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Video Guards VS The World Videos

Discussion in 'KAG Media' started by evene, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. evene

    evene Builder Stabber

    Hello guys, as the Guards VS The World Event is back, so are the videos. I got two or three more recorded games that I will post here. Enjoy :

    #1 First one - The Bridge over the sea :

    Url : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNXHUA54tOw
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  2. sonnhy

    sonnhy Catapult Fodder

    Can't see :huh?:
  3. evene

    evene Builder Stabber

    Edit : On chrome do as trot888 said if you don't see the video.
    And I should have posted in KAG Media sorry.
  4. trot888

    trot888 Bison Rider

    There should be a shield on the url bar click it then click allow.
  5. Bene

    Bene Free cookies for everyone! ☭ Tester Donator

    I also made some Videos.
    If you wonder about the logo - I didn't want to spend money on the software for my first try so I used their trial version.
    If you wonder about the music - I was too lazy to handle the audio myself so I used the Youtube ad music feature. I then discovered that I can't ad more than one song. So I took classical music because it was the only thing I could think of that has the right length (you can't just tell them you want a 25 minute song you have to use keywords). Beethoven and Mahler go quite well with KAG I think. :note::D

    This was in warmup when we used secret hax. Because we can.

    This was the last match. Guards won. Watch my awesome digging skills for 20 minutes followed by an even better bomb.

    Here it was pretty close

    This is the end of us guards being outnumbered without hope

    Another full game (with blue being chickens at the end)

    Have fun. I have another one from the water map but my upload is really slow.
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  6. GoodleShoes

    GoodleShoes Catapult Fodder

    Oh geez, me going on about boats. What was I thinking. Lol. :D
  7. Bene

    Bene Free cookies for everyone! ☭ Tester Donator

    Here is the water map video and another one I couldn't embed in the previous post because of the limit of 5 media things.

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  8. FliesLikeABrick

    FliesLikeABrick THD Team THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    To whichever of you is iwicast: what software did you use to record your screen? I know there are a bunch out there, I'm wondering which specific one you used
  9. Beelzebub

    Beelzebub Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Is there a thread for discussing Guards vs. the World?
  10. FliesLikeABrick

    FliesLikeABrick THD Team THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

  11. SeanAS

    SeanAS Meth Addict Donator
    1. Zen - [Zen] - (Invite Only)

    this is cool thank you.
  12. evene

    evene Builder Stabber

    I used Fraps, then it's encoded with virtualDub, codec is x264.
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  13. Quimbo

    Quimbo Shopkeep Stealer

    Hey, cool stuff.
    I wish I had been present...
    Kind of fun and thanks for the videos ! Useful for the unfortunate who missed this event.
  14. SlyStalker

    SlyStalker Shopkeep Stealer

    damn i thought the event was for the whole day!!! i couldnt attend the event because its 7 am where i am :( i wish i could have played :QQ:
  15. Beepo

    Beepo Asian Faggot Donator
    1. Delta Force - Delta

    press tab, ffs xD
  16. VanHuek

    VanHuek KAG Guard Tester


    </br>--- merged: Apr 18, 2013 8:54 PM ---</br>
    Would post the whole thing but just me talking to myself as everyone else was on a different speaker.