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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by s-m-k, Oct 5, 2016.

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  1. s-m-k

    s-m-k THD Team THD Team

    The game runs too slowly. What can I do?
    NVIDIA's g-sync might cause the game to run in slow motion.
    Who knows why, probably the driver's bug or that feature just doesn't like frame-based games. We recommend turning it off for Butcher.

    Some video card drivers might force certain games to run at a half of vsync rate, which means that if your monitor's refresh rate is 60 Hz, the game will be forced to run at 30 fps. Butcher needs 60 fps to run properly. Just make sure the vsync is disabled for Butcher.

    Another possibility is that your video card is a bit weak. Butcher should generally run fine on integrated GPUs, but it's impossible to predict how it will behave on older ones. Try reducing the resolution. If that doesn't help, turn off the CRT filter (it can be slow on older video cards) and then decals (smoke, fog etc.).

    Also, make sure you don't run any heavy programs in the background, as it might reduce Butcher's performance as well. Check out if you don't have any resident processes (e.g. anti-virus software) that eat up most of the available RAM, clog the CPU or do some heavy hard disk operations.

    If there's nothing else to be done, well, maybe buy a modern cheap non-integrated GPU

    When I run the game the screen goes black, but I hear music and sounds, how to fix it?
    Some people made it work by running the game without Steam overlay (or running it outside of Steam).

    Another solution: press Alt+Enter when the game is loaded, it should go to windowed mode, then re-set your preferred resolution in options.

    If that doesn't work, there's a possibility that some of the asset files might have been corrupted due to random causes (a disk error, network error during download, etc.). In that case, try following the instructions in this link: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335.

    Make sure you have d3d9.dll in your system (it's required by the game to run in Direct3D mode). If not, try installing this even if you have a newer version of DirectX: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109

    Untested solutions, but they sometimes work for other games with similar issues:

    Another possible solution for Windows 8+: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYMd6dslThM (just put butcher.exe instead of Assassin's Creed executable).

    If none of the above works, try running it on another computer/OS. If you find another solution that worked for you, please tell us or post it somewhere, it will help other players.

    The game doesn't work on Linux.
    It appears that the Unity linux player is somewhat buggy and may crash the game on launch. The following solutions were proposed by the Steam Community.

    [Workaround proposed and verified by Cheeseness and Sturm]
    Try removing your config file and start the game. You can find it in .config/unity3d/THD/Butcher

    If that doesn't help, then:
    [Workaround proposed by MartynHare]

    1. Don't use Steam Runtime. Use Native Runtime.
    2. Run the game headless using -batchmode command line argument - verify game works without display (music etc. should play)
    3. Edit your settings.json inside ~/.config/unity3d/THD/Butcher to enable Windowed Mode
          "contrast" : "1",
          "screenShrink" : "1", 
          "windowed" : "True"
    4. Launch game from command prompt inside a Terminal/Console
    5. When inevitable blue window appears and starts going mad, just Alt-Tab to your Terminal session...
    6. Enjoy your working game!

    I have a rare technical problem, but nothing from the FAQ helps, can I ask authors directly?
    Since we're a very small team we don't have the means to test every possible setup, but try posting on our Troubleshooting forum/in our Troubleshooting thread - maybe we or the community members will be able to help out with your problem. We can't guarantee that every question will be answered, though. We won't be asking for your patience, as you're a BUTCHER player and apparently you still haven't smashed your keyboard, so you must be a zen monk anyway.

    I'm stuck on a level, what can I do?
    Short answer, git gud. Long answer: try planning your approach beforehand. No ammo? Utilize melee and saw where possible to get some free ammo. Try approaching enemies from a different side if possible, learn to move fast and shoot simultaneously, so that foes have a hard time aiming at you. Also, it's useful to kick enemies near you (to stun them), while shooting others placed far away.

    Why is this game so f***ing hard?
    Because it's meant to kick your a**.

    Why is the game so expensive?
    Drugs are pretty expensive and we only do the good ones.

    Your game sucks, kill yourself.
    Do you know what a "question" is?
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.