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Windows Guard/Rank Colors in-game

Discussion in 'Server Help' started by Soulflint, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Soulflint

    Soulflint Builder Stabber

    I am an owner of a 10 slot server rented monthly on gshost.us. I use noscrambleteams on my server. My server's name is Breeze's TDM. 24/7
    I have a couple questions after tinkering with the files for a whiles.
    My top priority question; "Is there anyway to make my server's guard ranked users a different color than red?" (When pressing tab)
    I have managed making their color different than a normal user's color by editing the ../Security/guard.cfg. On the features line, I added admin_color. Is there an option like guard_color? If possible, I would like the color to be green.
    name = Guard
    users = agenthightower
    roles = guard;
    commands = ban; banhost; banid; freezeid; help; kick; kickhost; kickid; list; listbans; login; mute; muteid; players; printseclevs; swapid; unban; unbanhost; unfreezeid; unmute; unmuteid;
    features = always_change_team; admin_color; freeze_immunity; ignore_immunity; join_full; map_vote; mark_any_team; mark_player; mute_immunity; name_mouseover; name_mouseover_spectator; pingkick_immunity; skip_votewait; spectator; view_collapses; vote_cancel;
    assign =
    Question #2, is there a way to enable commands for myself only? By commands I mean options from sv_test 1, like !bomb.
    Question #3, This question is totally unrelated to my server. I had in the past the situation that guys have worn the FaZe clantag. Though they were not members of the clan. What can I do if people pretend they are in FaZe clan though they are not?
    Thanks for any answers guys. If I am being flat dumb off of any of the questions, just let me know. Join my server sometime :thumbs_up:
  2. Vamist

    Vamist THD Team THD Team Tester

    1. nope, No way to change the colors. Only way to do it is to use mods.
    2.Mods once again. Although, I think you can edit chat commands.as server side to see if it makes a difference.
    3. It's your server. Do what you want. Ask him to remove it or just ban him. It's your server, your rules.
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  3. epsilon

    epsilon Assonist THD Team Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    I think he means in general and on any server.
    If people are wearing your clan tag when they aren't in your clan the only thing you can do is politely tell them to take it off. You can't complain to admins since it isn't a bannable or kickable offence afaik. They'll just tell the guy wearing the clan tag to take it off and maybe they'll listen to them. I've had this issue with people wearing our TOXIC clan tag and there wasn't much I could to until they got bored and took it off eventually.
  4. Soulflint

    Soulflint Builder Stabber

    gotchu, thanks for the reply
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 19, 2017, Original Post Date: Mar 19, 2017 ---
    Dang, I wish it wasnt like that; thanks thou