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Mad3ngineer's Servers - [LAG FREE!]

Discussion in 'Server Archives' started by Doc22, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Doc22

    Doc22 Builder Stabber


    My original kag2d account was Doc22, but since it came to steam, I use my new nickname, Mad3ngineer.

    I started these servers as a place to enjoy myself, and let other people enjoy it, with a lag-free experience. I try to keep the servers running 24/7, but sometimes, computers derp.

    • Hacking
    • Spamming
    • Trolling
    • Griefing
    • Being a dick (even to noobies)
    Mad3ngineer has final say on bans/kicks, etc.

    If you have a problem with the way a staff member has handled things, PM ME!!! (do not start a long discussion on this topic)

    Mad3ngineer's Zombie Server (Still in progress) - Modded
    Gamemode: Zombie Survival
    Slots: 20

    Mad3ngineer's CTF Server
    Gamemode: CTF
    Slots: 20

    Mad3ngineer's TTH Server
    Gamemode: TTH
    Slots: 20

    Both servers hosted in New Mexico, USA

    My servers do not have global moderation, I would prefer to moderate these servers myself (and with people I assign).

    My servers have no unit limit, 450 max ping, and barely any settings changed. No mods are enabled as of right now, but I plan to add some (perhaps custom) in the future.

    IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO APPLY AS A MODERATOR, PM ME! I am currently accepting new staff!
    Must have experience with this game, and BE HONEST with your application. I can get over it if you have been banned before, but if you have and I find out you lied, things will not go well.

    (you may not be accepted if I don't know you very well)
    Super Admins:

    This is the template to use for staff applications (PM addressed to me, Doc22 on forums):

    Name: (Your IGN for KAG)
    Steam Username: (good for when problems come up)
    When you started KAG:
    Previous Staff Experience:
    Have you ever been banned? (be honest, I might accept you even if you have been banned. I will NOT accept you if you lie to me)
    Are you currently in a clan?
    Also include anything else that comes to mind when you are writing this application.

    Bottom line, enjoy the servers, and PM me if you have any problems. I try to fix all problems as soon as possible!

    If you enjoy my servers and would like to see them continue or improve, feel free to drop me a few bucks! :)
    Donors will receive a reserved slot, and the ability to always change teams.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2014