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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by poe, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. poe

    poe Shopkeep Stealer

    Stealing the idea from TF2, I would love to see the game have loadouts that are alternatives for weapons but aren't more powerful, just have different abilities. That being said here are some ideas:

    --Samurai sword- less damage, faster attack, longer reach~For the knight who uses a lot of strategy
    --Wooden shield- Destroyable, gives the holder health on each hit~For the knight that runs into combat without strategy

    --Pick-Mine three times as faster, thick stone only gives 1 stone~For setting up a base quick
    --Golden Hammer-Mine half as fast, catapults can't flip(so enemies can't capture them), more health for the holder~Its for forward engineers

    --Crossbow-Arrows are faster, do more damage, requires more wood per arrow~For more accurate archers

    Any suggestions?

    Oh and of course hats are needed too(kidding)
  2. Neat

    Neat King of the Dead Donator Tester

    None of these would be viable, maybe, but i'll bite, simply because it's fun making them!

    Knight -

    -Extremely slow attack speed
    -The heavy weight reduces the knights jump height and movement speed.
    +Destroys terrain faster
    +Gibs corpses faster
    +Can break shields in x hits

    Useful for knights mining under fortifications who hit when it counts and clear the path of enemy corpses. Nothing gets in their way.

    Spiked Shield:(Have this or the warhammer, not both)

    -Teammates take damage when contact with the shield is made
    +So do unshielded enemies!

    A nifty tool for stopping people jumping on top of you, they'll be butchered on the spikes, but what a bad teamplayer you are! Can also be used to crush people by holding the shield down and jumping on top of them!



    -Very slow charge up speed
    -Movement speed is reduced due to the weight
    +Increased charge up (meaning arrows can travel further before being affected by gravity)
    +Ocular expertise (archers with longbows are presumed to have much better eyesight and long range seeing than archers without, in game you would be able to move your camera to a point where not even your sprite is on screen)

    Snipers basically. (But damn that would seriously hamper teamwork! haha)

    Throwing knives(just for fun)

    -Crafted from stone (would have to buy in an armoury or something or stone given by builders)
    -Much reduced range (knives would eventually be heavily affected by gravity)
    +Chance of double/critical damage (of course, you'd have to take away "headshots" in the game first...)
    +Double chance of double/critical damage when hit from the back.
    +Can be used as a stabbing weapon

    Ok, so you're not really an archer anymore, but you just acquired more practical use in that you can melee too.


    Strong bombs:(still has pickaxe) Use F to set bomb

    -Builder sacrifices 1 max hp just to have this item
    -Can damage the builder and even teammates if they dont get out of the explosion blast.
    -Has a cooldown timer (can only use 1 every minute and you don't start with it cooled down either)
    -Cannot be used 100 blocks from the first tent.
    +Can explode bedrock
    +A very strong explosion is made which damages terrain in a similar way to knights bombs, only it destroys a lot more in a high radius.

    This is an excellent tool for sabotage builder, for breaking into enemy defenses and mining under defenses quickly. Like the knights bombs only more powerful, with a longer timer, and can only be gently placed on the ground. However the reduced hp cost, danger to teammates and yourself and the long timer makes this a highly strategic item. Not for noobs.

    Shovel:(in addition to pickaxe)

    -Builder can no longer attack
    -Slower walkspeed and jumpspeed
    +Dig through dirt very fast
    +Can be used to scale dirt and non thick-stone metal walls (Shovel in one hand, pick in another, EPIC!)

    Multi use item in combination with your pick can climb out of dirt holes and normal stone squares (not built squares) and you can also dig through dirt to get gold faster, however, the lack of attacking means you're severely limited in what you do when you get on top of the wall if an enemy is there! Also considering ladders do the same job as climbing means climbing is only for certain purposes, such as depriving the enemy a ladder up to your base or when you're out of wood in a mining shaft (deep mining shafts are like this) TLDR; Very situational.

    Yeah.. I got bored :3
  3. poe

    poe Shopkeep Stealer

    I like those!

    Except the throwing knife seems out of place for the archer, though he's the best class for it right now.
  4. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    Not really customizable things but ideas for the new armoury.

    Climbing Gloves: Go up and down ladders faster. 10 Gold.
    Scavenger: Bonus items found on enemy corpses. 10 Gold.

    Two Handed Sword: Shield no longer available. Left click is big slow overhead swing. Right click makes him do a quick rush that terminates in a big swing. Ignores shields and does more damage to structures. Does 1.5 damage to people (Doesn't matter except against other knights). 15 Gold.
    Little Shield: Doesn't completely cover even one side of you, but doesn't cause a move reduction and can be used while jumping. 10 Gold.

    Combat axe: Slower dirt dig and wood cutting but axe can be used in combat like a slow worker's pick. 10 Gold.
    Improved Fletching: Arrows travel faster and fall less. 5 Gold to enhance 10 arrows.
    Barbed Arrows: Sticks in enemies and slows them until an ally comes up and removes them by pressing E. 5 Gold for 5 arrows.

    Gold Sniffer: Can see gold for several tiles out of normal sight radius. 5 Gold.
    Lumberjack's Axe: Tress get cut down slightly faster. 5 Gold.