote was started by SlayerSean ---
    [14:10:57] <AUSS Stevedog> gg
    [14:10:57] --- eps0003 Voted Against ---
    [14:10:58] --- caelum_james Voted In Favour ---
    [14:10:58] --- SlayerSean Voted In Favour ---
    [14:10:59] <MaJoR �Outlaw�> gg all
    [14:11:06] <Seanharrs> kick the bastard
    [14:11:09] caelum_james left the game
    [14:11:09]  * Scrambling the teams...
    [14:11:09] [VILNE]Reflex (Batman1) has joined Red Team
    [14:11:09] Seanharrs (SlayerSean) has joined Blue Team
    [14:11:09] thenuttbrocks has joined Blue Team
    [14:11:09] Stevedog has joined Red Team
    [14:11:09] <Seanharrs> fucking
    [14:11:11] <Seanharrs> kick him
    [14:11:29] --- Vote failed: 2 vs 3 ---
    [14:11:32] <Seanharrs> fuck you
    [14:11:33] Stevedog is now spectating
    [14:11:35] <Seanharrs> fuck th ehell off eps
    [14:11:36] <�psilon> <3
    Reason: Griefing.

    Comments: Video clearly shows he doesn't even try and protect himself and the flag after returning to the enemy base, and chat logs demonstrate he has absolutely no remorse.
    Anszej likes this.
  2. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    From the video it seems to me that he just got cocky and tried to be in the front charge with flag. Didn't look like really intentional grief. That said I don't see the whole course of the match. I won't globally ban him but we'll keep an eye on him.