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I honestly thought he was a myth up to this point

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cruxiat, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Cruxiat

    Cruxiat Horde Gibber Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    I have observed the noble and elusive headband boy

    MM was here part 1.PNG

    MM was here part 2.PNG

    i don't think i'll ever recapture this adrenaline rush ever again
  2. mcrifel

    mcrifel Drill Rusher Forum Moderator Official Server Admin Tester
    1. MIST

    It is his son probably
    enderzilla747, The_Clev and bunnie like this.
  3. bunnie

    bunnie Bison Rider Tester


    his son Jeremy probably
    mcrifel likes this.
  4. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Yeah, most likely Jeremy. He's a vivid gamer. :)

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