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Map config generator

Discussion in 'Community Dev Corner' started by SnIcKeRs, Feb 22, 2013.

Mods: Downburst, Mazey
  1. SnIcKeRs

    SnIcKeRs Bison Rider

    If you want create over 999 random maps you can use my program for it :B):
    You can test them on my server [CTF] Soviet Russia
    Unrar files into the root server's directrory and run generate script, after input count of maps
    start program directly :
    mcgen [count] [maps dir] [scripts dir]
    example: ./mcgen 10 ./Base/Maps/ ./Base/Scripts/
    if you wont add scripts dir, mapcycle.cfg wont be created.
    mcgen_win32.7z - Windows version
    mcgen_linux32.tar.gz - Linux version

    I want notice that some maps can be generated without resources.(little bug)
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Mods: Downburst, Mazey