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In Memory of Kouji

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Geti, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    This Monday, the 21st of July 2014, Kouji suffered a stroke. He had surgery to remove the clot in his brain but suffered critical brain damage bordering on brain death. His family has made the decision to take him off life support; he passed on peacefully and painlessly this morning.

    This is a very sudden, big loss for all his friends at THD and within the KAG community. As many of you know, Kouji has been fighting cancer for a while, but seemed to be on the long slow road to recovery - to have all of that snatched away so quickly is an awful shock. His sense of humour, keen wit and insight will be sorely missed.


    While many of us are still reeling from the news, we should use this chance to reflect on all that he's done for this community and all the fun times we've shared with him; and to support each other and his family in grieving this loss.

    Never Forget.

    From his younger sister Karen:
    If you would like to pay your respects to Kouji, reminisce about any shared experiences or extend support towards his family, this is the thread to do it in. We'll be keeping the thread moderated so don't stress if a post takes a few minutes to appear. There's also a conversation with plans for an online wake via mumble and a donation pool for flowers for his family and a cancer charity donation for those who want to get more involved.
  2. FliesLikeABrick

    FliesLikeABrick THD Team THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    Thank you Max, for summarizing this for the community. He has had such an impact here, and I'm sure so many other places with his family, friends, and online with people like us. Thank you to his family, friends, and doctors for taking such good care of him as he has gone through these trying times.
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  3. I didn't know him very well, but he was a great leader in this community. I honestly had no idea what he was going through. If I had I would've gotten to know him better. I guess I'm too shocked to react properly. Condolences to all of his friends and family, I truly am sorry and I wish the best for all of you. He will be greatly missed by me and by many.
  4. Rest in peace, Kouji. We'll all miss you.
  5. makmoud98

    makmoud98 You are already DEAD Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Tester

    Rest in peace Kouji, ill always remember you from the great avatar and title you gave me <3 (no sarcasm intended) seriously thanks kouji. Although i didnt know you too much, you always seemed to be a cool guy and the community will never forget you.
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  6. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk gaurenteed shitter

    A fond farewell to the man with the ever-changing avatar.
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  7. kedram

    kedram Drill Rusher Tester

    Kouji was a well respected member of our community, for his time here to end so abruptly is upsetting. We will all miss you kouji.
  8. Horse_That_Goes_Ni

    Horse_That_Goes_Ni Your favorite Persian Staff Alumni Donator

    Rest in peace Kouji. You were a really kind person and an awesome admin. We will all never forget you.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2014
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  9. I didn't know him well and only met him briefly, but in the several instances I've met him (along with the company of friends; the usual respite in between games and such), his...'impact' or say how invested he was into things really shown. Pretty witty at times that spoke of his character a lot.

    Rest in peace, Kouji. Condolences to all of those who knew and loved him. You'll be missed, but your inspiration and memory will live on; your family has raised an awesome example of a person.
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  10. Well, if I knew this was going to happen, then I wouldn't have been so rude to have just a couple of days before. Rest in Peace Badmin. :QQ:
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2014
  11. FoxyLady

    FoxyLady Haxor Staff Alumni

    I just want to pay my respects to the family,friends and staff members who knew Kouji. I did not know him personally but i did learn a few things from reading his replies of him helping others on the forums. Rest in peace man.
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  12. startselect3

    startselect3 Arsonist

    i didnt know him the most but i still cried a little ;_;
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  13. Fufob87

    Fufob87 Catapult Fodder

    I don't think I've seen you around much but Rest in Peace brother.
  14. Superblackcat

    Superblackcat baideist baide Staff Alumni Tester

    Rest in Peace Kouji, and thank you for all you have done. I will remember you in the years to come.
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  15. Boea

    Boea Such Beta

    Kouji always had that Benevolent/Maternal Domme thing going on. Good person, would've sent shark tits,
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  16. Solaris

    Solaris Batlord Sliftensnurgh Staff Alumni Donator Tester
    1. Practitioners of War Extreme Revolution - POWER

    Rest in peace Kouji, thank you for making the KAG community a better place.
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  17. Noburu

    Noburu Dirty, DRUNK, Hillbilly Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    Rest in peace Kouji I will never forget you:
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  18. GreenRock

    GreenRock Base Burner

    The only significant memory I have of Kouji is him deleting all my forum likes because I said they were pointless. That was the sort of guy he was; truly a tragic loss of such a funny and well respected character. Props to him and all the time he dedicated to the game and these forums.
  19. -Tj-

    -Tj- Sicarii Donator
    1. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    farewell kouji, you will be dearly missed by all of us here <3
  20. 101i

    101i Haxor Forum Moderator Tester

    This community will never be the same, rest in peace Kouji.
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