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Classes/Items KINGDOMS: Official Forum Thread

Discussion in 'Modding [KAG]' started by Betelgeuse0, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Betelgeuse0

    Betelgeuse0 Shipwright Tester

    death by goblins.gif

    [KINGDOMS] Guide to Glory
    Please Note: I was not able to include all the pictures I wanted due to the file limit. If you want to see more pictures please see the pdf version which can be found on the discord in the #welcome channel.



    · General Gameplay & Kings

    · Artifacts & Equipment

    · Creatures / Enemies

    · Other Entities

    · Buildings & Buildables

    · Spawning & loot Algorithms

    · Miscellanious

    General Gameplay & Kings
    In KINGDOMS the players try to win by finding artifacts and fighting enemies to reach their goal. The main goal is to win before the world restarts. How to win depends on what team the player is on.
    There are 3 main teams in this mod: Lion Kingdom, Wolf Kingdom, and Bandits.
    Each of these teams have kings (which will be explained soon).

    How do these teams win the game?

    Lion Kingdom / Wolf Kingdom win by finding an artifact called the Holy Grail. Once they find it, the king on their team must hold it for 8 minutes to win. Holding the grail means they cannot put the grail in their inventory. They must hold it out of their inventory in order for the win time to deplete.

    Bandits win by gathering 1000 gold and putting it in their stash. There is no timer before bandits win. They only require the gold. You can find more info on the Bandit Stash in the Buildings and Buildables section.

    Kings are decided randomly at the start of each match. Nobody can be king two matches in a row unless nobody else is on their team. If the king dies and there are other players on their team a new king is chosen. King features include more health, king commands, the ability to lead troops, and more. Players can see the king commands in-game at any time by typing !help.

    Artifacts do a variety of things and most of them give buffs to the user. Most artifacts are equipped by putting them in the users inventory.
    upload_2019-8-5_15-37-59.png upload_2019-8-5_15-38-7.png upload_2019-8-5_15-38-12.png upload_2019-8-5_15-38-16.png upload_2019-8-5_15-38-22.png upload_2019-8-5_15-38-53.png upload_2019-8-5_15-39-5.png upload_2019-8-5_15-39-21.png upload_2019-8-5_15-39-32.png upload_2019-8-5_15-39-45.png upload_2019-8-5_15-39-50.png upload_2019-8-5_15-39-56.png upload_2019-8-5_15-40-3.png upload_2019-8-5_15-40-8.png upload_2019-8-5_15-40-29.png upload_2019-8-5_15-40-36.png upload_2019-8-5_15-40-42.png upload_2019-8-5_15-40-49.png upload_2019-8-5_15-40-55.png upload_2019-8-5_15-41-2.png

    Holy Grail: When held by a lion or wolf king it lights up and starts a win countdown.

    Health Amulet: Heals the user for half a heart every 10 seconds. They are also stackable; meaning if the user has two amulets they get healed one heart per 10 seconds.

    Water Amulet: Lets the user breathe underwater.

    Bubble Ring: When worn a bubble appears around the user while they are in water. Lets the user breath underwater and increases swim speed by 2.
    Cloud Hat: Reduces gravity for the user. If the user is a knight and shield glide they can fly with this item equipped.

    Bronze Chestplate: Adds a half heart of defense to knights.

    Black Iron Chestplate: Adds a full heart of defense to knights.

    Bronze Shield: Adds a quarter heart of defense to knights.

    Black Iron Shield: Adds a half heart of defense to knights.

    Bronze Sword: Adds 25% of the base damage to main damage.

    Black Iron Sword: Adds 50% of the base damage to main damage.

    Excalibur: Can only be used by kings. Damage is doubled.

    Bronze Bow: Shoots two sequential arrows.

    King Arthur's Bow: Can only be used by kings. There will only be one in a world. Shoots five sequential arrows.

    King Arthur's Drill: Same functions as normal drill but never overheats or breaks. Drops from the Treasure Goblin.

    Mimic Armor: Knight only. Disguises the users clothing as another kingdoms color. Note that it does not change the team color on heads. This is fixable by changing your head to something with no team color.

    False Crown: Drops only by gold chests. There will only be one in a world. Gives the user the appearance that they’re wearing a crown. If it’s combined with the mimic armor the user can impersonate a king from another team.

    Malice Trinket: Drops only by gold chests. There will only be one in a world. For every kill it increases the damage the user deals but also increases damage delt to the user. This is represented by a red sigil surrounding the user. When this red sigil is no longer transparent, the user is maxed on kill bonuses.

    Grail key: Drops only by gold chests. There will only be one in a world. When held it can be used to open grail doors.

    Kings Bugle: King only. Every king will always have a Bugle in their inventory. It is used to control troops. Left click will cause them to follow. Right click will cause them to stop.

    Creatures / Enemies

    Golden Chicken: Invincible. Lays gold eggs that hatch into gold and (on rare occasion) hatches another gold chicken.

    Mini Troll: Little fuzzballs that don’t do much damage, but are unblock-able. When angered, their eyes turn red.

    Goblin Knight: Has the same capabilities as knight. Has a very low chance of dropping a bronze sword, bronze chestplate, or bronze shield.

    Goblin Archer: Shoots multiple arrows every shot. Has a very low chance of dropping a bronze bow.

    Goblin Champion: Like the Goblin Knight, but has slightly more defense, attack damage, and slightly different fighting AI. Has a slightly higher chance than the goblin knight to drop the bronze sword, bronze chest plate, or bronze shield.

    Treasure Goblin: Digs around and loots treasure within the world. Wields King Arthur's Drill

    Fish Men: Has the same attack capabilities as a knight but does not have a shield. Breathes and wanders underwater.

    Bubblemancer: Comes from the same race as fish men but fires magic bubbles to attack. Has a chance of dropping a bubble ring.

    Grail Protector: Spawns on the 6th minute when a lion or wolf king is holding the grail. A player is picked to be the grail protector, and then set on a quest to take back the grail.

    Other Entities

    Grain Seeds: Drops from grain plants. Simply break the grain plant to obtain.

    Goblin Chests: Always drops simple loot. Drops 10-39 coins. Has about a 33% chance of dropping bronze equipment. Sometimes drops deadly mines.

    Gold Chests: Always drops simple loot. Drops 101-400 coins. Can drop King Arthurs Bow, False Crown, Malice Trinket, or Grail Key. Sometimes drops deadly mines.

    Goblin Camps: Takes the appearance of a campfire. Spawns up to three goblin knights. If there are less than three goblin knights it will spawn a new goblin knight every 10 seconds. Can spawn goblin champions.

    Goblin Archer Banners: Spawns one archer. If the archer dies it will spawn a new archer in 10 seconds.

    Grail Doors: Usually are found blocking entrances to the grail or powerful artifacts. They can be opened by the grail key or blown up with about 12 kegs.

    Troops: Troop units include knights or archers. Knights can be spawned with a Barracks and Archers can be spawned with an Archery Range. Both of these units can be controlled with the Kings Bugle.

    Buildings & Buildables

    Bandit Stash: Not buildable. When it exists there is a bandit gold counter on the left side of the player screen. Once this counter reaches 1000 the bandits win the game. Bandits can fill the stash simply by throwing gold on it.

    Barracks: Buildable. Spawns 3 Knights.

    Archery Range: Buildable. Spawns 2 Archers.

    Archery Banner: Buildable. Slightly cheaper than Archery Range. Spawns 1 Archer.

    Campfire: Buildable. A simple campfire that lights up the surrounding area and can be used to cook fish.

    Bandit Camp: When bandits build a campfire they get a bandit camp instead which acts as a spawn point.

    Spawning & loot Algorithms

    Health Amulet & Water Amulet: As long as there is one pixel of its color on the map at least one amulet will spawn. For all other pixels it has about a 33% chance of spawning another amulet.

    Bubble Ring: At least one will always drop from a bubblemancer in the world. All other bubblemancers have a 20% chance of dropping one.

    Gold Chest Loot: 4 gold chests are randomly selected to have one of the 4 droppable gold chest artifacts. All other gold chests will not drop an artifact. Thus, each world is required to have at least 4 gold chests.

    Bronze Chest Loot: Bronze chests have about a 33% chance of dropping one bronze item (bow, chestplate, shield, or sword).

    Black Iron Gear: When the Grail Protector is killed they have about a 33% chance of dropping black iron gear (chestplate, shield, or sword).

    Goblin Champions: Every time a goblin knight spawns they have about a 16% chance of spawning as a Goblin Champion.

    Grail & Excalibur: For each pixel of their color on the map they have a random chance of spawning on any of those locations but they will only spawn once.


    Blessing system: When the bandit player count is greater or equal to the amount of players in kingdoms, the players in the kingdoms are blessed with buffs. The buffs scale with the amount of a bandit players. The blessing is represented by a spinning sigil behind the player.

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