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KArth (DankPolishBear) [REJECTED]

Discussion in 'Archive' started by KArth, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. KArth

    KArth Ballista Bolt Thrower

    • Which continent are you from?
      'Straya mate (Australia).
    • How often do you play?
      Almost every single day, rarely every second day.
    • What times are you usually available (Please answer with your timezone [UTC +/- X])?
      2pm - 9:30pm (UTC +10(AEST)).
    • Which well known servers have you had admin on before? (if yes, answer the following sub-questions below as well)
      Pineapples 5v5.
      • Did you simply get admin because you were a friend of the owner?
      • How long were you admin?
        1 year.
      • Was your admin status ever removed, and if so why?
    • Do you have any recommendations from Guards, Official KAG Server Admins, server owners or other notable people?
      • If so, ask them to post here
    • Why should you get admin and what makes you a good admin?
      I have been playing this game for 6 years, I was part of this games community from day ~40, this game has given me so much over those years - I want to give back and help this awesome game to actually come to fruition.
    • Any other information you think might be relevant?
      I butt heads with some of the saltier members of the community, mainly due to my beliefs and because I will not submit to their ways - however I try to solve issues as peacefully as possible and so far have succeeded in doing so.
    • Your Discord nick#number - Discord will be how you will receive realtime assistance calls, as well as a easy way to contact other Official Server Admins.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2017
  2. epsilon

    epsilon Assonist THD Team Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    +0 Nice, neutral guy who doesn't cause controversy. I could see him being an admin which doesn't do anything because he would be too scared to make a bad decision and lose the role.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2017
    Cruxiat, Nicuwins and Croco-Dile like this.
  3. bunnie

    bunnie Haxor Tester

    -1. KArth once stole my mod and hosted a server with it and when I asked him to put it down, he refused and banned me. "I butt heads some of the saltier members of the community, mainly due to my beliefs and because I will not submit to their ways" means that his ego is higher than a mountain and he thinks he's the best and knows more than others. not really a good example for an official admin
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2017
    Asu likes this.
  4. KArth

    KArth Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Ironically, that whole situation was allowed by an official admin.
  5. bunnie

    bunnie Haxor Tester

    Official admins don't have as much authority as you think. They can't do anything about other servers. In case of Geti - Geti ""allows"" hosting others' mod even if the creators don't want to, yeah; but that still doesn't mean stealing someone's mod and banning the creator is an ok thing to do.
    BarsukEughen555, Biurza and Asu like this.
  6. -1. "I butt heads some of the saltier members of the community, mainly due to my beliefs and because I will not submit to their ways", this suggests that everything must be done his way, and won't listen to those who disagree with him; Also with what bunnie said above and the fact an "official admin" supports Karth's actions further reinforces this, and gives me the concern that he will ban someone because they disagree with him.

    He shouldn't be admin imo, especially when he believes everything should be done his way and not be flexible about it; if he drops the hardline attitude and becomes more mature about being admin, ill reconsider my position on this.
    bunnie likes this.
  7. LordPumpkin

    LordPumpkin Bison Rider

    -1 Hes an ok guy but I believe he would be biased as admin

    LEGO_LORD Drill Rusher

    +1 Responsible, fair and a good guy
  9. xXDustXx

    xXDustXx Ballista Bolt Thrower

    -1 bit of a rude dude
    bunnie likes this.
  10. Rosie77

    Rosie77 Base Burner

    +1 Good at settling disputes and is very fair, would make a great admin!
  11. Galen

    Galen Haxor Staff Alumni Donator