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How many BR active playeres are out there?

Discussion in 'Fórum Português' started by bru-jaz, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. bru-jaz

    bru-jaz Haxor

    Hi. As you may notice i don't speak portuguese and neither i want to use a shitty translator since the most of the times the resulted text just doesn't make any sense.
    The thing is i want to know how many active players are here in South America in total, so we can "demand" in the main forum to have an official south america server.
    I plan to ask for it only if i see we are enough active players to make it reliable. Also, i dont want THD to pay for a new server, but to replace a inhabited existing one (such as Challenges US, in example, that is empty failry 24/7).
    So, if you can answer me how many times a week you play kag or how many br players are active, it would be awesome!

    I will be grateful if some pal that speaks english correctly translate the idea, but if there's none.. i must use the damn translator:

    Oi. Como você pode notar eu não falo português e nem eu quero usar um tradutor de merda uma vez que a maioria das vezes o texto resultou simplesmente não faz qualquer sentido.
    A coisa é que eu quero saber quantos jogadores ativos está aqui na América do Sul no total, para que possamos "procura" no fórum principal para ter um servidor oficial américa do sul.
    Eu pretendo pedir para ela se eu ver que somos jogadores ativos suficientes para torná-lo confiável. Além disso, eu não quero que o que pagar por um novo servidor, mas para substituir uma já existente habitada (como nos desafia, no exemplo, que está vazia bastante 24/7).
    Então, se você pode me responder quantas vezes por semana você joga kag ou como muitos jogadores br estão ativos, seria incrível!
  2. knarkleo

    knarkleo Shark Slayer

    I have in mind, which is 10 to 15 players (BR), online, almost every day, telling me.
    Most do not have time to play, because of school work, college...
    More in total are more than 30.

    Eu tenho em mente, que seja de 10 a 15 players (BR), online, quase todos os dias, contando comigo.
    A maioria não tem tempo de jogar, por causa de trabalhos de escola, faculdade etc...
    Mais no total somos mais de 30 (eu acho ::P:).
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  3. Sohkyo

    Sohkyo Shark Slayer
    1. Aphelion's Roleplay

    We'd appreciate it. Brazilians talk to each other very often and we'd certainly use the server for clan wars or just a normal match (most on weekends).I'm kinda busy at the moment so I'm not even playing nowadays, but I can confirm that there are at least 10 active players.
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  4. bru-jaz

    bru-jaz Haxor

    Well. im a little ashamed of myself since the very next week ive had this idea i started to attend to college again, and working etc. And all that took my time away discrouraging me to keep playing a little
    If this game doesnt die in the next couple of years, i would like to have our own server for our region