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King Arthur's Role-Playing Server

Discussion in 'Server Directory' started by VanHuek, Aug 5, 2012.


Is this a good idea and would you like it put into action?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. xChapx

    xChapx Ballista Bolt Thrower

    i ahve a suggestion , some kind of penalty when dying , people dont care if they die because you dont lose anything important this server need a penalty for dying , like a 2 minute long spawn or perma death "ban on death" also i thinkg that 3 2 and 4 hearths is too low for a rpg server
  2. LINUS

    LINUS Shopkeep Stealer

    penalty is good idea to limit the "warriors' rush to death", but bad if someone grief and kill you, or if someone does not respect the rules and kill you.
    But more hearts is a by far a better idea.
  3. Sarkalest

    Sarkalest Shark Slayer

    More hearts should be unrealistic.
    And yeah, a longer respawn would be nice. People keep forgetting that there's a NLR rule.
    (New Life Rule :thumbs_up:)
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  4. Masery

    Masery is actually Maroon Donator

    I think that every race should get 5 Hearts for their Knights,
    and the penalty for dying should be 5 Minute Respawn.
  5. TheMinecrafter

    TheMinecrafter Catapult Fodder

    It should be 2 or 3 minutes. Since making it 5 minutes will make it feel like Zombie Fortress in multiplayer.
    </br>--- merged: Aug 18, 2012 10:17 PM ---</br>
    Yesterday TotalPotato summoned corruption, and i want to know how to do that.:p Plus can you make dirt placeable because i want to make artificial hills:dirt_bg:.
    kuulness likes this.
  6. edson12edson

    edson12edson Shopkeep Stealer

    i think we need 10 minutes :D at least the people take care for your life
    Sarkalest and xChapx like this.
  7. oblex1998

    oblex1998 Builder Stabber

    hey a played on the karp server one morning and when i went back on in the afternoon i couldnt find the server, help?!:(:eek::oops::QQ:X3
    </br>--- merged: Aug 18, 2012 11:45 PM ---</br>
    i think 2 mins max cuz 4 mins or over would be like zombie fortress and people wouldnt like it, why else do u think zombie servers arent very populated
  8. Boxpipe

    Boxpipe single, female, lawyer

    If you don't like random killing/war so much, then make knight + archer shop cost a lot and builders do no damage, otherwise the "random killing" rule shouldn't really be enforced.
    pokeblue likes this.
  9. kuulness

    kuulness Tree Planter

    Thats not the best idea, if someone is being a ass and kills a whole race for no reason they could easily grife the shit out of everything.
  10. FenrirITA

    FenrirITA Base Burner

    A 4-5 minute reaspawn will be great,think on it...in a war the first team that defeat the enemy can control their land,giving more realistic.And it even make people make less random kill,because if they are killed they can't just wait few second to return and take their wrong vengeance,but they have to wait more time,so they think more before kill a person without reason...But i also think that people who die for accident or stupid people...would be too penalized...the solution is that a team of good admin,ban people instead of the respawn,so you can leave the respawn for this few second,and who is killed in war,or because he's random killing will be banned for 5-10-20 minute,depending by the occasion.But We need some admins(like 2 at least,maybe if they are in spectator,for watch more)to control the killer,and a list of who is killed by who,like in the FPS.
    Sorry if this text is unintelligible but I'm not very good in english...and i use Google Traslator.
  11. Boxpipe

    Boxpipe single, female, lawyer

    Another glorious victory for the Orcs!

    Sarkalest, Ej and AJ like this.
  12. Guess what?

    Test Build announced by the devs(?) has server config able to turn off shield bashing//bomb jump distance.


    Also, RP'ing a bandit is possible, I did it successfully, but only when announcing yourself (and then getting caught by the roaming citizens of the place because they just had to have an alarm system...:p ), t'was fun!
  13. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    Just thought I'd say in response to that longer death time, it will just enforce more 'traps' and builder droppings than knight fighting.
  14. TheCrusader

    TheCrusader Shopkeep Stealer

    True. Maybe more people being archers as well.
    I think the respawn time should be 1-3 minutes. Any longer than that people who get killed will be angry and 1:wait and/or leave and 2: Complain about long respawn times here. I know I wouldn't wait for 10 minutes to respawn and get killed by orcs or fall to my death instantly.
  15. Boxpipe

    Boxpipe single, female, lawyer

    Short respawn times are much better IMO, gives the illusion that there is more to the race then just 5 guys.
    Joeslayer97 likes this.
  16. TheCrusader

    TheCrusader Shopkeep Stealer

  17. Masery

    Masery is actually Maroon Donator

    IMO - In My Opinion

    But, in exchange for having a long respawn time,
    just give all the people more hearts.
    More hearts - Less chance of dying from something stupid like a fall or an accidental collapse.
    And you'll see your respawn time coming, so you can do something about it.
  18. Joeslayer97

    Joeslayer97 Builder Stabber

    I love how it was nice and fine, then some muppet called Rusher, decides to random kill, our whole race gets blamed, and the humans didn't know the rules, so waged war against orcs (us), because of random killer, and grief and so on, oh and what is best, no admins on.. ON AN RP SERVER!
    </br>--- merged: Aug 19, 2012 9:02 PM ---</br>
    King Arthur's Roleplaying Server King Arthur's Admins aren't here and don't do anything Not roleplaying Server < new name... use it
  19. Ramsis

    Ramsis Ballista Bolt Thrower Donator Tester


    Y'know Joe, I was there the entire time, and I didn't do a thing because it was both funny as hell watching you cry over one small incident, and also because my phone was keeping me updated on your bitch fest on the forums. You're a 15 year old, I don't expect maturity out of you yet, but at the same time you whining like a little bitch isn't going to be tolerated. This is your only warning, get over yourself and stop being a cry baby.
    BlueLuigi and Rusher like this.
  20. Masery

    Masery is actually Maroon Donator

    I dunno,
    I think 15 is a pretty good age to pull out the Maturity Expectations.
    BlueLuigi likes this.
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