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Looking to form a player group that uses mic chat (US, West)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bilbs, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. bilbs

    bilbs Guest

    This game clearly lends itself to a lot of teamwork, but that just doesn't happen through random teams and typing.
    I would like to put together a group of competent players that are interested in working as a team.
    I guess you could call it a clan, but really it's just a group.
    The more experienced and skilled players will attempt to lead strategically, but in the end there is no hierarchy.

    Going to have to require that you are over the age of 18.
    I know I wouldn't have liked seeing this as a kid, but no one wants to deal with children.
    I also have no way of telling your actual age, so if no one calls you out you're probably in the clear.

    No griefing, no bullshit, no clan tag. Let's win some games.

    Let me know if you're interested,

    Another benefit of a group working together on mic chat would be the ability to quickly kick griefers.
  2. poe

    poe Shopkeep Stealer

    Will you have a ventrilio/mumble?
    Also is this sort of a team stacking thing, or will the group fight other group members?
  3. KoEDeath

    KoEDeath Guest

    Im Down :) My IGN i go by is KoEDeath
  4. CrazyMLC

    CrazyMLC Guest

    This hosting service provides free mumble hosting when you buy a server. Could always use that.
    If you're hosting your own server you should probably look into hosting mumble on there.
  5. who

    who Shopkeep Stealer

    Would do it, but alas, I am too young.
  6. Mombasa

    Mombasa Guest

    I guess I'm down, steam is Mombasa.
  7. TerryDactyl

    TerryDactyl Guest

    Canada, South.

    Communication goes a long way.

    A lot of players don't 'listen' to emoticons very well. Team-VoIP would make for a definite advantage.

    Also, a formal team would make it easier to field squads (knight-archer-engineer teams and bomb runs, etc)

    So often I've got my knights, my archers running ahead and getting themselves killed while I'm building a castle, forcing me to retreat and lose ground.

    Yeah, sign me up.
  8. Slaygin

    Slaygin Guest

    sounds like fun! im in
  9. Sir

    Sir Guest

    I'd be interested.
    Steam: SirElysian
    Skype: Dirtgogger
    MSN: Ask me
  10. bilbs

    bilbs Guest

    I have a server through this company and my server has been up and down for about a week because they can't get their 'team payment' system straight. The free mumble server is nice though, and if my server with them gets worked out then I'll be able to use our mumble for KAG.

    As for team stacking, not exactly. It's just frustrating to me to play such a teamwork based game without any way to coordinate teamwork (other than those emoticons, which are pretty sweet). If we have enough people it would be fun to split up and scrimage each other. I'd say under 5 we stick together?

    Steam group sounds like a good idea
    I've made a public group called King Arthur's Army.
    KAA, King Arthur's Army
  11. poe

    poe Shopkeep Stealer

    Alright then I'll join this :) Next time I go on steam I'll add that group :P
  12. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    I really resent your age limit, not on the grounds that I don't like the idea of only associating with mature people (which I assume is your intention, not just senseless ageism), but I don't get how the arbitrary limit of 18 or any age is a good measure of maturity.

    I don't think one can really argue that maturity doesn't vary wildly even with people of identical age.

    Obviously you offer the option of faking your age, as I know some people have done already, but making people lie about your identity when they are otherwise entirely qualified is really stupid.

    I mean, it's your group you do what you like with whatever rules you like, but I'm still gonna say your rules are dumb.
    101i likes this.
  13. nginferno

    nginferno Guest

    Well, you can count me in. Just tell me where's the server.
  14. Amida

    Amida Guest

    I would be up for it but don't have a mic.. :(

    Then again I don't want to lead, so would that be acceptable?!
  15. Neat

    Neat King of the Dead Donator Tester

    Can I join? I'm in england, but I have a fast PC and I don't lag that much, plus i'd like to think i'm a fairly competent player, at all three classes. Guess my steam is bloodbath234 and my msn you'd have to ask for.
  16. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    You could also use for voice communication my ts3 server.
  17. Overlord

    Overlord KAG Guard Tester

    Bilbs server is a pre built server that is focused on siege warfare so a mic-team would be most efficient for it and other servers :p count me in.
  18. Kelaisnow

    Kelaisnow Guest

    I'm up for this! My steam is Orangekelaii, I'll hop in that group