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Discussion in 'Reports for Abusive Players/Cheaters' started by ParaLogia, Jun 12, 2019.

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  1. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia tired Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    CTF EU No. 2

    11 Jun 2019, 11 PM EST

    Chat Logs
    [22:15:55] Getindor connected as Fortnite2D
    [22:15:57] Fortnite2D (Getindor) has joined Blue Team
    [22:16:04] <PaperLuigi> oh no
    [22:16:06] <WolfX X-TEMPEST> they get rekt
    [22:16:08] <friend Mexer> rip
    [22:16:12] <SerbianChevap> nice
    [22:17:07] cbryant21 connected as The Grand Mason
    [22:17:11] The Grand Mason (cbryant21) has joined Blue Team
    [22:17:11]  * COLLAPSE by Getindor (size 154 blocks)
    [22:17:14] <ParaLogia> * uh *
    [22:17:14] <ParaLogia> uh
    [22:17:15]  * COLLAPSE by 1Manu1 (size 9272 blocks)
    [22:17:16] <ShnitzelKiller> what
    [22:17:17] <MasterBro2001> lol
    [22:17:17] <[BoW] RA> Nice griefing my ude
    [22:17:18] <friend Mexer> wtf
    [22:17:19] <ShnitzelKiller> who did that
    [22:17:22] <PaperLuigi> who did that
    [22:17:23] <[BoW] RA> Paper griefed
    [22:17:27] <PaperLuigi> how
    [22:17:28]  * [RCON ParaLogia] \freezeid 41667
    [22:17:28] <SerbianChevap> what a fuckin dick
    [22:17:31] ParaLogia is now spectating
    [22:17:31] <.Fortnite2D> ?
    [22:17:33] <[BoW] RA> By removing the backwall?
    [22:17:34] <PaperLuigi> how can i
    [22:17:34] <friend Mexer> god damnit
    [22:17:36]  * Balancing cbryant21 to Red Team
    [22:17:36] The Grand Mason (cbryant21) has joined Red Team
    [22:17:36] <PaperLuigi> i was at the top
    [22:17:38] <.Fortnite2D> Paper did it not me
    [22:17:42] <MasterBro2001> 2 grifers in a row
    [22:17:43] <friend Mexer> i want one match without griefing
    [22:17:44] <[BoW] RA> I think it was paper
    [22:17:46] <PaperLuigi> dude i was at the top of it
    [22:17:47] <ParaLogia> the collapse log says this guy did it
    [22:17:49] <PaperLuigi> i built the
    [22:17:51] <.Fortnite2D> no
    [22:17:54] <PaperLuigi> workshop thing
    [22:17:55] <Vidar> no mercy
    [22:17:56] RA (RadioActive) is now spectating
    [22:18:00] <ParaLogia> i've seen your name before fortnite2d
    [22:18:00] <.Fortnite2D> bro
    [22:18:01] <[BoW] RA> Imma check the replay
    [22:18:04] <ParaLogia> usually that's a bad thing
    [22:18:08] <Vidar> for god sakes
    [22:18:10] <WolfX X-TEMPEST> aww hahah get ban
    [22:18:10] <ParaLogia> if you can, RA
    [22:18:14] <SerbianChevap> nicht shop pls
    [22:18:19] Getindor left the game
    [22:18:26] <PaperLuigi> well youre gonna owe me an apology because i did nothing
    [22:18:29] <SerbianChevap> ncoie
    [22:18:30]  * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [22:18:40] <friend Mexer> i'm also curious
    [22:18:44] <Guiltea> maybe it was an accident
    [22:18:57] <WolfX X-TEMPEST> lol wtf
    [22:19:03] <SerbianChevap> nice
    [22:19:05] <ParaLogia> yea getindor has a prior grief report
    [22:19:05] <friend Mexer> inb4 guiltea is guilty
    [22:19:09] <SerbianChevap> bullshit buit nice
    [22:19:09] <[BoW] RA> I was wrong actually
    [22:19:09]  * Balancing balonboydazueira to Blue Team
    [22:19:09] balonboydazueira has joined Blue Team
    [22:19:10] <Guiltea> :(
    [22:19:15] <[BoW] RA> It for a fortnite dude
    [22:19:19] <[BoW] RA> Was*
    [22:19:23] <ParaLogia> ok, thanks
    [22:19:24] <PaperLuigi> see what did i say
    [22:19:27] <[BoW] RA> Para check BoW discord
    [22:19:31] <[BoW] RA> Imma post a screenshot there
    [22:19:33] <Guiltea> dang fortnite players
    [22:19:34] <WolfX X-TEMPEST> lets go
    [22:19:50] <SerbianChevap> ok what
    [22:19:51] OceanPuddles connected
    [22:19:51] <PaperLuigi> why would i break our tower
    [22:19:54] OceanPuddles has joined Blue Team
    [22:19:54]  * [RCON ParaLogia] /ban Getindor 3333
    [22:19:56]  * COLLAPSE by ShnitzelKiller (size 6 blocks)
    [22:19:56]  * COLLAPSE by ShnitzelKiller (size 106 blocks)
    [22:20:00]  * COLLAPSE by XTEMPEST12 (size 7306 blocks)
    [22:20:06]  * Switching RadioActive back to spectator - teams unbalanced
    [22:20:07] <Vidar> just check the logs
    [22:20:19] <[BoW] RA> Soz Luigi, I was so sure I saw your name over there
    [22:20:20] <friend Mexer> my shops ):
    [22:20:25] <MasterBro2001> bruh
    [22:20:44] <PaperLuigi> i was over there but i was ontop of it
    [22:20:45] <Guiltea> they have a keg D:
    [22:20:48] ParaLogia has joined Red Team
    [22:20:54] RA (RadioActive) has joined Blue Team
    [22:53:42] <SODGeneral FailureOfAWalrus> the lag came
    [22:53:48] <ShnitzelKiller> he teleported behind us
    [22:55:19]  * COLLAPSE by truffulaseed (size 5 blocks)
    [22:55:27] <SODGeneral FailureOfAWalrus> rip
    [22:55:27] balonboydazueira left the game
    [22:55:30]  * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [22:56:41] Red Team's flag has been picked up by truffulaseed!
    [22:57:02] Red Team's flag has been returned!
    [22:57:12] Red Team's flag has been picked up by FailureOfAWalrus!
    [22:57:13] Red Team's flag has been picked up by ShnitzelKiller!

    Griefed tower

    RA recorded the video, but didn't get the scoreboard in the footage. My logs tell us the real username though. Additional witnesses include Vidar and Mexer.
  2. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

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