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Master's Maps

Discussion in 'Maps' started by master3327, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. master3327

    master3327 Shopkeep Stealer

    Hey guys! Here are my maps that I decided to make
    Called "Up Or down?"
    Called "Campers' Dream"

    I need ideas! Also, I only do RTDM. I might start CTF

    (If you want the map to put on a server, Open paint.net and drag in the picture from here and save it as a png.)

    PS: I also need a CTF basic map so I can start a my own CTF map. Also on the map, It requires almost everything xD.

    EDIT: New maps guys! :D These require bomb jumping xD. And floating trees for archers.
    Called: Its all good until archers come in...

    Called: Floating Islands

    Note: For this, If archers camp up on trees. Hit the tree under them, It will make them fall even though the trees aren't connected, I tested it out :D.

    Gold Land...

    Hit the ladder and it will collapse, You don't have to, But I think almost everyone would... (I didn't test this one out, My KAG is crashing)
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