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{KAGHorror} In-Development By Team EDGE!

Discussion in 'Game modes' started by EdgeWing, Feb 4, 2012.


Team_EDGE! should we create a Forum for our team?

Poll closed Mar 5, 2012.
  1. Yes!

    1 vote(s)
  2. No!

    2 vote(s)
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  1. EdgeWing

    EdgeWing Shopkeep Stealer

    Edgewing, I have no idea where to begin with this. There are so many things wrong with this thread that I'm having trouble finding the words to tell you. I think that primarily, you should know that right now KAG is nowhere near as moddable as you may think it is, thus making many of your plans impossible. If you have a valid reason why this should be reopened, contact me.

    Until then, locked.


    Contrary no longer moderates this section, so contact me if this actually goes.


    Welcome to the official thread for my new Game Mode Mod,
    This is a project that started quite recently, This project is going to add alot of awesome things in KAG servers!.
    Team EDGE! is my team, We don't like to call our selves a company since we not official company
    we like to call us a Team, Yes we are all friends in RL and we know each other, theres about around
    6-10 people in our team, We are still growing as the team count rises every month.
    Team EDGE! used to work on games and awesome mods for games. Me EDGEWING started
    the team back in 2011, Around Xmas though is when they wanted to work on Mods and other awesome stuff! for KAG.
    We do this all for free, But our games are not free and some are free so it's a great idea to join KAG,
    And help players and make mods for KAG. Below your find the Team...
    ********************** EDGE_WING- FOUNDER OF TEAM_EDGE!****************************
    1) EDGEWING - Me - Programmer/Graphics/Models too - AGE 16
    2) Karlson_Rage! - Graphic-Designer/Advanced Programmer - AGE 16
    3) Kimi-Taska - GF - Loves to draw amazing art and likes to run servers :p
    4) Trev_REV! - He loves to make some great 3D Models and makes Game packaging/ Covers
    5) Kelly-T - She loves to make cute designs and loves to make amazing games using her skills :p
    6) Ryan-darlington - Loves to make drawings and loves sports most of the time :D
    7) Ami_Hedgehog - Yes she is a fan of sonic and her rl name is Ami but not hedgehog xD
    8) Co-Founder - Jake-Wing - Is my cousin and is very good at programming and server design including client design and HTML coding and Java scripting he is Age 18 and he is my favourite cousin becuase he is AWESOME!
    9) Lilly-Carly - DECEASED - R.I.P - January 3rd :QQ:
    10) Space still available

    You met the team! Yes someone did die in our team and we will never forget them but she wanted us to keep on Expanding our Team-Edge!
    and we did it for her as Thank-You for being a great friend :')

    - Projects In-Development -
    * {KAGHORROR} Version 1.0.0 - [BETA] - a old project revived!
    * Carly's Art for KAG - Project No Longer In Development :QQ:

    Answer the Poll Please At the top of this thread :D
    30 Days (Remaining Until Poll Ends)
    More Info about {KAGHORROR Below}

    KAGHorror is our latest project revived from the dead, since it was abandoned last year!
    We are working on it, And will hopefully have it released for March 1st or at the end of February!
    - Features that are in KAGHorror -
    * Adds new awesome particle effects to servers on deaths
    * New little Advanced System By - Kimi - My GF
    * New Water & Blood Feature On/Off for Updated servers!
    * Amazing surprise atm :p
    * Better Combat with Violence ON/OFF Feature
    * And when we reach 100 - 200 downloads we will make our project cost money which can be brought on PayPal :)
    ( More Info Soon!, Feel free to comment below on questions )

    - What's Next In This Thread? -
    * FAQ - 0%
    * Questions From Users :p 0%
    * Download 10%
    * Screenshots 60%

    PayPal is our only source, Since it's what we use for all out great Mods and Products so please don't complain if you want to recomend any other Pay System like By phone or anything else Comment Below or feel free to PM me on KAG Forum or Contact Us at -


    That is Not Our Official Email ^ But it is for now :)

    - Thanks 4 Reading -

    - EDGE! -
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.