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How to shoot, basic archer guide and discussion

Discussion in 'Archer' started by GreenArrow17, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Tyngn

    Tyngn Ballista Bolt Thrower

    I can demo all the things not to do. :p
  2. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk gaurenteed shitter

    My PERSONAL basic Archer guide:

    1st point: Priorities.
    As an archer, there are certain things you should shoot first, and certain things you should shoot later.
    #1 - Other Archers. Your rivals will generally target you, and in any battle, archer support means the difference between a victory and a squad of dead allies. Get rid of them before they get rid of you, and the battle will always be in your favor, as long as you have Knights and Builders of sufficient skill.
    #2 - Catapults and Workshops. If you get a chance to aim for these, do it. They're costly to build, and destroying one means less stuff for the other team. An added perk is that you get money for every successful hit, and you can usually hit them in quick succession (especially workshops, as they tend to remain in the same place).
    #3 - Builders. These guys have the ability to seriously turn the tide of battle given enough time, so if you see an enemy builder doing anything within range, it's recommended you shoot him before you shoot the Knights. Also, builders cannot use a shield, so you're more likely to hit them if you aim for them (although they can build to block your arrows, so shoot quickly).
    #4 - Knights. The most commonly used class in the game, you're going to see a lot of Knights. The only reason you should raise the priority of a Knight is if he's close enough to hurt you (in which case you might choose unload a few arrows in his face to slow him down) or if he's holding a bomb and you think you might be able to stun him and interrupt his attempt to use it.

    2nd point: Survival.
    The idea of archer is to provide support to your allied Knights and Builders from a safe distance, and that means not being dead (obviously). Every respawn means not only time wasted, but also arrows possibly lost, which take additional time to gather - time that you could be using to help out your friends.
    #1 - HEAL, HEAL, HEAL. Archers are frail. They have two hearts, which means if you're the slightest bit injured already, you could become victim to a one-hit-KO, whether from another archer, or a Knight. If you get hurt, heal. Don't stick around for an extra shot. Get the heck out of there, and come back when you can't die instantaneously. You'll die less, I guarantee it.
    #2 - If you see a lit bomb within half of your view range or less, assume the Knight holding it is good enough to throw it right on you. By doing this, you take the necessary precautions to not die if he IS good enough. Never gamble on this, because there are some seriously good bomb throwers out there. Even if you're secure within a building, make sure you stay away from doors, because unfortunately, a less wise archer could open them and get you both killed.
    #3 - Don't let people get close! If a Knight (or Builder!) is near you... why? You're an archer. You hit things from a distance. If you're closer to enemies, you're at a disadvantage. This doesn't mean you can't take risks to distract people, but usually, it's better to just stay away.
    #4 - Get the high ground. If you're higher up, your weaker arrows could become strong, and enemy archers' strong arrows could become weak when they hit you. Gravity can be your friend or your enemy. Make it your friend when you can. Knights also have more difficulty throwing higher up, so you're less likely to get bombed from the top of the map, and enemies don't always look up, meaning that they may not be prepared for your arrows to come raining down upon them. The only downside to being high on a tower is that you may fall off, or die when it collapses. Just be careful and observant though, and you'll be fine.

    3rd point: Taking Risks.
    Sometimes it's better not to sit in your safe little archer tower. If your team is on the offensive, knocking on the doors of the enemy base, you should probably be up there too.
    #1 - Be a bushwookie. If you're going offensive, be sneaky about it. The element of surprise usually means a whole heart and a half of damage to whatever you're aiming at before they even know what hit them. Hide in trees, under corpses, inside holes. If you get the preemptive strike, you're that much more effective.
    #2 - Climb your way to victory. If the tower isn't crawling with Knights or Builders, why not crawl up it yourself? Archers can go where no-one has gone before, and get to places that are annoyingly unreachable without the help of a builder. You can distract your foes, and maybe even get a few good shots off before making your hasty escape (or dying gloriously).
    #3 - Meleearcher! If you find yourself in a situation where nobody else can do the job, or there's a guy right on your tail, you might think about going Meleearcher. This means jumping on and over people while repeatedly throwing weak arrows at them. If they're at low health, this can finish them off without issue. If they're at full health... well, you might distract them for a bit until backup arrives. But don't do it for kicks. That's just a waste of a ticket.
    #4 - Stun them to their doom. If there's a Knight chasing you and he's clearly aiming a bomb to hit you, it's usually better not to run, because any fool can throw a bomb 5 feet in front of them. Instead, consider charging up an arrow at the right time to stun him with a charged shot just before the bomb goes off. If you do it right, he'll flinch with it in his hand and get blown to bits. If he throws a little early, you'll probably get a parting shot off on him anyway, since knights have to jump (and thus lower their shield) to throw very far.

    This is basically just a collection of well-organized tips that can help you out if you play Archer a lot. I hope they're helpful to someone, and if any of you actually read the whole thing, bravo.
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  3. KingGoldZX

    KingGoldZX Shopkeep Stealer

    i can easily escape a knight im rly good at hiding and i have rly good shooting skills
  4. haykalkinox

    haykalkinox Catapult Fodder

    I usually brings 15-20 Arrows on the start of the game, and what u do is, find the perfect Aiming place (It can be at the Tower (must be perfect tower) or, my favorite place is a tall Tree, hide on the leafs. ) How to shoot? it depends to on the distance. (Always use full charge when shoot) if the enemy is far from u, aim about 0,5 cm above his head. (More far, more longer above his head) . Just use your feeeling, if u already master it, u can even shot falling enemy, or the expert one is, shooting a man behinds a wall (U aim to the air, with low charge)
  5. Ninja12

    Ninja12 Drill Rusher

    If the server is 1 arrow per using a tree to get arrows, I start with 35.

    If it's 2 arrows, I get 50.

    If it's 4+, I get 100.

    I usually tower camp, and shoot catapults and sometimes knights that are below. Sometimes I snipe. I usually only go C.Q.C. in Action Unlimited, on the hill with the cave map. I shoot with Full Strength, and I shoot with Medium shots (3 blocks). I shoot a bit high, or low, and full charged or med-shot, depending on my target.

    I NEVER go in a tree, unless I REALLY need to.
  6. Jlordo

    Jlordo Nobody Donator

    You honestly don't need that many arrows. It takes up a lot of time, and most of the time you are gonna get killed before you use all of them. If you are tower camping then you should at least be a be to hit someone every five shots, so you can buy more at a nearby shop.
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  7. The key to firing full power arrows quickly is timing.
    The INSTANT it goes 'plock' to indicate full power, fire and immediately let go and charge up again.
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  8. Ninja12

    Ninja12 Drill Rusher

    Yea, I know.
    I tell myself that everytime and I get 35.
  9. GreenArrow17

    GreenArrow17 Shark Slayer

    thankyou all!
    you have helped me and many people become better
    i think it is better to learn from many people because you pick up individual tips n tricks.

    keep up the good work!
  10. 3e0jUn

    3e0jUn Catapult Fodder

    Get some knights to shield you if you're spearheading a push or an assault towards a tower/position. That'd help you. Big time.
  11. One

    One I got 99 problems and my name is One Donator Tester

    The very notion of an archer spearheading an attack makes me giggle uncontrollably.
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  12. 3e0jUn

    3e0jUn Catapult Fodder

    Problem is, so people actually do that on war/deathmatch. And yes, it does sound funny once you've tried it.
  13. kustridaren12

    kustridaren12 Builder Stabber

    Hi im wonder how to beome a good archer because i suck at shooting :S
  14. Nyxity

    Nyxity Shipwright

    Practice against zombies. That is what I do anyway. *Shrugs* In time you begin to get a better idea where an arrow will likely hit when dealing with really long distances. For a real challenge, the wraiths really give you an exercise.
  15. kustridaren12

    kustridaren12 Builder Stabber

  16. Guitarman

    Guitarman Haxor Tester Official Server Admin

    I always get fun out of shooting flying kegs when there not near the base :D I'll have to try shooting at wraiths to hone by skillz. Good suggestion!
    But yeah, like kust said; practice practice practice. The best way to practice, of course, is to play more kag!
  17. kustridaren12

    kustridaren12 Builder Stabber

  18. Guitarman

    Guitarman Haxor Tester Official Server Admin

    No problem ^_^