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Let's Plays.....

Discussion in 'Other games' started by Zegovia, Jun 12, 2012.

Mods: BlueLuigi
  1. Zegovia

    Zegovia Shark Slayer

    What are your thoughts on Let's plays? To watch videos of someone playing a game with or without commentary?

    I follow a TON of diffrent Lp'ers, I find it a good way to enjoy games I normally would be unable to play. I mostly watch them for the games story.... But many Lp'ers know how to pull some really hilarious commentary that makes me rather watch the videos for the commentarys sake. Its also a good way to see if a game you plan to get is any good.

    If youre new to this, check out the Let's play archive...
  2. goodyman8

    goodyman8 Bison Rider

    It differs.
    Play troughs are nice and WTF is/first impressions etc but I'm not really much into videos where you actually watch a game for serious content and then one comment of the creator messes up everything.
    Like this http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3hvk5_let-s-play-prey-level-1_videogames
    Saw it on the frontpage of the game you sent, the game sounded funny.
    But then I watch the video and hear "That better be a timer for something delicious, like I dunno ham?" ... -.-
  3. WanderMark

    WanderMark :) Donator

    As for let's players I only watch jefmajor at this point. There is this trend within the let's playing community that I just hate. These playthroughs of horror games in which the commentator scream all the fucking time something happens on the screen.

    I fail to understand why people find that funny, each to his own I suppose, but it feels so damn fake.
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  4. Zegovia

    Zegovia Shark Slayer

    What a coincidence... Im actually watching that LP right now... and I find it rather okay to be honnest. And I actually laughed at his "Blue oyster cult" joke in the prologue video. Oh well....

    Checked him out and bookarked his page with a vengeance....

    One of the Lp'ers ive enjoyed the most are "Helloween4545", one of the first Lp's i saw was his of "Call of Cthulu: Dark corners of the earth" and it was probably the reason I got hooked with lp's. And as far as Ive seen he LP's mostly Horror games.
  5. Beef

    Beef ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ ก้้้้้้้้้้้ Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester

    I don't like the video ones, but I do enjoy the written ones with screenshots. I mainly like ones that either add to the story, go their own way with it, or are just absolutely hilarious. Often it's for a game I've not played yet, and they get me in to. (I also like them because most commentators are American and the accents grate. I prefer to listen to music while reading)

    Here's some examples;

    Pantokrator; fondly regard creation, a Dominions 3 LP from SA. If you ever wanted to watch the Buddhist monks march west while the undead Romans attempt to fend off the encroaching swamp and powerful magicks of the lizard people, while to the south the Nation Of Mann wars with the Spider God of Africa.

    In the peninsula to the south west the magic hating Germanic people led by a sentient pool of blood are consumed by Ryleh, who desire the dry land now too....

    It's a grand strategy game. It is ludicrously complicated, difficult (shitty ui, and many strategies) and price (50 bux, devs will never put it down), that when combined with the humour of SA becomes a riveting yarn.

    You can only read it if you're an SA member now. I read it before it was archived, when it was linked on /tg/ a while back.

    Another one in a similar vein is Solium Infernum: The Complete Battle for Hell, by RPS. It's essentially a game based board game, set in hell. Each player picks a Hell Lord, and they scheme and fight. It makes bastards of everyone. It's great.

    I'm sure many of you have heard of the creepy Animal Crossing one. This is the one that does it's own thing with it, and does it well. Another one is some old Star Wars tie fighter game. It starts off normally, but then as peoples suggestions for stuff gets crazier and crazier, the guy just starts drawing it all. It ends up strapping two Star Destroyers together and starting their own ice cream based empire or something.

    Finally, for hilarity, you have the ever great Boatmurdered.

    edit; Oh, there was one good video one, done by an American of a Japanese baseball game. It was hilarious.
  6. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    I find single player lets plays to be mostly uninteresting, but I enjoy high level gameplay of multiplayer games.

    I use to watch a lot of CoD commentary, some Starcraft games, and some Soul Calibur matches. Do those count as LPs?
  7. dylanduran

    dylanduran A Most Extraordinary Gentleman Donator

    Finally, someone except miauw has heard of it :D I was Locus in that, aka the handsome, clever one
  8. Kouji

    Kouji Cold, Uncaring, Sadistic, Evil and Cruel Meanie Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. REKINS OF SEAS: Super Crew of Ultimate Havoking 2: Return of King of KAG: Chapter 420blazeit - REKIN

    I personally enjoyed the Riviera the Promised Land by Didja Redo which was a picture/text one with videos of boss battles (and a showing of the most annoying, pain in the ass mini game ever). If you had played the game before, you'd find more hilarious simply because while he makes up the lines for what the characters say, it's actually close enough to game script that it's enjoyable.

    Anyways, I used to watch some lets plays, but I've gotten bored of them. They were pretty interesting I guess when they first came out, but now it's meh.
  9. Zegovia

    Zegovia Shark Slayer

    I was asked to check it out by a friend so I could see how utterly crazy the game can be.... which initially made me try the game out, only with me failing miserably even after i watched at least a dozen of video tutorials of DF.

    Also camp crossing is awesome, no doubt about it. I wonder what the developers would say if they ever saw that LP.

    There is also this beast of a LP for the game "Planescape Torment" (in screenshot format) that was years in the maiking. It has been going on for so long that one guy started reading it, went into an accident and fell into a coma for a year and then woke up only to see the thing still going.....
  10. dylanduran

    dylanduran A Most Extraordinary Gentleman Donator

    I loved DF, and still do, though now after Boatmurdered I shall forever have an inner hatred of elephants...evil bastards that they are
  11. Zegovia

    Zegovia Shark Slayer

    I somehow grew to hate camels during the time I played....

    I ALWAYS started of with camels....
Mods: BlueLuigi