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King Arthur's Role-Playing Server

Discussion in 'Server Directory' started by VanHuek, Aug 5, 2012.


Is this a good idea and would you like it put into action?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Ne3zy

    Ne3zy Shark Slayer

    I got banned by Total because according to him I was griefing, first of all we was on war versus them (they was humans and we were dwarves), here is the chatlog :
    [00:04:15] <Dwarf LoganGrimnar> They have attacked us for too long.
    [00:04:17] <GHST SavaGhost> And i don't know how to after the new update.
    [00:04:21] <adveksi> agree
    [00:04:23] <MOD Sylverlight> ((we should hold a vote for king then))
    [00:04:24] <-Grey-> suicide I'll showya.
    [00:04:26] <adveksi> urgh urgh
    [00:04:27] <ComboBreaker> 2 humans leveled our base
    [00:04:31] <ComboBreaker> we need supplies
    [00:04:33] <-Grey-> you start from here.
    [00:04:33] <ComboBreaker> after that
    [00:04:34] <Arhct Sarkalest> And an human killed me.
    [00:04:36] <ComboBreaker> alliance
    [00:04:38] <Dwarf LoganGrimnar> Then we level theirs.
    [00:04:41] <ComboBreaker> possibly
    [00:04:42] <Nominatious> After you attacked me
    [00:04:42] <Srgt Pixelhound> :D:DD:
    [00:04:42] <keyofdoor> I win
    [00:04:45] <Srgt Pixelhound> NO
    [00:04:46] <adveksi> we need revenge!
    [00:04:47] <MOD Sylverlight> DOES ANYONE WANT TO RUN FOR KING!?
    [00:04:48] <Arhct Sarkalest> But because I have possibility to revive with our machines, I know.
    [00:04:52] <Srgt Pixelhound> D:
    [00:04:55] <keyofdoor> Sorry
    [00:04:56] <Srgt Pixelhound> you win
    [00:04:58] <keyofdoor> YOU DONT RUN FOR KING
    [00:05:04] <Srgt Pixelhound> nope
    [00:05:05] <-Grey-> and you are in.
    [00:05:06] <MOD Sylverlight> ((or queen))
    [00:05:07] <Arhct Sarkalest> Let's crush some skulls
    [00:05:07] <Dwarf LoganGrimnar> DWARVES! WAR ON HUMANS!

    So that's the first evidence, the second is that humans was trying to build on dwarves territory (before the war) so I said them to pay to build here and if they don't I said them I'll destroy their shit, but they kept building without replying me (or sometimes they was replying me OOC when I was talking IC), chatlog :
    [00:00:51] <FRAGS Ne3zy> If u want to build here you have to pay us
    [00:00:52] <adveksi> ally?
    [00:00:54] <-Grey-> that human is
    [00:00:55] <ComboBreaker> if theey agree , then yes
    [00:00:57] <MOD Sylverlight> ((haha or not))
    [00:00:58] <GHST SavaGhost> Stop
    [00:00:58] <Dashy Drexan> oops.
    [00:00:58] <ComboBreaker> maybe
    [00:01:00] <-Grey-> hostile
    [00:01:02] <GHST SavaGhost> I am an outcast
    [00:01:09] <GHST SavaGhost> i only wish to pass.
    [00:01:10] New player joined the game
    [00:01:10] Unnamed player is now known as keyofdoor
    [00:01:12] New player joined the game
    [00:01:12] Unnamed player is now known as Doc22
    [00:01:12] <GHST SavaGhost> i am not with humans
    [00:01:14] <Dashy Drexan> I want my stone
    [00:01:16] <Dwarf LoganGrimnar> WHOA!
    [00:01:17] <Dashy Drexan> :(
    [00:01:21] <Doc22> hallo
    [00:01:21] <Dwarf killemALL> hi general
    [00:01:25] <Genrl crawfish> hello
    [00:01:28] <adveksi> ya
    [00:01:29] <GHST SavaGhost> Stop!
    [00:01:31] <Battman> stop greifing
    [00:01:31] <MOD Sylverlight> ((dude i got over 150 gold from making that structure
    [00:01:31] <Doc22> D:
    [00:01:34] <GHST SavaGhost> I am an outcast!
    [00:01:35] <Doc22> no tffs?
    [00:01:35] <Nominatious> Hello
    [00:01:36] <FRAGS Ne3zy> pay us to build here

    So please fire these admins who don't even know what RP is..., everytime I try to RP I got problems whereas everytime I'm doing TDM with the others I got no problems... WHERE IS THE LOGIC ?
    BlueLuigi likes this.
  2. TotalPotato

    TotalPotato Horde Gibber
    1. KRPG

    That building existed before you even got on the server so i don't see why you claimed the right to charge people for repairing what you broke. There wasn't even a war it was two retarded people (Who were claiming to be assassins yes shocking but they were not with the main group of human players) Randomly attacking and i was going to stop them till i noticed you trying to collapse the building 3 players spent the entire game building. Its a bloody rp server if you see some people raiding a area what do you do, Imprison them, Kill them, Defend from them. Don't ruin somebody elses hard work just because they have the same colour shirt.
  3. ComboBreaker

    ComboBreaker Horde Gibber

    I'd like to ask admins keep an eye on player with nickname "Grey".He attacked me a few times,when I was typing,leveled my base without warnings in 2 knights vs 1 builder fashion,only because I accidently killed him.Ammount of douchebaggery this person emits is truly astonishing.

    You may have thought,that I write this only because he and I cant get along,but I've seen him attacking other people without warnings and just beeing a dick to everyone in general.Today I've seen him offending other player with rubbish about age and usual stuff like that.Also,he does not use ((chat)).By the way,some of this happened when you've been playing , Potato and nothing was done.
  4. SJD360

    SJD360 Haxor

    i agree, he was doing the same thing to me, also blowing up my house
    </br>--- merged: Aug 24, 2012 1:43 AM ---</br>
    do the admin take class suggestion ideas? i got a few.
  5. kuulness

    kuulness Tree Planter

    Everyone is complianing that a few people on their team are called bandits or assassins and that they have nothing to do with their team, then you get mad when some one fights back?

    PLEASE make a bandit class
  6. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    They must be named the Dick Ass Bandits and dualwield swords no shields.
    ComboBreaker likes this.
  7. ZeThtb

    ZeThtb Shark Slayer

    Look, in the RP Communitys where I run the show (Sahrani Life for the first Arma for example, some g-mod servers) - any perma ban can only be done if the admin provides a screenshot or secure log of the events in question - that shows that he warned the person at least once.

    Very simple rule, if you can't prove they are guilty (which is easy, given the tools you have), you are out.

    As the idiot that has to pick admins (wich ain't easy, cause those who want to be admin are normally horrible power abusers ... but those that would be good admins, know very well what a shity job it is), I usually sneak into servers under a randrom name and just observe, while they don't know I'm watching them. A bad admin makes himself obvious in short time.

    I don't recommend only focusing on your playerbase, focus on your admins... if you get those few people to keep the rules and LEAD BY EXAMPLE (forgive my capital letters), you'll have a far more easy time.

    If you keep a log, search for the word "fuck" and you will be quickly rewarded -
    with finding those who never rp and cause trouble
    (Example attached)​
    DrZaloski, Ne3zy and ComboBreaker like this.
  8. TheCrusader

    TheCrusader Shopkeep Stealer

    Van, I have an idea. When you create a Bandit Team/Race add npc bots that will attack people. It adds to the Rp experience that way. Adding bots is fairly easy and simple and they would provide a (although a small challenge, still a) challenge to unarmed builders and close-range archers. I'm not saying implement this now, but make it on your to-do list during the scripting update.

    UnnamedPlayer, describe to me what sprites you want in a PM.
  9. BlueLuigi

    BlueLuigi :^) Forum Moderator Donator Tester

    It is to be noted that while ZeThtb did 'RP' he also sneakily griefed and then also attacked the little fun place the admin made where he was chilling out, then ran away when the admin came, and attacked the orcs without warning several times as well as stated out loud that he was planning to take our gold that was 'rightfully ours' (we got it all from near the elves we were allied with).

    I won't state that this Aevenien guy isn't a non-RPing fuckwit, he is, he was banned too.

    Just saiyan, since I was online at the same time, as well as Rayne, AJ, delanski (who issued the bans) and a few others :)
  10. AJ

    AJ Emperor of Mankind Donator

    Actually "fuck" was a word in the time period.So if used in the right context is rping.
  11. Ne3zy

    Ne3zy Shark Slayer

    Actually it's RP so when I'm doing a RP thing you have to reply me IC not OOC or freezing or banning with no reason, I would'nt have to say that because you're admin OF A RP SERVER and you have to know that.
    Why my character couldn't do that ? Actually you was building over dwarves castle (and futhermore I was not trying to collapse it, I was only destroying the dwarves' part).
    Admins in this server abuse their powers and you're not the only one, unfortunately :(

    First of all we could'nt know it, and futhermore even if we did, the rules said that if some players of a faction do whatever or attack whoever, it's that faction which has to punish their players to avoid a war.

    Actually I was orc's warchief 3 times, and my base got destroyed (/griefied) 2 times because we was at war (+ spawn kills), futhermore there was admins in the attackers team (the 2 times), and they did'nt froze/kick/ban nobody of their team.
    So stop kidding me and using your admin's power to serve your interests :>:(: (and stop negating it too, because if you do you're lying) !
  12. Zeeee80

    Zeeee80 Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Ne3zy, read the front page, all the way at the bottom, right below the warning system. What does it say?

    Yes..I know that says rick...it should say "right" but you get the idea.

    I don't understand why people freak out when they get frozen, usually you are a rule breaker and we tell you what to do and not do. We issue a warning(sometimes) and usually let you go, but what people don't get is that sentence under everything else. I'm sorry about whatever happened to you, as I was not there but please your not perma-banned, so just get back on...and enjoy yourself whilst you can.
  13. Ne3zy

    Ne3zy Shark Slayer

    lol... are you telling me you have the right to ban me with no valid reason and you assume it ? because if you do you're a very nice admin team :thumbs_up: ! I'm pretty sure the VanHuek would love to know that --"

    EDIT : Nice edit you did here without saying it (original message was the one I quoted).
    Anyway, you're telling me to come back to enjoy ? ENJOY WHAT ?! Enjoy a incapable admin team ? I'm here because I want totalpotatoe to be banned the same time I've been or more because he should set the example as admin !
    Why players would have to pay for their errors and admins not ?
  14. ...fuck was a word in that time period? Most of our swear words today didn't even exist ~50 years earlier, and that's before modern fantasy came about.

    Notwithstanding, I can see many people going gung-ho with killing and acting like a KAG Player instead of an RP soldier.

    Suggestion for any admins on: Arena in the sky. Nobody uses the sky, and no builders are allowed up there.
  15. adveksi

    adveksi Catapult Fodder

    I got frozen without no reason, and then banned.? I have done anything wrong so can get unbanned?
  16. delankski

    delankski Horde Gibber

    Who's online on that time (Admin/Mod) ?
    EDIT: And what happened?
  17. ZeThtb

    ZeThtb Shark Slayer

    Not sure if this is more sad or funny... Anyway, Delanski is another "heroicly bad" admin...

    Wolfosobastardo Destroyed one of the default towers (+some other griefing) - I told Delanski as much, on several occasions (Here are 3x screenshots of him being informed about it and IGNORING it: http://imgur.com/a/i2lKw)

    But the kicker is that Delanksi claims his body did nothing - WHILE his body (wolf) ADMITS HE DID IT.
    >Delanski does into "Oh shit, people are noticing I'm horrible at my job, better insult without proper cause" mode.

  18. delankski

    delankski Horde Gibber

    I was busy on that time dude, And anytime I go back you keep me telling "You're Ignoring bla bla bla".
    And I was saying like "Straight to the point" Instead of telling things that will make the problem more complicated.
    You know I could solve it easily but making this complicated and more hard "what happened / what did he do" Is hard to fix.
    Next time tell me it IN URGENT when I tell "What did just happened"
    And Next time please RP well.
    So goodluck to me and goodluck to you.
    The alert didn't show up anyway.

    Tell things with simple words > -------. Straight to the Point.
    No more add-ons or Plugins. Just a Plain cake without toppings , Ok?
  19. ZeThtb

    ZeThtb Shark Slayer

    >>Is activly chating while I'm talking to him

    You directly address me in a chat line, but then don't "see" the reply given a moment later? Oh and it was only a moment, I just copy-pasted the whole thing in by that point, it was always on screen.

    If those two sentences provided to you are to complicated to read, I would suggest searching a less complex way to powertrip.
  20. delankski

    delankski Horde Gibber

    Did I had the Alert that He griefed?
    You see the chats after you chat and that blocks your chat away?
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