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Knight Or Archer, Which Do You Prefer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by funnymonkey, Nov 25, 2012.


Knight Or Archer (Or Builder), Which Do You Prefer?

Poll closed Sep 14, 2020.
  1. Knight!

  2. Archer!

  3. Builder!

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. When I've got good ping i prefer to play as Knight. But sometimes when my ping is terrible I prefer to play as archer. Playing as knight with ping 200+ vs someone with ~66 is really terrible. Shooting is quite OK :) Anyway, I play mostly as Knight. Builder only at build time ;)
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  2. wildnikke

    wildnikke Burner Donator

    Mine would be a bit similar to your Eterion, I normally play Knight alot but when i lag its terrible so i play archer cause archer lag is fun :P
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  3. Shadowofgold

    Shadowofgold Shopkeep Stealer

    I play archer unless It's absolutely useless given the situation. I've never been one for close combat, and I can't bombjump anyway, so I'm a pretty pitiful knight. I'm also a pretty crappy builder. I often have to go builder for a few seconds though to make a workshop or something because everyone else is too damn lazy too and decide to instead yell for half an hour at the builders who are already busy. Show some respect to the ones who aren't just minecrafting, seriously. Learn to do something yourself.
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  4. InsaneMTL

    InsaneMTL Bison Rider
    1. Creeping Death - [CD]

    KNIGHT! ^^ I just play archer to be at least a bit usefull when I'm lagging or when the other team has to many archer to play as a knight...
  5. Eileen041945

    Eileen041945 Catapult Fodder

    I prefer Archer!
  6. Yokomuri

    Yokomuri Catapult Fodder

    I would have to choose...Knights.
    I play as archer also but i find knights the 'Master' race,which as archer is kind of just
    a side choice.Kinda like Story characters,you have your lead character then you have the sides to pull the whole thing together.
    Not to mention the fact that knights are perfect for rushing in this case in roleplay servers.
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  7. InsaneMTL

    InsaneMTL Bison Rider
    1. Creeping Death - [CD]

    Note: I like archers the least and knights the most, but imagine this:
    20x:knight:VS 20x:builder:: Builders win
    20x:archer:VS 20x:builder:: Archers win
    20x:dance: VS 20x:archer:: Archers win

    That's the result I'd think of, so
    Knights are the worst, Archers are the best =( :spam::dance::teabag::builder::knight::archer::bison:
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