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Making a game, ideas for cards?

Discussion in 'Other games' started by FlameHaze3, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. FlameHaze3

    FlameHaze3 Shark Slayer

    Me and my brother are making a card game with the assistance of the Becker College game design team, and you may give ideas on cards to make, ill give a small run down on what information you need for a card, and how the game is played, in a very dumb downed form.(as all rules may be subject to change)
    As of right now, each game is a best 2/3 for any real game. Each player starts off with 10 "LP" which is life points. At the start of the game you decide who goes first. That player draws 3 cards from his deck, and places any monster he or she gets. If no monsters are present then you shuffle your hand into your deck and draw again until you get at least 1 monster.

    Each monster has different skill sets of there own, and a specific type. (Machine, Flying, Fire, Aqua, Beast, Dragon, Electric, Undead) Skills will be stronger vs X types, and weaker vs others.

    If a level 1 monster kills 2 level 1 monsters, it will become level 2, and gain some maximum hp, but not heal any! New skills and effects will be decided when the game is farther along, as well as any other things.

    Effects such as does "X dmg each turn for X turns" count as well, and will last on the field, dealing dmg to any active creature the opponent has out. Same with skills that will "Deals X dmg after 3 turns" Every skill costs a certain amount of total energy a monster has per turn, but only 1 attack can be used per turn. Assist cards/equip cards used during the turn consume energy as well!

    A player may have 1 active Monster, and 2 benched monsters at any 1 time. To deplete the opponents LP, you must kill there monster, and that monsters "level" will be deducted from the players LP.
    Monsters may be swapped on any of your turns, but will consume your attack phase if you do, and DoT/after X turns skills will still take effect the appropriate length.

    As of right now monsters will have between 400-900 hp, with varying skills such as:
    Skip your next 2 attack phases, heal 500 hp (cant heal over maximum)
    Roll a dice 3 times, this skill will hit as many times as there is odd numbers.
    Attack enemy player, heal half the amount of the damage you did.
    Reduce dmg taken by 50 points for the next 4 turns.
    And many more!

    Pretty much think of an attack, including attacking benched monsters as well! It will pretty much be allowed, as long as its not too OP.

    Requirements right now are:
    400-900 hp (level 2 900-1600 hp)
    10 energy cost skill (cooldown for X turns)
    30 energy cost skill (^above)
    50 energy cost skill (^above)
    What each skill is good against, if any. Any side effects of the skills.
    Level 1's will have 30 energy, but level 2's have 50 energy.

    The cards skills MUST be relative to the creature(s).
    (A rabbit is not going to use Machine attacks >.>)

    In the future i will post pictures of cards made, and i'll be sure to give credit to those who make the idea. If you wish, you may also think of assist/equip cards, but any ideas for those are in the air for now.

    Let's Hope For the Best!
  2. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia tired Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    Hehe, reminds me of the time I tried to make a card game with my brother, about nine years back. The theme was battling with robots. We were making the cards by hand, and we each decided to make one deck to play each other. Of course, being the immature kid I was, I just made a bunch of overpowered cards with ridiculous names.
    A game would go like this:

    Brother plays "Battlebot Prototype 2" (5 Attack 5 Defense)!
    Brother upgrades Battlebot with "Armor Penetration" (+2 Attack)!
    Turn over.

    I play "Bob" (9 Attack 6 Defense)!
    I upgrade Bob with "Peepee Poopoo" (+99 Attack)!
    Turn over.

    Brother calls me a retard.
    Game over.

    Just a random peek into my life. :P
  3. Leech
    900hp (1600hp at level 2)
    10 energy - Drying - deals 150hp an active creature(300 to beasts)
    30 energy - Contribution - deals 300hp an active creature but it substracts 200hp from the leech
    50 energy - Exchange - Recovers leech's full hp at cost of killing one of your creatures

    I'm not sure if attack values are balanced but I think you get the general idea.
    Is it any good?
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  4. Wonkyth

    Wonkyth More precious than carbuncles! Donator Tester

    I want a game where the cards are made of fruit leather, and you get to eat them. :3
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  5. Yihka

    Yihka Shopkeep Stealer

    Electric Shield

    800HP (lv2: 1500HP)

    0 energy - Discharge - Discharge your charges, deal damage to monster.
    5 Energy - Charge - Charge the shield, giving Discharge bonus damage of (250, 600, 1000, (1500). Stacks up to 3 times. (4 at lv2) Lost once discharge is used.
    15 Energy - Deflect - During the next 3 turns, any attack against you will only deal 50% damage. the 50% damage is deflected to a creature (friend or foe) of your choice. Ability will be gone once attacked.

    The Joker

    500HP (Lv2: 1000)

    10 Energy - Dodge - Roll a dice. Throw 4 or above and you will dodge the attack and gain 5 energy.
    10 Energy + 5 per additional dice - Dice(???) - Roll a dice (maximum 3). Throw 1, deal 100 damage to yourself. Throw 2-5, deal 100 damage to enemy. Throw 6, deal 100 damage to enemy and reroll.
    30 Energy - Lucky roll - Roll a dice. Throw 6, instantly kill enemy monster. Throw 1, kill one of your own monsters. Throw 2-5 and gain 15 energy.

    The Knight

    700HP (Lv2: 1200HP)

    10 energy - Counter-attack - Get attacked for 50% damage, deal 400 HP in return.
    15 energy - Slash - Attack enemy creature for 600 HP.
    20 energy - Parry - Block the next attack. Roll dice, if thrown 4 or above, use counter-attack (for free)
    40 energy - Last stand - If HP is 50% or lower, you may deal double damage. Attack every enemy creature for 300 damage. This monster dies.

    Edit the units where needed (Wasn't too sure what attack values to use and or what strengths/weaknesses I should give them)

    The shield is basically a tank who will be really strong if charged.
    The Joker is luck-based but weak if no luck is found.
    The Knight is a typical all-round card who is quite strong in basic attacks
  6. feet

    feet Bison Rider

    Name: Trader
    Type: Man? or Aqua
    500 hp (level 2 950 hp)
    10 energy cost skill Deals 50 damage
    20 energy cost skill You and your opponent trade the top card of your deck.
    30 energy cost skill You choose one equip card from your and your opponent's side. You trade the cards chosen. Cooldown: 3 turns
    50 energy cost skill You choose one benched monster from your and your opponent's side. You trade the cards chosen, each losing half of their existing hp. All cards equipted onto the traded monsters are shuffled back into their owner's deck. Cooldown: 3 turns
  7. Contrary

    Contrary The Audacious Paramount of Explosive Flight Donator Tester

    This sounds exactly like Pokemon TCG but with some weird changes. Not trying to be a dick or anything I know its hard to innovate in the genre but you should familiarize yourself with Pokemon if you haven't.

    I really dislike the small hand sizes and lack of support cards "non attacking cards with effects" as you're really limited in what you can do. Also the energy system is kind of bad, the game would be a lot more dynamic with some sort of energy economy like Pokemon or Magic.

    Also a lot of key things aren't explained like card limits, how many moves per turn, switching with benched Pokemon, what benched mons can do, deck limits, drawing, deckout, etc.

    Anyways here's a card:

    Soul Leech
    800 HP
    20 Energy - Spirit Drink: Drain 20 energy from enemy and add up to 10 to Mind Leech.
    10 Energy - Summon Essence: Draw 1 card.
    10 Energy - Astral Projection: Swap an active monster with an allied benched monster.

    A support card, meant to stall for a bit and give you some draw power. It can't attack and it can't heal itself so it isn't something you want out all the time. Synergy with card burning monsters like Ej's. Can swap enemies around to potentially be annoying as well as swap itself out which would be really useful if there isn't a game mechanic for that.
  8. feet

    feet Bison Rider

  9. TotalPotato

    TotalPotato Horde Gibber
    1. KRPG

    Chaotic Mime
    Lv1: 450Hp
    Lv2: 1050Hp
    20 Energy-Copy: During your opponents next turn if a ability targets this card the effect of the skill will be added to the card that it originated from. If the ability dealt damage to this card this ability will deal +50 damage
    30 Energy-Enrage: On your opponents next turn the target of this ability must use a ability that damages, the cost of that ability is doubled
    50 Energy-Chaotic Mirage: The turn this ability is activated your opponent must switch to a benched card. During the next of your opponents turn this cards owner is able to chose the target of there ability (Cannot target the caster) On the second of your opponents turns after this is activated the owner can choose either healing or damaging, the opponent must use ability with one of these effects. If either is available the card will take 200 damage. (Energy is still required for the oppodent to use the ability)

    Lv1: 600Hp
    Lv2: 1200Hp
    20 Energy-Energy Drain: Deal 70 damage then choose a number between 1-3 drain the amount of energy that would be required to activate the ability of the targets corresponding ability
    10 Energy-Minor Shock: Deal 20 damage, you opponent is unable to attack in the next turn (Switching is allowed during this)
    40 Energy-Electrical Storm: Once activated this ability must be used every turn till this card is unable to. Chose a number between 1-3 Deal 150 damage to the corresponding opponents card (1 been the current active card and 2-3 been the current benched cards)

    DarkMatter Shackles
    10 Energy This card can be equip to any card on the field, the target card will lose 20 energy per tern until they have less then 40 energy this card will then be destroyed.
Mods: BlueLuigi