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Wiki KAG Wiki Starter-Thread

Discussion in 'Forum, wiki and other THD pages' started by Kazaco97, Jul 27, 2016.

Mods: dnmr, Kazaco97
  1. Kazaco97

    Kazaco97 Bison Rider Global Moderator Forum Moderator


    KAG Discord


    Hello my fellow wikilogens! This page is here to serve as your *updated* 1-stop guide to see what needs to be updated on the KAG wiki. Post in this thread should generally just refer to what has been updated while other discussion should be posted in the old thread to avoid clutter.

    If you need help starting out, feel free to send a PM to myself (@Kazaco97). I generally can help people's problems in formatting and images. For bigger issues such as page deletions and name changes I'll likely refer you to @ParaLogia or @Furai.

    Mostly Up-to-Date

    Missing Content
    Bomber //Rather other stuff get fixed first​

    [​IMG]For more pages that are in need of updating check Wanted, Needs Content, or Outdated[​IMG]

    Example (Boat Shop Page):

    {{Build|Version = 1865|}} //Should be on every in-game item

    {{Boat Shop|Workshop overview}} //Creates a 'Boat Shop' chart using a template

    The Boat Shop is one of several types of workshops a player can upgrade an [[Workshop|empty workshop]] into.
    //links words 'empty workshop' to the page 'Workshop'
    It can be used by all classes to construct different type of boats. The successful upgrading generates a sound cue and adds a set of tools to the workshop.

    ==How to Build and Use== //Header 2
    To build, stand in front of a [[Workshop]], press and hold [E], then choose the 'Boat Shop'. //Links to Workshop

    To create an item, press [E], and select the item you wish to make. If the the object you want is greyed out, you do not have the required resources needed to create that item. You can check for which item you are missing by looking at your inventory and that of which is needed to create the object.

    ===Boats=== //Header 3 and Table
    {| class="wikitableShiny"
    ! Image //1
    ! Item Name //2
    ! Use //3
    !Price //4
    | align="center" | [[File:DinghyMini.png|link=Dinghy]] //Links image to page 'Dinghy' (1. Image)
    | [[Dinghy]] //Links to page 'Dinghy' (2. Item Name)
    | Fast Sea Travel // (3.Use)
    | '''100''' [[File:WoodMini.png|link=Wood]]+ '''25'''[[File:coin_16px.png|link=Coin]] // (4.Price)
    | align="center" | [[File:LongboatMini.png|link=Longboat]]
    | [[Longboat]]
    | Fast Mobile Ship
    | '''200''' [[File:WoodMini.png|link=Wood]]+ '''50'''[[File:coin_16px.png|link=Coin]]
    | align="center" | [[File:WarboatMini.png|link=Warboat]]
    | [[Warboat]]
    | Large Defensive Ship and Alternate Spawn

    {{Workshops_Nav}} // Navigation Bar at bottom of page


    Really Helpful Links:
    1. https://wiki.kag2d.com/wiki/Help:Editing
    2. http://packetlife.net/media/library/17/MediaWiki.pdf
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017
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  2. PUNK123

    PUNK123 Hella wRangler Staff Alumni Tester

    Ill knock out the fish template right now. As for food i dont really know what is expected to be done. Just delete all kitchen info and rewrite some of the functions?

    EDIT:fish template done
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  3. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    I've disabled registrations on the wiki. If you'll need an account created - contact me.
Mods: dnmr, Kazaco97