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[Griefer] BaconLover

Discussion in 'Reports for Abusive Players/Cheaters' started by ParaLogia, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia tired Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    Server:Pankee's WARhouse

    Time:~9:40 PM EST


    Chat Logs
    [21:07:19] BaconLover connected.
    [21:07:20] BaconLover has joined Red Team
    [21:07:32] BaconLover has joined Blue Team
    [21:28:48] <ParaLogia> ...
    [21:28:52] <ParaLogia> our entire basee
    [21:28:57] <ecbello> its still burning!
    [21:28:58] <Sapi> Don't die, little dude!
    [21:29:06] <BaconLover> because nobody did the water bucket lol
    [21:29:09] <Morngrim> hey!
    [21:29:18] <BaconLover> at least the merchant flies :P
    [21:29:22] <ParaLogia> stupid firee
    [21:29:25] <ParaLogia> who even started the fire
    [21:29:27] <Munchgun> I can see it's harder to get into boats now
    [21:29:29] <Morngrim> Fuckin guy!
    [21:29:29] <Sapi> Now we have to protect i
    [21:29:31] <ParaLogia> blues don't have fire tech
    [21:29:36] Hicapp connected.
    [21:29:37] Hicapp has joined Red Team
    [21:29:37] <xfrozenrain> SORRY
    [21:29:38] ecbello left the game
    [21:29:38] <ParaLogia> IT'S STILL GOING
    [21:29:38] <jdnvodka> more like immpossible
    [21:29:39] * xrznan * has been voted to be kicked by PPEMtponx (1/5)
    [21:29:43] <xfrozenrain> OMG
    [21:29:45] <Soap chilly20> we took some of your fire arrows
    [21:29:51] 852258 connected.
    [21:29:52] 852258 has joined Red Team
    [21:29:53] <xfrozenrain> THAT WAS A COMPLETE ACCIDENT
    [21:30:02] <Morngrim> D:
    [21:30:03] <Morngrim> FUCK!
    [21:30:05] <BaconLover> it's still burning :(
    [21:30:08] <Morngrim> boats, op
    [21:30:11] <xfrozenrain> I WAS TRYING TO MOVE IT CLOSER
    [21:30:11] <Morngrim> nerf rams pls
    [21:30:11] <ParaLogia> this is d-day!
    [21:30:20] Atrox Zeeee80 left the game
    [21:30:31] <Morngrim> that was an insult to d day
    [21:30:35] Guitarman connected.
    [21:30:36] Guitarman has joined Red Team
    [21:30:43] <Morngrim> FUCK!
    [21:30:47] <benburger> kickin ass an' takin names
    [21:30:48] [604] Seanshoots left the game
    [21:30:49] 852258 left the game
    [21:30:50] <Morngrim> WHY DOES WATER DO NOTHING
    [21:30:51] <Guitarman> hm
    [21:30:55] <Morngrim> WHYYYYYYYYYYYY
    [21:30:59] <Munchgun> Did all of it burn? O_o
    [21:31:00] <Sapi> What do you mean 'does nothing'?
    [21:31:02] <xfrozenrain> .
    [21:31:02] <jdnvodka> !?>#@?!@>?1
    [21:31:17] 852258 connected.
    [21:31:19] 852258 has joined Red Team
    [21:31:19] <ParaLogia> llol bluess
    [21:31:37] <ParaLogia> middle base...
    [21:31:44] <ParaLogia> it's completely gone
    [21:31:48] USA xnathancx left the game
    [21:31:57] <jdnvodka> why won't this end!
    [21:32:00] <Gasoline> again
    [21:32:02] <Gasoline> really?
    [21:32:05] <Gio32k> ...
    [21:32:07] Zenny33 connected.
    [21:32:07] * Balancing BaconLover to Blue Team
    [21:32:07] BaconLover has joined Blue Team
    [21:32:07] <xfrozenrain> CRAP
    [21:32:08] [XTO] Zenny33 has joined Blue Team
    [21:32:08] Zenny33 is now known as [XTO] Zenny33.
    [21:32:11] Supplies will drop at your halls.
    [21:32:11] Supplies will drop at your halls.
    [21:32:12] * xrznan * has been voted to be kicked by Cayos4 (2/5)
    [21:32:25] Gio32k left the game
    [21:32:27] <Crazytoast42> THERE IS ABSOLUTELY no reason for you to even be in the ballista.
    [21:32:27] <QC_Fil> come bacj!
    [21:32:29] <jdnvodka> cant even get in the fucking boats
    [21:32:29] <xfrozenrain> SHIT!!!
    [21:32:33] <Crazytoast42> SO don't even make an excuse dumbass.
    [21:32:36] * xrznan * has been voted to be kicked by mnu (3/5)
    [21:32:36] [XTO] Zenny33 left the game
    [21:32:41] * xrznan
    [21:32:51] Krack connected.
    [21:32:52] MHD Krack has joined Blue Team
    [21:32:52] Krack is now known as MHD Krack.
    [21:32:58] <MHD Krack> yo
    [21:33:09] <xfrozenrain> PLS dont
    [21:33:15] <QC_Fil> finish the door!!!
    [21:33:17] <Morngrim> i dunno man
    [21:33:20] <Morngrim> he's got 23 kills
    [21:33:23] Okaham connected.
    [21:33:24] [BCB] Okaham has joined Red Team
    [21:33:24] Okaham is now known as [BCB] Okaham.
    [21:33:39] Nighthawk connected.
    [21:33:41] Nighthawk has joined Blue Team
    [21:33:45] <Sapi> Rape their wives
    [21:33:47] <benburger> DEFEND THE CASTLE
    [21:33:48] JonWinkle connected.
    [21:33:49] JonWinkle has joined Blue Team
    [21:33:51] Archeaus connected.
    [21:33:52] Archeaus has joined Red Team
    [21:33:55] Nighthawk left the game
    [21:33:55] <Crazytoast42> I DIE FOR MY PEOPLE.
    [21:34:04] <QC_Fil> destroy the door!!!
    [21:34:17] Archeaus has joined Blue Team
    [21:34:19] <ParaLogia> factr4oyiaw
    [21:34:20] <thedefiant> need bombs mate
    [21:34:26] <Munchgun> this hole here could be a big problem :P
    [21:34:33] BaconLover has joined Red Team
    [21:34:53] <ParaLogia> factories
    [21:34:55] <SneakerXZ> we lost all trees
    [21:34:55] <xfrozenrain> no MEE
    [21:34:57] <ParaLogia> military suuplies
    [21:34:58] <Soap chilly20> All this fighting for a king and his gold, a king that never showed his loyal face since alpha/
    [21:35:02] <Soap chilly20> :P
    [21:35:04] <ParaLogia> moar
    [21:35:22] <benburger> need wood
    [21:35:26] <ParaLogia> KICK BACONLOVER
    [21:35:31] <ParaLogia> HES GRIFEINAW
    [21:35:37] <BaconLover> i'm tyring to change for stone
    [21:35:39] <BaconLover> madness
    [21:35:39] * Team mates are near the item you want destroyed.
    [21:35:44] <BaconLover> burn dejavu xD
    [21:35:46] <ParaLogia> the
    [21:35:51] <Crazytoast42> YOU DIE WITH HONOR!
    [21:35:54] <ParaLogia> yeras right
    [21:35:58] <Gasoline> nicely done
    [21:35:59] <Ajax> AND COCKS IN YOUR ASS
    [21:36:03] <ParaLogia> you brok th backwall
    [21:36:10] <xfrozenrain> SORRY
    [21:36:17] <benburger> come on man
    [21:36:17] <Crazytoast42> SOMEBODY KICK FROZEN ALREADY.
    [21:36:18] <Guitarman> whats going on down here?
    [21:36:19] <benburger> why
    [21:36:20] <Morngrim> thats no reason
    [21:36:25] * xrznan
    [21:36:26] <Guitarman> do you have a light?
    [21:36:27] <benburger> you wasted wood :(
    [21:36:28] * Bcnoe
    [21:36:32] Whitherunn connected.
    [21:36:32] <xfrozenrain> k
    [21:36:33] <Guitarman> ty
    [21:36:33] [WFG] Whitherunn has joined Blue Team
    [21:36:33] Whitherunn is now known as [WFG] Whitherunn.
    [21:36:35] * xrznan * has been voted to be kicked by Aa
    [21:36:35] <xfrozenrain> k
    [21:36:35] <Morngrim> well..
    [21:36:36] xfrozenrain left the game
    [21:36:37] <ParaLogia> 6dw
    [21:36:37] <Morngrim> it grew.
    [21:36:37] <Gasoline> lol how does everyone manage to kill all of the trees XD
    [21:36:41] <Morngrim> AW SHIT YEAH
    [21:36:45] Tylda connected.
    [21:36:47] Tylda has joined Blue Team
    [21:36:48] <benburger> oh lol
    [21:36:51] <Munchgun> whew
    [21:36:54] <Morngrim> well fuck
    [21:36:55] <Tylda> hi
    [21:36:57] <benburger> your "wood" grew XD
    [21:37:10] <pearlsncurls> awdw
    [21:37:12] <benburger> rly
    [21:37:13] <Ajax> oh fug
    [21:37:15] <Gasoline> aaand...really
    [21:37:15] <[BOSC Icyknuckle> lololol
    [21:37:20] <Ajax> not my fault nigga
    [21:37:25] <Ajax> arrow hit grenade bolt
    [21:37:39] <Ajax> ;_; it w-wasn't my fault
    [21:37:54] <Ajax> An arrow hit the bomb that was fired
    [21:37:56] <Crazytoast42> FOR ZE PEOPLE.
    [21:38:02] <Crazytoast42> FOR ZE MUTHERLUND
    [21:38:11] <Ajax> NICE SHOT
    [21:38:19] <Archeaus> GUTS OR GLORY LADS
    [21:38:40] QC_Fil left the game
    [21:38:44] <benburger> wrong direction
    [21:38:50] <benburger> screws up movement
    [21:38:56] <Cerevox> how do you row?
    [21:39:07] <Guitarman> press s
    [21:39:10] <Munchgun> It's a good thing blue didn't think of taking over this clearly undefended hall
    [21:39:22] <Crazytoast42> EVERYWHERE WE GOO (EVERYWHERE WE GO
    [21:39:24] <Crazytoast42> PEOPLE WANNA KNOW
    [21:39:25] <Crazytoast42> WHO WE ARE
    [21:39:27] <Crazytoast42> SO WE TELL THEM
    [21:39:28] <benburger> where are the seeds
    [21:39:33] <[BCB] Okaham> WE ARE TIGERS
    [21:39:33] <Crazytoast42> WE ARE THE HAWKS, MIGHTY MIGHTY HAWK
    [21:39:34] <benburger> god dammit
    [21:39:40] <MHD Krack> S
    [21:39:41] <Crazytoast42> I THINK
    [21:39:43] <Soap chilly20> blackhawks?
    [21:39:47] <Gasoline> aaand we just lost the boat
    [21:39:47] <benburger> somebody's gone and eated the seeds again
    [21:39:48] <Crazytoast42> I'M GOING WITH HAWKS
    [21:39:48] <Archeaus> DIE WAFFEN LEGT AN
    [21:39:48] <Soap chilly20> I just read something on
    [21:39:48] <Morngrim> WE ARE THE MIGHTY MIGHTY COCKS
    [21:39:50] <Gasoline> not so mighty now, are we?
    [21:39:55] <Morngrim> well shit
    [21:39:55] <MHD Krack> ...
    [21:39:56] <Crazytoast42> THERE ARE TREES DEAL /W IT
    [21:39:57] <Soap chilly20> Beiber disrespecting the blackhawks
    [21:40:00] <[BOSC jakedongs> welp
    [21:40:03] <Soap chilly20> I read somethin on that
    [21:40:20] <dragon712> They're at our first base
    [21:40:24] <ParaLogia> BACONLOVER
    [21:40:25] <ParaLogia> GRIEFING
    [21:40:25] <Crazytoast42> Stop moving the saws holy shit guys.
    [21:40:26] <[BCB] Okaham> bah
    [21:40:29] <Tylda> ok ;P
    [21:40:30] <[BCB] Okaham> i dont even
    [21:40:31] <ParaLogia> kick him!
    [21:40:32] <mangus> sup
    [21:40:35] <[BCB] Okaham> just leave me alone
    [21:40:37] <[BCB] Okaham> i wont do anything
    [21:40:38] <[BCB] Okaham> fuck..
    [21:40:40] <Crazytoast42> SHIT ON FIRE
    [21:40:42] <Gasoline> fire!
    [21:40:45] <[BCB] Okaham> wowwwww
    [21:40:47] <Guitarman> yes
    [21:40:48] <Crazytoast42> FIRE FIRE FIRE.
    [21:40:48] <Ajax> DAMN
    [21:40:50] <[BCB] Okaham> douche alert
    [21:40:56] <Crazytoast42> LE BUCKET PLS
    [21:40:58] <ParaLogia> KICK BACONLOVER
    [21:40:59] <Crazytoast42> yay
    [21:41:03] <ParaLogia> HE KEEPS DESTROYING OUR BASE
    [21:41:05] * Bcnoe
    [21:41:06] <BaconLover> MIGHTY BLUES
    [21:41:10] <Morngrim> i'd say we're pretty good at not dyin
    [21:41:11] * Bcnoe
    [21:41:11] Alex10200000 connected.
    [21:41:12] <Soap chilly20> MIGHTy REDS
    [21:41:12] BaconLover left the game
    [21:41:13] Neard Alex10200000 has joined Red Team
    [21:41:13] Alex10200000 is now known as Neard Alex10200000.
    [21:41:15] <Soap chilly20> YOU POSE A CHALLENGE
    [21:41:18] <Soap chilly20> :D
    [21:41:19] <ParaLogia> thank you

    Reason:Griefed reds middle base. I saw him try many times, and I'm pretty sure he griefed several times before, but we couldn't catch him in action.

  2. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Got reported by a guard and banned.