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KAG server list highly misinforming about a servers ping.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Znote, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Znote

    Znote Shark Slayer

    Hi, I am hosting a server, and I can find the server on the list when I search for the name. However!

    It says the server have like 200ms ping, which is terrible! And thus lots of laggy servers get prioritised over mine.

    When I do a regular ping check against the server I get 36-46ms ping, and when I am in-game and look at the scoreboard it swaps between 33 - 66ms ping. Both of which are realistic considering the server is relatively close to my country and region of interest to host for.

    Is this a bug? Could it be that the server browser dosn't tell me about my ping to the server, but some american tracker?

    This sounds completely broken to me, will this be fixed? Or is it suppose to be like this? Have I configured the server weird?

    Its running on a 100Mbps Linux(Debian) dedicated server and I have been running loads of other game servers without ever having problems with server browsers/listers. This misread of ping information appears to only happen to KAG.

    I have also noticed other servers beside mine that according to server browser is bad quality, but when I connect in I find my ping often half what server listing is telling me. So I think this is a bug. But I believe this has been happening for quite a while.