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Discussion in 'Reports for Abusive Players/Cheaters' started by Viken, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Viken

    Viken Horde Gibber

    TIME: About 1 hour ago.
    SERVER: [bhtp] Mainserver.

    Chat-log of my experiences with HarryDaDevil a short while ago - unfortunately I didn't nab a video or screenshots, but if I spent this much time manufacturing a fake chat-log then I could forge a picture too. Aside from being generally incompetant and offensive towards other players, Harry began actively griefing after losing a few games.

    Shortened/highlighted for your convenience. Red = Henry's chat messages. Purple = admin leaving the server.
    Black = other important bits. --------- = end of round, or thereabouts.

    [00:26:09] Trying to connect to... [bhtp] Mainserver
    [00:26:22] <Viken> Hello.
    [00:26:34] <[BoW] Jessetius> Hey
    [00:26:47] <HarryDaDevil> FUCKING DEFEND
    [00:26:52] <HarryDaDevil> Noob team...
    [00:29:06] <[OnR] Raphenix> 2vs1, smile, smile
    [00:30:17] <[ARG] burdalesa> HACK
    [00:30:31] <HarryDaDevil> Fuck off
    [00:32:29] <HarryDaDevil> I'm just improving the looks
    [00:32:37] <HarryDaDevil> I know we've already lost :/
    [00:32:43] <[BoW] Jessetius> We're leading
    [00:32:48] <Viken> 30-27 and we've already lost?
    [00:32:59] <HarryDaDevil> Look at our defenses.
    [00:33:32] <HarryDaDevil> Yes.
    [00:33:41] <HarryDaDevil> Since this is shit
    [00:33:50] <HarryDaDevil> We might aswell make the shit look good
    [00:35:53] Youmilpouf left the game
    [00:36:16] <HarryDaDevil> I would help
    [00:36:19] <HarryDaDevil> But I'm useless :)
    [00:41:24] <HarryDaDevil> You were saying, Jenesis?
    [00:41:28] <Viken> gg, my bad.
    [00:41:33] <[BoW] Jessetius> Mmm?
    [00:41:39] <farcry11> FALL BAC
    [00:41:39] <HarryDaDevil> *Jessetius
    [00:41:44] <HarryDaDevil> "31vs25"?
    [00:42:35] <[YB] SirLanceAlittle> I didn't get to topple it
    [00:42:54] <farcry11> That's a good name
    [00:43:25] <farcry11> IT IS
    [00:43:34] <farcry11> START THE BRIDGE
    [00:43:39] <[YB] SirLanceAlittle> bye bye
    [00:43:39] <farcry11> BUILDERS
    [00:43:40] <HarryDaDevil> BUILDERS
    [00:43:42] [YB] SirLanceAlittle left the game
    [00:47:28] <HarryDaDevil> We failed
    [00:49:05] <HarryDaDevil> Stop the archers!
    [00:49:45] <HarryDaDevil> Come on!
    [00:50:04] <HarryDaDevil> STOP THE ARCHERS!
    [00:50:11] <HarryDaDevil> SOMEONE BECOME AN ARCHER!
    [00:50:26] <[OnR] Raphenix> Die please ?
    [00:50:31] <farcry11> NEVER
    [00:52:58] <HarryDaDevil> Hacker
    [00:53:05] <HarryDaDevil> No way he could have those many bombs
    [00:53:14] <HarryDaDevil> Someone kick him
    [00:53:15] <[OnR] Raphenix> 2 ?
    [00:53:24] <farcry11> He's not a hacker
    [00:53:26] <farcry11> He had 3
    [00:53:32] <HarryDaDevil> He fired 7...
    [00:55:17] <farcry11> pussy
    [00:55:23] <[OnR] Raphenix> รด_O
    [00:55:31] <[OnR] Elowan> Take this
    [00:55:32] <[OnR] Raphenix> On a 3vs1 ?
    [00:55:33] <farcry11> Not you raph.
    [00:55:48] <farcry11> This knight kept jumping in and out of a tower
    [00:56:21] <[OnR] Raphenix> zomg gang bang :eek:
    [00:57:11] <HarryDaDevil> To hell with it
    [00:57:16] <farcry11> XD Hary
    [00:57:38] New player joined the game
    [01:00:14] <farcry11> My hits hand no effect?
    [01:01:05] <[OnR] Raphenix> You have a feeder
    [01:01:06] <HarryDaDevil> I SUICIDED FOR U MAN
    [01:01:07] <HarryDaDevil> GOGOGO
    [01:01:09] <farcry11> ?
    [01:01:13] <farcry11> Feeder?
    [01:01:26] <[OnR] Raphenix> He just runs to me
    [01:01:31] <farcry11> lol
    [01:01:31] <[OnR] Raphenix> Ruining your tickets
    [01:01:37] <[OnR] Raphenix> ruins*
    [01:01:39] <Viken> gg
    [01:02:45] <farcry11> good game
    [01:02:49] <[OnR] Raphenix> Thanks, you too
    [01:02:49] <HarryDaDevil> Not really
    [01:02:57] <[OnR] Raphenix> You played well
    [01:03:00] <farcry11> Just good sportsmanship Harry :p
    [01:03:01] <HarryDaDevil> Nope
    [01:03:02] <[OnR] Raphenix> I leave, bye
    [01:03:05] [OnR] Raphenix left the game
    [01:03:07] <HarryDaDevil> We played like shit
    [01:03:08] <[ARG] burdalesa> THANKDS
    [01:03:09] <farcry11> That's what I like abour KAG
    [01:03:11] <HarryDaDevil> At least I'm admiting it!
    [01:03:15] <farcry11> Good sportsmanship :p
    [01:03:15] [OnR] Elowan left the game
    [01:03:51] <farcry11> Let's fuck shit up
    [01:03:52] <zoop> dont build first door 2 high
    [01:03:56] <farcry11> DUDE
    [01:03:58] <zoop> ayyayaya your po
    [01:03:59] <zoop> wtf
    [01:04:00] <farcry11> WTF
    [01:04:01] <HarryDaDevil> I'm sp
    [01:04:02] <zoop> wtf
    [01:04:09] <HarryDaDevil> I'm smart :D
    [01:04:09] * HarryDaDevil * has been voted to be kicked by zoop (1/5)
    [01:04:09] <farcry11> You idiot
    [01:04:17] <Viken> What did he do?
    [01:04:23] <zoop> grief
    [01:04:25] <farcry11> He griefed our wall
    [01:04:28] * HarryDaDevil * has been voted to be kicked by Viken (2/5)
    [01:04:36] * HarryDaDevil * has been voted to be kicked by farcry11 (3/5)
    [01:05:41] <HarryDaDevil> I owned 3 builders!
    [01:05:44] [EX3] Jets left the game
    [01:05:47] <farcry11> You broke our tower man!
    [01:05:51] <farcry11> For no reason!
    [01:05:56] <HarryDaDevil> Meh
    [01:05:58] <HarryDaDevil> I was bored
    [01:06:00] <HarryDaDevil> xDDD
    [01:06:00] <farcry11> Then said you're smart
    [01:07:41] <farcry11> MrBattleKid
    [01:07:45] <farcry11> Mark Harry
    [01:08:13] <zoop> hary
    [01:08:15] <farcry11> HARRY
    [01:08:17] <farcry11> WTF
    [01:08:17] <zoop> harry gried
    [01:08:21] <HarryDaDevil> Since Imma be kicked
    [01:08:25] <HarryDaDevil> I might aswell have some fun
    [01:08:32] <zoop> YOUR GOING TO GET KICKED FROM LIFE
    [01:08:33] <HarryDaDevil> :D
    [01:08:39] <farcry11> Red
    [01:08:41] <zoop> no smile face go shoot yourself in the face
    [01:08:44] <farcry11> Please help us kick him
    [01:08:54] <Viken> Red players; switch over and mark Harry.
    [01:08:55] <zoop> you prob act like a retard in real life just go jump off a bridge
    [01:09:53] * HarryDaDevil * has been voted to be kicked by zoop (3/5)
    [01:10:04] <zoop> harry why dont you go do something eels
    [01:10:05] <farcry11> Battlekid
    [01:10:08] <zoop> wtf?
    [01:10:10] <farcry11> Mark harry please
    [01:10:28] <zoop> w.e then
    [01:10:30] zoop left the game
    [01:10:37] <farcry11> Yeah, I'm out
    [01:10:43] <HarryDaDevil> Okeedokee
    [01:10:45] <farcry11> Griefer ruined the game
    [01:10:45] <ProZ MRBATTLEKID> help
    [01:10:46] rzuf has joined the Blue Team
    [01:10:50] * HarryDaDevil * has been voted to be kicked by rzuf (3/5)
    [01:10:52] farcry11 left the game
    [01:12:20] <HarryDaDevil> YESH YESH YESH
    [01:12:24] Daydream has joined the Blue Team
    [01:12:25] <rzuf> shut up
    [01:12:28] * HarryDaDevil * has been voted to be kicked by Daydream (3/5)
    [01:12:30] <wewejoe> we won
    [01:12:34] <HarryDaDevil> I know
    [01:12:37] <HarryDaDevil> Imma griefer :D
    [01:12:38] rzuf has joined the Blue Team
    [01:12:39] <CHETR Xtr3m3xSwAgGeR> U GOING TO TRI TO KILL ME
    [01:13:18] <HarryDaDevil> IMMA GRIEFER
    [01:13:19] <rzuf> no harry, you are avery very sad person
    [01:16:07] <HarryDaDevil> Even with me griefing?
    [01:16:25] * HarryDaDevil * has been voted to be kicked by rzuf (2/4)
    [01:16:30] <Viken> If you say so.
    [01:16:32] * HarryDaDevil * has been voted to be kicked by Viken (3/4)
    [01:16:45] <rzuf> meh. he must kick himself too i suppose
    [01:16:54] <Daydream> stupid game
    [01:23:05] <HarryDaDevil> Red, I'm helping u
    [01:23:08] <HarryDaDevil> Don't kill me
    [01:23:25] <HarryDaDevil> I'm helping u dummasss...
    [01:23:58] <HarryDaDevil> AFK
    [01:24:04] <HarryDaDevil> HEHEHE
    [01:24:13] <HarryDaDevil> LOLOLOL
    [01:24:22] <HarryDaDevil> FAIL
    [01:24:47] rzuf has joined the Blue Team
    [01:24:51] * HarryDaDevil * has been voted to be kicked by rzuf (2/4)
    [01:24:58] rzuf has joined the Red Team
    [01:25:11] rivez left the game
    [01:25:49] <HarryDaDevil> Hi there
    [01:25:54] <HarryDaDevil> Try to get out
    [01:25:55] <HarryDaDevil> Beatch
    [01:25:56] <HarryDaDevil> xD
    [01:27:16] <HarryDaDevil> Meh
    [01:28:06] <rzuf> :/
    [01:28:21] <HarryDaDevil> Mehehehe
    [01:28:23] <HarryDaDevil> Well
    [01:28:28] <HarryDaDevil> I've had my fun
    [01:28:33] <HarryDaDevil> Have fun trying to win
    [01:28:34] <HarryDaDevil> :D
    [01:28:34] <Viken> Okay. Bye.
    [01:28:39] HarryDaDevil left the game

    TL;DR version... Harry joins; doesn't contribute much to the game as builder; attempts to play knight and gets beaten by an OnR tagteam of Elowan and Raphenix; when they (and SirLanceALittle) have left he begins to grief, fed up of getting beaten and looking for some "fun".

    While he is clearly just an immature kid reacting badly to defeat, in real life this sort of impulsive poor behaviour would be punished to stop it from becoming a habit!!! I hope I've provided proof enough for you to ban this bold child for a few days.

    Ivy likes this.
  2. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia tired Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    Does it mean something if he openly admitted to griefing?
  3. Viken

    Viken Horde Gibber

    I wouldn't think it counts for much. I believe the time-stamps, player names, presence of several prominent community members who can back up my case (to a certain point), the vote-kicks and the complaints of other players all make a pretty convincing case though.
  4. UnnamedPlayer

    UnnamedPlayer Arsenist Administrator Global Moderator Tester
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]

  5. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Pretty much what Unnamed said. If you can get server logs with collapses then I'll be happy to ban him.
  6. thebonesauce

    thebonesauce All life begins and ends with Nu Staff Alumni
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    I just banned him from Action Unlimited, if that makes any difference. I can maybe see if Rayne can get the logs.

    EDIT: Then again, it doesn't make much difference since he didn't have much chance to collapse anything. I just saw him destroying stuff, and froze/banned him before he had the chance to do any real damage.