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Feasible vanilla class consept, The Short staff class, quarter staff or spear

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by PooManCHU, Jun 14, 2017.

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  1. PooManCHU

    PooManCHU Shopkeep Stealer

    This is a thread, dedicated to some idea on mine, which a would like to share, and hopefully brain storms other ideas, i want this thread to delve deep into the nature of this class, concept, and there for will be fleshed out over time by me, and these message will be edited by me as well. i will be using alot of language like could, would, possibly and maybe. this is because these are just ideas of mine and Nothing else. THD has no obligation what so ever to implement any of said changes, and if in the event were wonderful happens. they hold the rights to change ant parts of said idea, to balance as to whats gets in game.

    oh btw i will be making references to the existing classes, for explanations sake. ok with that out of the way The class.

    .1 the weapon: ether an iron banded staff, a spear not a javelin. or bill hook, essentially a wheat sickle attached to the end of a staff. the staff
    users weapon as longer than a knights sword, but because it's two handed nature the user is unable i equip a shield, at the same time.
    Edit((decided to change weapon, as i am drawing the sprites now i have to decide on a weapon. i picked the voulge, witch is like cleaver blade attached to a long stick with a spear-tip as-well, as this gives me a greatest flexibility for moves. the voulge has a point and a blade, i thin cutting blade not an hacking axe blade like the halberd. well less of a hacking blade than the halberd but still more blunt than a glaive but you get what i mean.
    talking about sprites. i will be uploading the progress of the sprite sheet to this thread, as i work on it, and when it's done i will upload it to resources. also i have been trying to learn to mod kag but after about 5 hours of reading, watching videos, downloading programs, and just looking at the Kag, base files. i still have no clue how to begin, i made a hello world program in C++, but so what i still have no clue what the Kag files mean. if there are any KAG modders reading this post then i ask you, please would you help me to learn to mod KAG, i have bought a mic and am waiting for the shipping currently, i am eger to learn, that being said pixel art is my main passion making the sprites. so maybe we could colab and i could help program but mainly do the art, like eps said below if i want THD to look at this. you'd need to make some kind of prototype mod))

    2.The Moves: the poke or sweep , a changed attack same load time and damage as a knight single strike, two hearts. longer range able to hit more than one opponent just like slash.

    The Staff strike: i straight clobbering to the face with hard wood, but jokes aside, this attack as essentially the quarterstaff use..., wait stuff this. from now on im gonna be be calling it the staff-man. ok essentially the staff-mans jab, i quick strike dealing half a heart of damage to knight, because of there armor and one to archers is they wear little. but, this moves real usefulness would be because if you hit a archer at all with it. or a knight that's charging a slash or running or sliding towards you with there shield down. it will stun them just like if you were a jab a knights shield, if you hit shield however it will just cause a very minor knock-back affect, speaking of knock-back it would also be possible i knock down bomb jumpers from getting over your walls, and in this case depending on height it would be a kill move as the knight would be speed up towards the ground while in mid air, plus the stun= splatter, would take alot of skill tho obv's.

    Now onto move witch has been giving me the most trouble balancing,
    Impale: a slow attack that delivers a hearty blow, able to pierce deep or even straight through an opponent, as the user it putting all his body weight and momentum into the attack, this one would be hard to use effectively if used with no or little downwards gravity or momentum gained from wall pushing, it would still be able to one shot an archer, but towards knights it would act just the same as the poke, only with the ability to break shields but cause no damage itself, only useful for helping other knights or archers. but if used with speed or momentum, it has the ability to to skewer a knight or builder causing four hearts of damage, said move would look i bit like a slash stomp. against archers,it standing right next to each other you could go right through one casing instant death and into the other, like how you can get two archer kills with one double slash as knight.

    ok thats it for now it's getting late. ive only just scratched the serface, and will be adding more tomorrow, plase comment if you have ant ideas. next comes equipment ideas

    3.Equipment: there is a limit og four item per fighting class for balance reasons, this class will be no different

    the weighted net: the weighted net,could trap players, if that happens to be knight that gets caught it would take one double slash or two slashes for the knight to break free, that's only about a second, I'm pretty sure water bombs last longer. anyway while traped he would still do damage to players of the other team that come up to fight him at the same time he's freeing him self from the net, but because of the net restricting his movements his slash attacks would havereduced damage output so a double slash would only deal two hearts of damage instead of four, as other knight can change in and deal full damage too you, jabs would be different because you can poke through the holes. obviously it would take skill to land a net just as it does with bombs or arrows or anything in KAG. this go's for all equipment ideas.

    the tar jar: like the name says a jar filled with hot tar or pitch, whitch would cause burn damage and slightly reduced movement speed and/or the inability to jump for 1-3 sec maybe, but that's pretty op so just a reduced jump so 4 blocks instead of 7. in my opinion it would be best if it worked like a water bomb a water bomb.

    the next one i just came up with now as i writing this,and i am still deciding if if should be equipment or part of the default gear load out what do you guys think. it's more like a something a builder would buy, in the way that's it's sole intention is not just to kill like bombs and arrows. it's the...

    thick leather belt: a thick leather belt long to wear normally, this belt is used to climb trees, give i abilty to climp trees , or rather shimmy up them. being alot more crude and thb just worse than the archer grappling hook, it shows climbing with this is slower, and there for more risky, soyou might be asking yourself if it's so risky and slow why would i even use it. well with the impale move i was talking about it would be possible to be a filthy camper and get kills from the tree with this, well until they see the top of you spear poking out the top lol, depending on tree size of coarse. also ig a tree happens to to next to a tower you might just be able to get over, with a volt off the wall from the top of the tree, what is the volt move you ask, well stay tuned, because next up is class movement and health. View attachment 59941

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    Last edited: Jun 16, 2017
  2. asger75

    asger75 Haxor

    Lol, at first look I thought atthetta wrote this, hehe.
    anyways, I'm pretty sure skinney made a load of spear sprites and stuff... Ircc @Skinney
  3. Skinney

    Skinney THD Team THD Team Forum Moderator Tester

  4. atthetta

    atthetta Builder Stabber

    I really like and support your idea of a 'polearm' 2h type class. I think halberd would be best though, possibly allow them to change or upgrade weapons (staff, spear, halberd) using coins with a polearm shop?
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  5. epsilon

    epsilon Assonist THD Team Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    I'm always against new class ideas since they're too hard to imagine in battle without some sort of prototype mod. If you could find someone to make a mod with this then it would be easier for people to see how it works, especially if you want THD to add it.
    an_obamanation likes this.
  6. FoxyLady

    FoxyLady Haxor Staff Alumni

    I remember when the modder tsillev use to host the spearman as a seperate class. Those were good times.
  7. PooManCHU

    PooManCHU Shopkeep Stealer

    Look atthetta, i dont know this, but i think you may have skipped the portion of that comment were i say adding in EX/perks or tiered weapons or upgrades, would totally destroy KAG's balanced, skill based combat, the spear is the best choice as, while i can imagine a decent spear being on par with a sword, in damage output, a halberd would just deal more damage in my mind, but that's just me. atthetta all of Kag's vanilla classes don't have tiered weapons, and they don't need-em because they have tiered attacks, this is how it should stay.

    true eps, they are really hard to imagine them working in battle. and that is why i will be fleshing out concepts, and trying to make them as balanced as possible, at least on paper anyway. i would love for some help on a KAG mod, as i dont have any experience on making them. but i am keen to learn and help out. what i can do is draw decent pixel art for KAG. if if there if anyone interested in teaching or helping. i would be happy to work on the sprites.

    i said something along theselines to galen the other day, here it is. KAG has had just the three classes since 2011. and thay are, from what i can tell close to perfect, so adding almost anything new would tip everything off balance, and piss off heaps of the players, i cant blame them i would be myself. i so think if there was some kind of test server with a pass code, say a 10 or 8 players slot ctf map, people that sign up on the forums, who knew that they were getting into. could test new stuff, until it was balanced. and ready for the official servers. and they would not get annoyed, because that's what that signed up to do. just an idea
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 15, 2017, Original Post Date: Jun 15, 2017 ---
    These look great i love the twirling glide move, i hadn't even thought of that yet myself. it's just i would like to use a custom body I'll make instead of the knights one. a sheet based on my standing spear-man sprite at the bottom of the thread
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2017
  8. atthetta

    atthetta Builder Stabber

    The thing about a 2-handed class is that it's offensive, not defensive, since it lacks a shield. It shouldn't have a shield. Halberd is great because it fits the medieval theme better than spearmen. Spears are limited and have more to do with antiquity than medieval periods. Spears became outdated and ineffective during the Middle Ages.

    I recommend that if there were a 2-hand class added to KAG that halberds could be used to destroy wooden doors quicker, and also stone doors slowly. This would make the class much more offensive. But they would be very susceptible to archers and skilled knights who use shields properly. After all, the benefit of a deeply offensive class is that it has little defensive capabilities to survive in combat. Thus a 2-hand class could balance out with the already implemented classes.
  9. PooManCHU

    PooManCHU Shopkeep Stealer

    who said that, a well rounded class should be able to be played offensively and defensively, like the knight archer and builder are. as knight you can be slash jumping over the front line walls and getting into outnumbered fights, or you can be turtleing back at base, protecting archers and hurling bombs, as archer you can snipe or be grappling the walls and shotgun shooting people to the face, and with builder you can to building shops at base and gathering stone, or you can be building traps dropping spikes and building at the foot of your enemies base. relating KAG's theme, to the real life period of which it was based om is pretty pointless to see because KAG's setting is very lose. E.g we have powder keg's and bombs, but still build stone walls and use catapults, in reality would be using cannons ot at least trebuchet. also the thing about the spears is not true, army's were not a massive sitting force, no that's the knights. and still there not sitting there training and sparing, and maybe going overseas. when i kings go's on campaign, he conscripts peasants, mainly farmers. just replace there pitchfork with a spear, tell them to poke stuff like they poke there hay and your good. sword and bow need years of training. a am currently making the sprite sheet and im going with a voulge type weapon, witch is like cleaver blade attached to a long stick with a spear-tip as-well, as this gives me a greatest flexibility for moves the voulge has a point and a blade, i thin cutting blade not an hacking axe blade like the halberd. well less of a hacking blade than the halberd but still more blunt than a glaive
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2017
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